Modern Bedroom Bed Leather 2014 Type CMAX-A07

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10 set
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1000 set/month

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Material: Wood,Genuine Leather Style: Modern Usage: Bedroom
Color: White,Red,Green,Yellow,Black,Purple,Blue,Orange,Grey,Ivory,Other Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:

Type:Bedroom FurnitureSpecific Use:Home BedGeneral Use:Home Furniture
Material:WoodenAppearance:ModernStyle:Water Bed,Modern
Folded:NoInflatable:NoSize:any size is available
structure:woodern frame+high density foam+real leatherFunction:Homecertification:ISO9001:2000

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Modern Bedroom Bed Leather 2014 Type CMAX-A07

Modern Bedroom Bed Leather 2014 Type CMAX-A07

Modern Bedroom Bed Leather 2014 Type CMAX-A07


1. Our raw materials are under strict quality control.

2. After the worker finished the production, our QC will check the overall quality. If not pass our standard will rework..

3. Passed the quality standard we will installing the bed and check the quality against then make sure each part is perfect.(because we need to promise when customer get our beds he can install each part together.)    

4. Then we will cleaning the beds and packaging it with bubble bag + 5 layers hard carton.

5. Every month we will have new designs, pls pay attention for us.

After Sales Service:

Shipment and sample quality tracking includes lifetime. Any small problem happening in our furniture will be solved at the most prompt time. We always offer relative technical support. Quick response, all your inquire will be replied within 24 hours.

Quality control:

1)Before the order can be confirmed finally,we would strictly check the material ,color ,dimension of the sample step by step

2)We salesman ,also as a order follower,would trace every phase of production from the beginning

3)We have a QC team ,every product would be checked by them before packed

4)We would try our best to help clients solve  problems when they occurred

Payment terms:

1)L/C at sight;

2)T/T:30% deposit by T/T,70% balance by T/T before shipment 

Packing details:

1) Seaworthy pack: Plastic bag +cotton carpet + cupboard with corner protection + non-woven bags with marks of product information

2) The metal legs are removed and packed separately, the wood furniture would stay together

3) Packing method can be also changed according to the clients' special requirements 

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Q:Do you keep your laptop on your lap or on the bed ?
I keep my laptop on my lap.
Q:Time you go to Bed?
It's not my bed time yet. It's only 9:40 pm. I usually go to bed between midnight and 3 am. I'm a night person..
Q:What time do you go to bed?
lol im lame i got to bed at 8:30 lol but on weekends i sleep wen ever the heck i want lol
Q:Baby boy Crib bedding?
possibly there's a fragrance or the warmth temperature temperature of your bodies that makes her gentle. Regardless, you're able to destroy this habit or you will undergo many greater sleepless nights. And keep in mind, this could very final for YEARS.....i could advise re-transforming into your mattress ecosystem in her crib - so possibly take the sheet off of your mattress and place it in the crib.
Q:How to choose a round bed?
Round bed unique creative features, unique design, welcomed by the younger generation. Design, not only the visual "excellent singing or polished writing" gives people a warm feeling of relaxation, but also better cater to the new youth seeking comfortable romantic philosophy of life. But a lot of people in the purchase before there will be some hesitation, some wrong ideas, they dare not to buy it, buy what are the round bed bedding in the choice of misunderstanding, we must pay more attention to the details, a lot of round bed and bedstead clearance is short, the effect of bed air circulation, resulting in wet mattress the tide phenomenon, seriously affecting people's health. When choosing, it is recommended to choose a bed with a higher foot bed, so as to facilitate the flow of gas in the space.
Q:key beds of jurassic?
wat do you mean beds? if youre talking sleeping bed than the ground would be or maybe a pile of furs
Q:Problem with son bed wetting?
My son was also a bed wetter. He did stop just this year, at 8... just to give you hope. Anyway, they have good nights which are more like underwear. The multiple underwear will most likely end up giving him a rash with the moisture next to his body all night. When my son wanted to try to go in underwear, we used a $2 shower curtain liner to line the bed under his sheets to save the mattress. I also 'borrowed' pads, with permission, from my bed in the maternity ward. They are super soft cloth on one side, and soft plastic on the other. Very comfortable for him and convenient for me. I have a few of them, so I just had to wash the one pad and one pair of underwear instead of all the sheets. There are crib mattress covers that are similar, just to put under him. Having a few is important, though. Beach towels also work. My son only wore underwear and a warm shirt so I didn't have to wash the jammies, too. There are alarms to buy to help wake your son if he starts to wet. My son slept through them, but you might have more luck. No fluids three hours before bedtime... and try waking him when you go to bed... as late as you can make it. Good luck!
Q:What about the mirror facing the bed?
1, explanation is that the mirror on the bed would increase the interference of light, not conducive to sleep, while at night the easy to give a person with illusion, such as the child since the night, mimihuhu cases may go into the mirror. And the influence is obviously unfavorable.2, about the mirror facing the bed, if what also does not believe, also does not matter; if your home place is very small, can not dispatch, also have to do this, also does not matter. Because sleep at night, people in the semi awake state is easily frightened, always thought that opposite people. In this state, the specular white light is not easy to sleep, susceptible to neurasthenia. Another general bed is an east-west direction only placed, home dead bed will be placed between the north and the south.
Q:do i have bed bugs on my bed?
Yes, it sounds like bed bugs. They are difficult to get rid of, if you live in an apartment, because the bed bugs can come in from the other apartments. Anyway, I would suggest wrapping your mattress with a cover. If you want you can buy a bed frame that has thin feet and where you can put these cup things that prevent bed bugs from climbing up the bed. You can also try cleaning your room with steam, because the bed bugs are sensitive to heat. They've recently discovered that bed bugs are weak to bean leaves, because the bean leaves have tiny hairs that stops bed bugs, so I think scientists are trying to create a synthetic version of this.
Q:how much horse bedding?
Yes they still need bedding - if for nothing else then it soaks up urine and poop. I usually have a full bed ontop of my mats as it's much more comfortable for the horse than to lie on the mats.

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