Mining Submersible Pump

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Mining Submersible Pump

QKD series Mining submersible pump

This kind of pump has the same parameters with that of QJ deep well submersible pump. after the technical modification of the company, to meet the actualneeds of industrial and mining environment, the specific structure to disclose; downdraft submersible pump, the biggest advantage is that it can lower the surface water discharge, stable performance, convenient installation.

Low suction mine submersible pump can be vertical, horizontal, use, better adapt to the mineunder complex environment; the traditional QJ series horizontal submersible pumps for, to mine under the water can not be discharged clean, not easy to work underground, new minesubmersible pump, mine water discharge can be higher than that of 0.01M well; Tianjin Aote pump is a manufacturing, R & D, innovation, sales in one of the modern enterprise, our company can be customized to adapt to different environment of mine submersible pump, there are special requirements please inform!

QKD series new mining submersible pump, applicable to the extraction of groundwater from deep well, mine, and can be used for gold, silver, iron ore, coal,construction site drainage emergency use. (flow per hour can reach 650 tons, lift of 1500 meters)

Low suction type submersible pump characteristics:

1, motor, pump body, into the water to run, no Mars, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

2, the well pipe has no special requirements to the water pipe, as long as can bear the pressure can.

3, the installation is simple and convenient to use and maintenance, small occupation area,without the construction of pumping stations.

4, has the advantages of simple structure, raw material saving.

5, high efficiency, energy saving, single stage high lift, large flow, high lift, high efficiency and energy saving motor imported from Germany, such as: AT200QJ series submersible motor can be achieved 110KW (diameter is 184mm), the 2 levels of speed (2900/ minutes) can be done 410KW, minimum diameter can be done 134mm pump.

The use of the environment and requirement;

1, the power frequency 50Hz, rated voltage of 380V or 440V, 550V, 660V, 3KV, 6KV, 1140V or high pressure (tolerance + -5%) of the three-phase AC power supply.

2, the general non corrosive water.

3, solid content (by mass) of not more than 0.01%.

4, pumping liquid acid called pH value is 6.5-8.5.

5, the chlorine content of not more than 400mg/L.

6, the hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5mg/L

7, the transmission medium temperature does not exceed 20 degrees.

8, the water inlet of the water pump must be in dynamic water level below LM, but the divingdepth of no more than the static water level to 70m, the electric pump at the lower end of off bottom water depth of at least lm.

Special lift, flow rate, voltage submersible pump: - flow range: 150m3/h ~ 2200 m3/h; - lift range: 100 ~ 1700m; - Power: 55kW~4000kW; - voltage: 380V, 660V, 1140V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV.

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Q:pressure of a water pump?
23.6 E5 Pa
Q:Please help!! Water pump question?
most cars, it is in the front, driven by the timing belt. If you are going to replace the pump, replace the timing belt also (if there is one), as it's probably overdue, and you have to remove it to get at the water pump. Also the tensioner. Replacing the timing belt is a difficult task. If you screw it up, you could damage the engine. .
Q:Why won't our well water pump turn off? ?
You did not say if you had a submersible well pump or water jet. I am assuming that if you can feel the pump building heat it is of the jet variety. If the pump keeps running it is because the pressure switch is bad or because there is not enough water coming from the well to allow the pump to build shut off pressure. Try manually shutting off the pump for several hours and then switch it back on. If it shuts off on its own then you have a low water supply problem and may need a deeper well. If it does not shut off and you have good water pressure, then shut off the pump and turn off the electrical breaker and remove the pressure switch by disconnecting the wires and screwing the pressure switch off. Inspect the small water line to the switch for blockage from sediment or corrosion. If it is blocked you may get lucky and only have to clear out the line and screw things back together. If you are not lucky, replace the water shut off switch with a new one and you should be good to go. If you still do not have water, the intake screen to the pump could be plugged up and will have to be cleaned.which involves pulling the pipe from the well.
Q:What kind of water pump should I get?
As the water may contain foreign matter like sand, weeds , organics of other types you need a pump with a centrifugal impeller. depend on the height of lift, volume of flow and the head pressure needed to overcome friction loss will determine the size needed . A small sump pump type unit may work but they need to be immersed fully for cooling the motor.
Q:water pump impeller replacement in 1979 35hp Johnson seahorse?
I had that problem once and the tube going to the pee-hole was blocked, the next time higher revs caused enough pressure to unblock it. With the motor NOT running, put it in forward, then neutral, or reverse then neutral. If the prop is locked, it's still in gear. If it was OK before the work, you probably need to re-adjust the linkage. The drive shaft from the motor only turns one way and so does the impeller. The prop shaft has a clutch dog that controls F-N-R through linkage adjustment. Good luck
Q:what am I doing wrong with my water pump install?
if you still have the old pump match it up with the new one, if its the same the pulley backwards
Q:How can you tell if a water pump is bad on a 454 mercruiser marine engine.?
Welcome to the world of boating.We used to have to cut out a hole on the seats to change oil filters on the first service. I feel your pain! Your recirculating pump and your raw water pump are two separate systems. If your upper hoses are running dry I would check the raw water pump first. The rocker noise would concern me more. To separate the noise, run the engine on a garden hose attached to the incoming line inside the boat from the raw water pump when the lower unit is removed for the raw water pump job. That will separate the possible sources for the noise. If the noise followed the lower, check u-joints, gimbal bearing, gear housing. If it is still there, check the oil for water, and the recirculating pump, and valve lifters.(who knows, it might actually be a lifter.)
Q:Water Pump bearings went bad?
in the first place find out why the pump went out so fast, it might be the belt is too tight or you got hold of a cheap pump.
Q:how to change water pump on 1998 hyundai sonata?
it really easy, first go to any car parts store near u, i recommand (napa) auto parts. u may ask for a book to look or ask for print out instruction. any way u need a wrench and some tools, look in the front, there r u radiator, follow the hose that came out and it will go to u engine and right there is u water pump, take the hose out and take water pump out and put the new one in, but some time it not the water pump, it could be the bell, or just the termostat locate on top of weter pump or to the side it the out water to go to engine , so how u know u water pump broke, but u want to save money get u phone book out and look for used auto parts and order u water pump around ($20) and just go to library and look for auto book and go from there, or go to auto zone ,they have print out for u, ...should na drive toyota
Q:Is there a diagram that shows which bolts go where on a 2001 dodge dakota 3.9L V6 engine for the water pump?
Dodge man and dave are correct as far as finding the bolt locations and sealing the threads. I have same eng in my 2000 dakota. I did the same as you. I chased a leak for months, Like you I replaced the water pump. That did not fix it. I was told by several people that the intake gaskets have been known to leak. So I kept adding coolant until I had the time to tear it down. The water pump can be replaced with out removing the bracket that holds ac compresser, but the little bypass hose, that connects to the top of the water pump, you have to carefully remove that bracket. Once you do that. you can easily replace the bypass hose, make sure to clean hose nipples good. While that bracket is off, you can easily see evidence of any other possible leaks. Anyway, It only took a few hours to complete this job, in the back yard with a few hand tools. That's been about 9 months ago, and haven't had any problems since. and the little bypass hose was like around $7 at O' reily. Anyways good luck and hope this answer helps.

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