Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader

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China main port
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1 set
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100 set/month
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Product Description:

Description of our products:

Condition: New

Brand Name: AOLITE

Model Number: ZL-18A

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Type: Mini Loader

Moving Type: Wheel Loader

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):5550*1810*2750mm

Rated Load: 1000 kg

Certification: CE,BV,ISO.SGS etc

Warranty: 12 months

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Dimension: 5550*1810*2750mm

Loader Price Axle: Isuzu axle

Tire size: 15/90-16

Gearbox: Mechanical

Machine parts: optional

Machine size: Customized

Chinese Wheel Loader MOQ: 1set

Bucket Capacity: 0.5m³

Specifications of our products:

Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader

Main feature of our products:

1)Comfortable operation Cab,Grammer seat, air-conditioner ,back camera can be designed as your requirement.

2)Optional engine: Quanchai 490,Sida 490,Kaidong 490,Commins Engine etc.

3)Bolt-on edge savers and segments protect the cutting edge from unnecessary wear.

4)Full hydraulic steering system, power shift transmission, easier operation.

5)All of our wheel loaders' colour can be design according to customers' requirments.

6)Various working devices are avaible, such as snow bucket, wood grapple,drum clamp, ore bucket, lose bucket, fork etc. to meet different need.

Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader

Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader

Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader

Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader

Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader

Mini Wheel Loader for Sale with CE/ZL-18A Wheel Loader


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 3 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 20 days. 

2. What about your service?

We have our factory, we can meet customers needs as soon as possible.

We have first rate professional technology and provide good after-sales service.

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