Micro Diameter Carbide Drill

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Product Description:


90% Raw Carbide, 10%CO;


0.5um Micro Grain;

High-end material;

Pass ISO9001.


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1. Our own factory has about ten years solid carbide end mills manufacture experiences in china. We can provide the OEM product solution for you according to your require.

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4. We have the Escrow of Alibaba to support the payment, and you can pay to us more convenience and safty.

5. Certification & Good coorperation. We have passed the ISO9001.

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Q:Why do processing gear tooth number with gear cutter number?
Gear milling cutter tooth, belonging to the machining gear, the cutter tooth shape is equal to the number of gear teeth gear tooth shape; the less the gear tooth number of gear teeth is raised; the more the more straight gear. In order to make sure that the teeth are identical and the types of cutters are as little as possible, a set of teeth is used with a knife (a knife number). Although you are not machining a full circle of teeth, choose the number of teeth in a full circle of teeth.The way, a knife, a processing group number of teeth, this knife is in accordance with the minimum number of teeth tooth group design. For example, 4#: 21-25 teeth, 4# knife is in accordance with the 21 teeth of the gear teeth design.
Q:What's the difference between a milling cutter and a drill bit?
The milling cutter is flat finished, grooved and stepped. The drill is 118-120 degrees sharp and drilled
Q:Install the milling cutter on the spindle of the boring machine
Our company specializes in producing machine tool accessories, please dial service hotline for details: 400-600-6252, welcome to call us
Q:How much is the end milling cutter with a diameter of 1 mm?
Engaged in machining work for nearly 40 years, have not used the 1MM vertical milling cutter may have first, now out of shape "pencil" as the cutter, I don't know, but the diameter of 1MM vertical milling cutter first two problems, one is because the diameter is too small, so to achieve a certain line speed you need to have a high speed general milling machine is not up to two; knife groove is too small, in high speed milling is not easy, in the jargon of "Taiwan" is certain. Therefore, unless there is a specific use, inquiry is meaningless.
Q:How to improve the vibration of alloy milling cutters?
Tool vibration is caused by a variety of reasons:Reduce the 1. cutting amount caused by over - cutting depth and cutting width, cutting depth, i.e.;2. the tool is dull, or the rake angle of the tool is too small - regrinding or increasing the rake angle of the tool;3. the overhang is too long - to shorten the length of the tool overhang in the grip of the tool holder;4. lack of tool rigidity increase tool and blade rigidity and improve through tool design;There are a lot of similar reasons, the key is to find the problem, and then improve. I hope I can help
Q:The difference between two edged cutter and three blade cutter
Two edged cutter is keyseats, keyseats "meaning is the keyway milling cutter, which belongs to the fixed size props, three cutter is ordinary milling cutter for milling cutter diameter is not like as a precision keyseats.
Q:Can the 2 point keyway cutter replace the drill bit?
Two edged cutter is can drill, but can not replace the drill bit.For one thing, the milling cutter does not have a center edge and is easy to swing when it is drilled.Two, the outside of the milling cutter is a cutting edge, and the outside of the bit is a guide blade, so the hole drilled out of the cutter is not standard.Three, the cost of milling is higher than the cost of the drill.
Q:What are the features of a drill cutter compared to an ordinary one?
The composition of the milling cutter is made of cobalt and tungsten, and cobalt acts as a binder. The higher the cobalt content, the better the toughness of the tool, but the lower the tool hardness. The less cobalt content, the higher hardness, but lower tool toughness. There are cobalt tungsten steel knives. The processing is mainly Aluminum Alloy mills with three or two edged blade. Because the aluminum alloy compatibility is big, easy to stick the knife, easy to form accumulates the lump, generally the cutting tool can compare sharp, does not paint primarily
Q:CNC open rough aluminum alloy workpiece, with what knife is faster, with corrugated milling cutter or alloy knife, how much speed feed? Such as appearance, such as dredging
With a thick knife knife is corrugated better, you said, for example, 12mm knife open amateur 6mm/ knife, feed 2000, speed 6000 4mm/; chamfer knife, feed speed the same, just run
Q:Q: circular knife, knife mold, cutter, knife, R knife and what are the different use?
There are many common types of milling cutters according to their uses.Cylindrical milling cutter: used in horizontal milling machine to process the plane. The cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter and are divided into two kinds of straight teeth and spiral teeth according to their teeth shapes. According to the number of teeth, coarse teeth and two kinds of fine teeth. The spiral tooth coarse tooth milling cutter has few teeth, high strength of the cutter tooth and large chip holding capacity, and is suitable for rough machining; the fine tooth milling cutter is suitable for fine machining.Surface milling cutter: used in vertical milling machine, end milling machine or milling machine in Longmen, machining plane, end face and circumference have cutter teeth, also have coarse teeth and fine teeth. The structure of the utility model is composed of 3 kinds: an integral type, a inlaid tooth type and an indexable type.Vertical milling cutter: used for machining grooves and step surfaces, etc., the cutter teeth are on the circumference and the end face, and can not feed along the axial direction when they are working. When the end mill passes through the center end teeth, the axial feed can be carried out.Three face milling cutter: it is used to process all kinds of grooves and step surfaces, and the two sides and the circumference are provided with cutter teeth.Angle milling cutter: used for milling into a certain angle of the groove, there are two kinds of single angle and double angle milling cutter.The saw blade milling cutter used for processing Shencao and cut off the workpiece, have more cutter tooth on the circumference. In order to reduce the friction between milling and cutting, both sides of the cutter tooth have a 15 ~1 degree vice angle. In addition, there are keyway milling cutter, dovetail milling cutter, T groove milling cutter and various forming milling cutters and so on.
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