MgO Board for Exhaust Heat Shield

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Product Description:

Introduction of MgO board:

MgO Board is a new type green decorative board which is processed by special production process . It is used modified magnesia cement as the basic material,glass fiber cloth as the reinforced material, 

and light-weight material as the stuffing.


Specifications of MgO Board:

1) Thickness: 3-25mm

2) Max. width: 1,220mm

3) Max. length: 3050mm

Composition of MgO Board:

Raw materials of  MgO board

MgO Board for Exhaust Heat Shield

Technical Data of MgO Board:

MgO Board for Exhaust Heat Shield

Advantages of MgO board:

 1. Fireproof

It was tested by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials (NFTC). 

Its fireproof level is rated level A (nonflammable level)

2.Water proof:

 MgO board  can keep its shape and character after soaking in water for a few days. 

3.Sound insulation and heat insulation

MgO board  have a good sound insulation and heat insulation quality.  

4.Environmental protection:

 MgO board  is asbestos-free, no formaldehyde and benzene,100% green boards.

5.Easy to install:

can be sawing, planning, drilling, nailing and cutting etc.

6.Lightweight and Strong strength

Wellyoung MgO board  can totally saving the cost in terms of lightening the load from reducing the foundation, subject,

 column and beams of the construction, Improve the inner usable area 5-8%.

7.High quality, competitive price and good after-sale service

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