Marine Pump Sea Water Pump

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:250QJ100-126/7

  • Theory:Centrifugal Pump

  • Structure:Multistage Pump

  • Usage:Water

  • Power:55KW

  • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

  • Fuel:Electric

  • Pressure:High Pressure

  • Application:Water

  • Material:Cast Iron / Stainless Steel

  • Color:Blue

  • Flow:100m3/h

  • Head Range:126m

  • Usage:agricultural irrigation, water tranfer/drainage,industry mining,etc

  • OEM and Design Service:Accept

  • Outlet:4 inch

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden box packing
Delivery Detail:5-7days after payment confirmation or as customers' requirements


marine pump sea water pump
1.copper wire winding
2.copper end ring year warranty
4.head up to 600m

marine pump sea water pump

This pump is widely used for the irrigation for agricultural land, the water supply and sewage for industrial and mining enterprises, and the water utilization for the people and animals in altiplano and mountain area, the electric supply is 380V 50HZ 3phase AC

1. Operation parameters:

(1). Flow range: 10-500 m3/h

(2). Lift range: 10-600m

(3). Applicable well Borehole diameter: φ175-φ400mm

(4). Diameter scope:φ32—φ203mm;  

(5). Temperature range: -15—80°C.

2. Product overview:

QJ submersible pumps are widely used in

(1). agriculture irrigation, sprinkler    irrigation, well water lifting

(2). water supply, drain system of industrial and civil building

(3). the hill, mountain areas' water diversion, drainage of low-lying area

(4). water supply, drainage of industrial and mining enterprises in urban and rural area

(5). all the other water facilities

3. Application:

(1). For water supply from wells or reservoirs.

(2). For domestic use for civil and industrial application.

(3). For garden use and irrigation.

4. Motor and pump

(1). Rewindable motor or Full obturated screen motor

(2). Three-phase: 380V-415V/50HZ;Single-phase:220V-240V/50HZ

(3). Equip with start control box or digital auto-control box

(4). Pumps are designed by casing stressed

(5). NEMA dimension standards

(6). Curve tolerance according to ISO2548

5. Using condition:

(1).  380V voltage deviation is no more than ±5%,frequency is 50HZ, three -phase power deviation is no

       more than ±1%.

(2).  Motor cavity must be filled with water.

(3).  The first stage impeller of the pump should be more than 2mm below the moving water surface, pump  

       unit should be less than 70m below the static water level.

(4).  The distance from the motor bottom to well bottom must be more than 3m.

(5).  Water temperature should be no more than 20°C.

(6).  Sand content of the water ( by mass) should be no more than 0.01%.

(7).  PH value of water 6.5-8.5.

(8).  Hydrogen sulfide content of the water should be no more than 1.5mg/L.            

(9).  Chloride ion content of the water should be no more than 400mg/L.

(10).  Water yield of water source should ensure the requirements of pump continuous working.

6. Characteristics:

(1).  Motors and pumps assembled into one.

(2).  Simple structure.

(3).  Easy installation and removal, small area.

(4).  Simple using and maintenance.

(5).  Safe and reliable operation, no pollution to water, etc

Structure explanation:

1.Submersible electric pump is composed of five parts: water pump,submersible motor,water line,waterproof cable and control switch. Water pump belongs to single suction multistage vertical centrifugal pump.

2.Submersible motor adopts water-filled wet structure,internal chamber was filled with water for cooling the motor and lubricating the bearing.In the operation,due to the changes of temperature,the pressure of the filled water in the internal chamber also changes,it can be automatically regulated by pressure-regulating unit in the lower part of motor.

3.For preventing the sand getting into the motor,the sand-preventing unit including sand slinger and skeleton oil-sealed was installed in the upper part of motor,the whole motor was sealed tightly.

4.There are water injection hole and exhaust hole in the upper part of the motor and discharge hole in the lower part.

5.There are thrust bearing and thrust collar,mainly for sustaining remnant axial force of pump and the empty weight of motor's rotor.

6.The winding of motor stator adopts water-proof electromagnetic wire with good insulating and water-proof functions and rotor adopts squirrel-cage structure.

7.When used in the environment where there are large grittiness or corrosive water,it should adopt the submersible pump made from casting stainless steel or copper alloy.

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Q:Location of water pump?
it is belt driven pulley near the center of engine, unless mitsu made that one timing belt driven in which case you can't see it with-out dissassembling front part of engine.
Q:Is something wrong with my water pump?
you do not purchase an element like that from OKorder. you purchase it from autozone or a save the position you are able to take it again if it truly is no longer the right one. bypass to the autozone website, save your vehicle it is going to pull up what's accessible for that area grant you with a cost. then you actually can bypass purchase it on the shop. i love their web site too because you are able to type in 'sensor' it is going to pull up each and each of the sensors for that vehicle. That facilitates at the same time as attempting to be sure out what it would want to be. Btw, you want to scrape the engine block floor incredibly good with a razor blade a putty knife in all likelihood use some type of solvent to sparkling it or you'll remorseful about it. do no longer purchase a remanufactured water pump both. you'd be redoing it in 5 yrs. Oh i meant you may want to in case you hardly ever rigidity the vehicle, yet no longer in case you rigidity it commonplace.
Q:Small 12v Water Pump for Air Mister...........................................................................?
Again, I'm going to make you work for this one. Call around to junk yards. See if they have any parts you can use. There's a bunch of Pull Apart places where you can look up online to see if they have any particular part you're looking for. I don't know how much a typical automobile water pump weighs, but I don't imagine it would be too big. Ask around. If you know any mechanics, or just people who work on cars as a hobby, they may know. Sorry I'm not much help in the automotive department. I can put gas in it, start it, change my oil, and change a tire. But as far as the rest goes, I don't know too much.
Q:Car water pump question?
Use an RTV sealer, It is black in color, works the best i have found. Now you put some spit on your fingers, i know sounds silly but it will keep the silicone from sticking to your skin. then put the silicone on your index and thumb, and work the sealer into the paper gasket. This will cause it to have a skin on both sides offering the best seal you can get. Now be sure that there isn't any moisture or chalky corrosion on mating surfaces. Not that it is too big a deal with the moisture , but i have watched guys not clean up the (corrosion) surfaces which mate and they ended up redoing the job.Hope this helps. P.S. I've never had a come back for my waterpumps and I'm well over 50 now. This method is tested and true.
Q:How do you build a water pump?
A very simple and old design for a water pump is called the ball-chain or bucket-chain pump. A google search should show you what they are. Building one should be fairly straightforward and simple.
Q:how do i run all the lines on a above ground water pump in the well?
A lot depends on your location from the well. Best bet for water lines is 3 feet below ground level This the frost line, where water will not freeze in the pipe. If above ground you need to make sure the pipes are below the level of the pump and the tank. The reason is: you will have to drain the water every winter to stop freezing pipes. Underground is best if you run water to your home, so you will have a constant supply of water without frozen pipes. Also throughout the winter cold snap, keep a 60 watt lamp in your well house on to stop frost from forming. This give off a little heat and saves on frost related repairs. Lag all pipes visible pipes to at least 4 of lagging material. Best of luck.
Q:how to remove the water pump on a 1995 dodge intrepid 3.5l engine?
Dodge Intrepid 1995
Q:95 Mercury Villager ~ Water pump?
Will is right. No sense in throwing away money on a water pump if that isn't the problem, your next question here would start off with.....I changed the water pump and still have the same problem..... Take it to a shop you trust, let them tell you what is wrong with it, if you choose to fix it yourself, invest in a Haynes manual. They have the step by step instructions you are looking for. Sounds to me like it is your thermostat though, as a rule, when water pumps go out, they leak, the impellers (the blades that actually pump the water) RARELY give out before the bearings or seals do. IF you choose to start replacing parts without getting it to shop, start with the thermostat. You might be pleasantly surprised.....:)
Q:What is the maximum absorption hight for a water pump?
The width of the pipe and the force of the pump both play an important rule. Given you have two pipes of different widths and the same pump, the thin pipe will take up water to a higher height. Plants for example have xylem (tiny water conducting tubes) that allow even the highest leaves to be watered.
Q:Electric water pump goes on for 1 second then completely off?
from okorder :Self-priming pump working principle is: the pump before you start in the pump shell filled with water (or) from the water in the pump housing.Start after high-speed rotating impeller flow to the vortex in the impeller, shell, then the entry form the vacuum, the inlet non-return door open, within the air into the pump suction tube and the impeller, to arrive at the outer edge.Self-priming pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump, it has compact structure, convenient operation, stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long service life, and have strong self-priming capacity, etc.Line does not need to install the bottom valve, only to ensure storage in pump body before work are quantitative liquid.Pump after the normal starting, impeller liquid of suction chamber and inlet line of air suction, and can completely mixed within the impeller, the function of centrifugal force, and liquid with gas to the vortex flow volume outside edge, the impeller has a certain thickness is formed on the outer edge of the white foam belt and high-speed rotating liquid ring.Gas-liquid mixture into the gas-liquid separation chamber through diffusion tube.At this time, due to the flow rate suddenly drops, lighter gas is separated from the mixture of liquid and gas through the pump body spit continues to rise.After degassing of liquid to liquid storage chamber, and the reflux hole again into the impeller, and impeller with inhalation of gases from the inlet line again mix, flow under the action of the high-speed rotating impeller and the impeller outer edge....As the process cycle, decreasing the air in the suction line, until all gas absorption, complete the self-priming process, pump put into normal operation. What you said phenomenon should be pipeline leak, which leads to the self-priming pump process is repeated.

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