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High Temperature


oil gas and water etc.

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 China (Mainland)

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Manual Hidden Stem Flat Gate Valve

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Packaging Detail:Plywood case or buyer request
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1.Size: 2"--48"
3.Design: API6D , BS1868, ANSI B16.34, GB12236
4.Material: ASTMA216WCB CF8M , F51

Manual Hidden Stem Flat Gate Valve

Note:Design Feature:
Good sealing performanc
Small Torque
Long lifespan
Good wear and corrosion-resistance and ideal for low and high temperature operation conditions
Size: 2”-48” (DN50-DN1200)
Temperature: -196°C-+650°C
Pressure: ANSI 150lb-2500lb
Application: Oil,Chemical,Petrochemical,Metallurgical,Light Industry,Refinery,Power Station,Food,Pharmaceutical,Paper making,Mining,etc.
Avaliable: Fresh Water,Sewage,Sea water,Air,Gas,Vapor,Food,Pharmacy,Medicament,Oil,Acid,Alkali,Salt,etc


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Q:Valve Replacement Surgery?! ?
Valve replacements actually have very low morality rates like 1-2%. There are always risk's with surgery though, such as blood clots or irregular heart rate. The recovery in the hospital is generally 5-7 days, and then it can take anywhere from 8 weeks to a year to feel recovered.
Q:any way to treat aortic stenosis besides valve replacement surgery?
Surgery, is the last resort if medications fail. Patients with moderate aortic stenosis are advised to avoid strenuous activities such as weight lifting or sprinting. Aortic stenosis can progress over a few years. The prognosis for patients with aortic stenosis without valve replacement surgery is poor. Medical therapy, such as the use of diuretics to reduce high lung pressures and remove lung fluid can provide only temporary relief of symptoms. Patients with symptoms usually undergo cardiac catheterization. If severe aortic stenosis is confirmed, aortic valve replacement is usually recommended. The overall mortality risk for aortic valve replacement surgery is about 5%. Advanced age should not be a reason for not recommending aortic valve replacement for aortic stenosis. Take care always.
Q:Inhaling smoke from valve oil?
Valve oil is basically just mineral oil and various other ingredients. You can buy pure oil, and it's also the main ingredient in baby oil and other medicines. Nothing wrong with burning it.
Q:transmission valve body?
How much do you think you'll sell a truck with a failing transmission for? Or, are you going to hide the problem from the buyer? Flush it again, and spring for synthetic this time.
Q:what is an air control valve, used for air line tubing?
The air control valve is for doing exactly what the name implies: controlling the air flow. IT allows you to reduce and regulate the flow of air as needed. They are super handy on multi-tank systems where tanks with shorter air lines get more air and need to be turned down to equalize all the tanks. They are also handy if you are running multiple air stones or air driven decorations off the same pump as it allows you to adjust flow to each device so one it not overpowered and other lacking in flow. The air check valve is the one that prevents water from heading back down the line in a power failure. A air control valve could do this, but you would have to manually turn it to off so the water didn't flow back, where a check valve is automatic and needs no human intervention.
Q:hi guys..What is different between globe valve and stop check globe? Is that stop check globe=SDNR JIS std?
Sdnr Globe Valve
Q:How do you check a pcv valve?
When you pull the PVC valve, out from its rubber grommet on the valve cover.....shake it; it should rattle. If it does not rattle, drop it in a coffee cup of gas and wash it out....then it will rattle, and replace it back in the valve cover. Its only a 1/8th metal pin that sets in a allows air to be sucked out, but not back into the motor, commonly called a check valve. Its only a one way valve. Just wash out your old valve and it will be the same as a new one. There is no reason to buy a new one unless the plastic is cracked or damaged in some way.
Q:How do i know if i have to adjust my valves?
Buster Brown is right on the money. Most bikes have double overhead cams these days and the valve clearance tightens up and can cause burned valve faces or seats. Single overhead cam engines using rocker arms tend to loosen up and will clatter more. He's especially on the money about keeping track of valve clearances at each check. I've done that for years as well as keeping record of compression readings.
Q:Sticking Intake Valve?
Don't know anything about configuration of this model by number, but I can recommend you hit up your library for a copy of How to Repair Briggs Stratton Engines, by Paul Dempsey. I have 2nd edition, but I think they are currently on fourth edition. First thing I would do is pull the head and inspect the valve seats. Lap the valves if necessary. If the valve seats are good to go, then you have to look at the lifting mechanism. Does it have rocker arm, or straight push lifters? Could the cam shaft have been damaged (i.e., have you hit any stumps with it)?
Q:What is the purpose of the egr valve?
The EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Exhaust gas is routed back into the combustion chamber because the exhausted air is much hotter than the intake air (try touching a muffler sometime). By sending warmer gas into the combustion chamber, the air/fuel mix does not have to do as much work to heat up, and your engine runs more efficiently. As far as fixing it yourself, it's an electronic part. I'd say you're better off having a mechanic or experienced friend do it for you.

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