Magnesium Alloy Plate AZ31B AZ40M AZ91D ZK60 M2M Thin

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Product Description:


Sheet and plate in AZ31B find application in medium strength service at temperatures below 150°C. Diverse uses including aerospace, aircraft, concrete tools, 3C (cell phone / camera / computer), speaker cones and textile machinery can all benefit from light weight AZ31B.

AZ31B is non-magnetic and has high electrical and thermal conductivity filling the requirements for RFI and EMI shielding in the electronics and computer industries.

Superplastic forming of AZ31B sheet at elevated temperatures allows production of a wide variety of intricate parts for automotive uses. Monocoque construction utilizing formed sheet can be adapted to many commercial applications.


2.Usages of Thin Magnesium alloy plate:

 Widely used as engraved plate in printing  industry and used to make molds,name card and so on.


3. Photo of Thin Magnesium alloy plate:
Magnesium Alloy Plate AZ31B AZ40M AZ91D ZK60 M2M Thin


4.Specifications of Magnesium alloy :

Designation mg MgAlZnMnSiFeCuNiCe


Strength properties:

Strength properties

ThicknessTensile stength ,Rm(N)Yield strength(0.2(N)Elongation A% 50mm 

more than 3mm23014018

more than 3mm22014015



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