LXD120 Asphalt Cold Milling Machine

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LXD120


1. Milling width: 1250mm.
2. Max milling depth:300mm
3. Strong and robust.

LXD120 cold milling machine made by CCCC XRMC.

1. Milling width: 1250mm.
2. Max milling depth:300mm
3. Strong and robust.

Technical Specification

1) Engine System

In order to ensure the high failsafe of engine, our company adopts the originally packaging imported Deutz  BF8M1015CP type engine. In order to ensure the high productivity, we choose the high-power, air cooling and pressure boost engine, whose power is 400kw.

2)  Drive System

The power of engine is transferred through the clutch, bell wheel, and planetary reduction gear to the milling drum. Clutch and planetary reduction gear are all imported with the original packaging and the failsafe is high. This kind of mechanical transmission ensures the high efficiency of the milling drum.

3)  Milling Rotor

Milling drum is the cutter for milling the pavement. The milling drum of LX200 is the American Kenlmite drum. The tool post can be replaced quickly in order to prevent the drum from abrasion. The cutter head is super wearable enough for ensure the high wear resistance and long life time.

4)  Cover Casing of Rotor

The cover casing of rotor is made of 16Mn, which has high strength and good wear resistance. The backdoor of rotor can be opened to facilitate the replacement of tools or cutters. The backdoor is angling to make clearing easy. Four connecting pins are used to connect the cover casing and the framework, with which it is easy to install and disassemble.

5)  First-level Belt Convey System

The materials that are milled can be conveyed through the first and second level belt to the transfer car so as to be carried away. The material collector of first-level belt is integrated with the cover casing of rotor to enhance the sealing performance and prolong the lifetime of the belt. The belt roller is the supportless roller which can prolong the lifetime of the roller. The bearing is the dual seal type which can effectively keep it from the influence of the bad environment.

6)  Second-level Belt Convey System

The strengthened second-level belt of LX200 is taller than the common milling machineries, so it is suitable for every kind of dump trucks. The belt can be adjusted freely to facilitate the conveying of material.

7)  Lifting System

The framework and the rotor of the LX200 are lifted with the four vertical hydraulic cylinders sealed with the imported sealing member. The surfaces of the columns of the hydraulic cylinders are chromeplated to prevent it from rustiness and abrasion.

8)  Auto Leveling System

The auto leveling system is the key component for controlling the depth and the smoothness of milling. We select the Moba auto-leveling control device imported form Germany, so the performance is reliable and the smoothness is high enough to facilitate the depth controlling.

9)  Steering System

The fore wheel and the back wheel can all realize turning function, so there are four kinds of steering modes, including fore-wheel turning, back wheel turning, fore & back wheel turning and the crab type turning. The steering of the machine is convenient and agile, the turning radius is small too.

10)  Travel System

The power-driven device of the travel system includes four hydraulic motors which are driven by a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump and motors are all imported components. The travel mode is the crawler type including four sets of crawler belt which are all imported from the foreign companies, the failsafe is high and the driving power is strong. There are two speed thresholds i.e. working speed and travel speed can be selected in the travel system.

11)  Framework System

The framework of this machine is made of high strength armor plate. There equipped the maintenance doors on the both sides of the framework to facilitate near to the maintenance point. The water tank, hydraulic oil tank and the diesel oil tank are all independent demountable structure which makes the maintaining easy. The operation seat can be moved to left or right to facilitate the operation.

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Q:What's the inner structure of the roller?
But no matter what kind of structure, the vibrating wheel is composed of vibrating wheel body, excitation chamber and mounting support part. The vibration chamber is composed of an internal and external bearing seat, a vibration shaft, a vibration bearing, etc. the mounting support part comprises a mounting plate, a shock absorber, a frame bearing, etc..
Q:The paver is good
The main thing is to look after after-sales service. First, from the product features analysis: ABG is characterized by "double compaction screed" technology, professional people know only suitable for the compacted clay compacting, compacting and asphalt paver is the most suitable vibration, so the product is the most suitable water stable layer paving asphalt paving. There is no advantage. Now paving the water stability layer, generally use the price of only 40% of the domestic equipment ABG. Dana Pike (DYNAPAC) uses the two ends of the auger drive to reduce the central segregation, but we do not see the slight segregation of other brands' central drive structures, causing any quality problems to the road. Vogele (VOGELE), the pressure increasing degree of beam encryption. This work can be completely turned to the roller to do, there is no need to use about 2000000 of the machine to do hundreds of thousands of machines, the dry work. An electric heating system is an engine that converts the heat of combustion into kinetic energy, and then the generator converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. Finally, the heating plate converts the electric energy into heat energy. The process consumes too much energy, and in the morning it takes extra time to start work in advance. I personally feel that if it is not built on the plateau, it is not an advantage, but a drawback. Demag (DEMAG), 2002 was Dynapac acquisition, sturdy and durable in addition to technical without too obvious, triangle track did not give the paving quality of what ascension. Conclusion: there is no obvious technical advantage for each product. Typing is difficult. If satisfied, we hope to adopt it.
Q:How do I charge the roller electromechanical bottle?
With the generator on it, the engine works to drive the generator through the belt, and the generator sends the current to charge the battery
Q:What is the difference between the cement mortar and the self leveling in the building? How can you judge the scene?
Cement mortar with light has obvious marks, fan-shaped (ARC), even using a trowel construction of the ground also has this knife. Self leveling is no such phenomenon. According to this phenomenon can be judged.As the water level self leveling cement as automatic leveling, and the plane relative to the cement mortar can leveling, the bonding surface and substrate are perfect, but the price is much higher than the cement mortar, if it is on the paint with self leveling cement in the total price is also good;Cement mortar leveling more troublesome, large area to do the tendons (that is, the relative level of line or line pile used to scrape), time-consuming and smooth surface than the self leveling cement, there is an error, but the price advantage.
Q:Job grader, more than 10 years of road work experience, monthly salary of more than 6000
Here is to find a job, not to recruit people through the enterprise will ask, do you want to go to the relevant industry website resume, now more than 80% enterprises will be through online recruitment, grassroots posts will be solved by personnel outsourcing and talent market
Q:Where is the extrusion floor of the Slipform Paver?
In addition, ironing plate production is also very important, it is best to find professional wear-resistant steel processing enterprises, such as steel, high-quality cutting, processing, can greatly increase the service life and efficiency of the ironing board!
Q:What are the preparations for the piling site?
1, the pile position determination: according to the project provided by the construction unit and the pile axis location map of pile location, pile location must be accurate, and in the pile position by a soldering iron drilling, hole depth is 15~20cm, filled with lime, prevent in the process of driving the wrong pile.2. Pile up(1) pile stacking shall be determined by pile driving route and pile driving sequence(2) the site shall be level and level with three passes and one leveling. Remove obstacles in the ground, underground and air in the range of the moving of the pile driver. The wooden posts and the pile rings shall be of the same position, except for the contact between the pile and the pile, and nothing else shall be in contact with the pile so as to prevent cracks in the pile.(3) the strength of reinforced concrete precast piles must be up to 100% before they can be transported and piled3, the selection of pile machineAccording to the design of single pile bearing capacity and pile length, this project intends to use hammer weight 2.5t track type diesel pile driver.
Q:What brand is best for a gasoline polishing machine?
Relatively speaking, the imported body is better,That's about the same as a motorcycle,It's all a theory.
Q:What is the difference between rubber tyred roller and steel wheel vibratory roller?
the rubber hammer can protect the surface of the tiles, floor tiles with a hammer with ease, roller is, rubber wheel can protect the pavement, especially the micro structure of the road, the road is divided into many kinds, such as the airport runway pavement and road traffic in the city level is not the same,
Q:Why is the asphalt paver so simple?
The construction condition determines that the environment will rely on technological innovations to improve thereafter

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