LONKING Brand Single Drum Road Roller CDM518D

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500 unit/month

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Construction Machinery CDM518D features:

Front & Rear Light for Night Operation
Panoramic Cabin / Tiltable Column
Close-loop Hydraulic Vibration System
Wear and Impress Resistant
Powerful DF Cummins Engine

Model                  CDM518D

Operating Weight (kg)18000
Length*Width*Height (mm)6118*2300*3220
Weight Burden on Front Drum (kg)10500
Weight Burden on Rear Wheel (kg)7500
Static Linear Load (N/cm)490
Min. Turning Radius (mm)7000
Travel Speed (km/h)0-10.8
Gradeability (%)45
Vibration Frequency (Hz)28/35
Nominal Amplitude (mm)2.1/1.0
Centrifugal Force (kN)370/280
Engine (DF Cummins) Model6CTA8.3
Min. Fuel Consumption (g/kWh)203
Rated Power (kW/ rpm)160/2200
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)280
Vibration Pump Imported Variable Piston Type
Vibration Motor Imported Variable Piston Type
Steering Model Hydraulic Steering
Axle TypeFront Reduce + Middle Reduce + Wheel Hub
Tyre23.1-26 12PR
Service Brake Type Hydraulic Lock Front and Rear Brake
Parking Brake Type:Oil Cut Front and Rear Wheel Brake
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)90
A/C ModelGK15-5.0Y
A/C Refrigerating Capacity (w)4500
A/C Heating Capacity (w)5800

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