LONKING Brand Hydraulic Excavator CDM6235

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Construction Machinery CDM6235 features:

CDM6235 with strong, powerful and high quality engine and advanced negative flow control hydraulic system to achieve the best power matching and minimum costand guarantee the optimum working efficiency. CDM6235 is widely used forexcavating, handling and finishing of earth or stones to meet the demand of construction sites, factory, municipal engineering and park objects. With the optional bucket, the material handling, surface finishing, ditch excavation and river course cleaning can be achieved, with the optional breaking hammer, the building demolition, road surface repair and rock breaking can be achieved. The structural members are subjected to the repeated analytical calculation to ensure the rigidity and strength which can cope with the rigorous working conditions.

Cummins 6BTAA5.9-CThe original Cummins high power, high torque and turbo-charging 6-cylinder direct injection engine guarantees the high reliability and durability. The charge air cooling system over the compressed air can enhance the oxygen content upon combustion markedly. The center fuel injection under high injection pressure allows the uniform atomizing of fuel, guarantees the normal combustion and reduces the exhaust gas emission. And the engine conforming to Euro ⅢA emission standard is optional.Filtering SystemThe high efficiency dual element air filter ensures the quality of engine air intake. In addition, the air pre-filter can carry out the rough filtration over the air intake to enable the operation under the poor air quality working conditions and prolong the maintenance interval of the air filter. The oil-water separator and two-stage fuel filter will filtrate the fuel many times to ensure the quality of fuel fed to the engine.

Cooling SystemThe parallel radiator cooling makes cooling effect better and service easier.Maintenance and ServiceThe easy maintenance of direct injection engine reduces the cost of maintenance. The global after service of engine enables the sharing of global resources. This will enhance the service efficiency, relieve the customers of worry about the service and ensure the attendance rate of excavator. Specialist of Engine ManagementThe engine speed allows 10 adjustable gears through the throttle potentiometer and achieves the precise management over the engine speed through the control of engine throttle by the DC servo motor. The engine allows the auto idling/acceleration function to reduce the fuel consumption.It has a function of touch power enhancement, can handle the high resistance working condition with ease.Control ModeThe dual pump two-circuit total power control system adopts the mature and reliable Europe and America technology to control the flow, the proportional solenoid valve regulates the two-stage pressure control of the main overflow valve. FunctionsThis machine allows the functions of straight travel, boom/armconfluence, boom/arm holding, swing priority, swinganti-reversing and regeneration ofarm cylinder. Each circuit without interference during composite action.

EngineModelCummins6BTAA5.9-C (Tier 2,standard)Cummins QSB6.7 (Tier 3, Optional)
Rated power133kW (178hp) /2000 rpm145kW/2000rpm
Max. torque708N.m/1500 rpm929N../1500rpm
Bore× Stroke102mm×120mm107mm×124mm
Displacement 5.9 L6.7 L
CommentMaintain the rated power at 2300m elevation.
Operating weightSummaryOperating weight:22000kg The operating weight includes the weight of 5700 mm standard boom,
2900 mm standard arm,1.16m3 standard bucket,600 mm track shoes, lubricating oil, coolant,the full diesel oil tank 
and the rest standard configuration units.
Ground pressure45 kPa (Lengthened type:50 kPa)
Fluid capacityFuel tank350 L
Cooling system23 L
Engine oil18 L
Swing drive unit3.8 L
Traveling gear 2×3.3 L
Hydraulic oil tank220 L
Swing mechanismHigh torque plunger motor and 2-stage planetary reducer drive.Brake inside loading motor is applied by spring and 
released by hydraulic unit. The automatic braking is available when the swing control lever is in neutral position.
Swing speed :12.1 rpm  (Lengthened type:8 rpm)
Travel driveSummaryThe integrated 2-speed plunger hydraulic motor and reducer drive, motor and hydraulic pipeline are arranged 
inside the  track frame to prevent the damage caused by the rugged road surface; The motor inside is provided 
with the service brake and shock absorption valve to ensure the smooth running and stop and the reliable braking.
Taveling speed3.0 - 5.1 km/h
MaximumTraction222 kN
Traveling mechanismStandard track shoe width600 mm
No. of track shoe49 (each side)
No. of carrierrollers2 (each side)
No. of track rollers9 (each side)
Hydraulic systemMain pumpDuplex axial variable plunger pump
Pilot pumpgear pump (integrated in main pump)
Max. flow of system2×217 L/min
Max. pressure of equipment34.3 MPa
Max. pilot pressure4.9 MPa
Operating equipmentEach machine action is under the pilot control. The right lever controls the motion of boom and bucket while the left 
lever controls the arm motion and upper structure swing. The foot pilot valve is provided with the lever joystick to control 
the machine traveling or turning by the foot or lever. The traveling gear shift adopts the solenoid switch control. 
Electrical systemSystem voltage:24 V Battery:12 V,120 A×2

Transport Size
The following sizes approximate to that of the equipment of standard configuration. 

Working Device typeStandardLong Reach
Boom Length (mm)57008500
Arm Length (mm)29006500
a Transport length(mm)952212290
b Total transport height(mm)30323160
c Tumblers distance (mm)3645
d Tail slewing radius(mm)2830
e Counterweight ground clearance(mm)1103
f Track gauge(mm)2390
g Total transport width(mm)2990
h Upper structure width(mm)2730
i Standard track shoe width(mm)600
J Min. ground clearance(mm)480

Operating Range
The following sizes approximate tothat of the equipment of standard configuration.

Working Device typeStandardLong Reach
Boom Length (mm)57008500
Arm Length (mm)29006500
aMax. digging radius(mm):991715746
b Max. digging depth(mm):656612004
c Max. digging height(mm):971513366
d Max. dumping height(mm):683010994
e Max. digging radius on ground(mm):974515639
Max. bucket breakout force-ISO(kN):14790.4
Max. arm breakout force-ISO(kN):10754.8

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