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World famous engine,Strong power, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable in performance. Advanced hydraulic system, transmission system ensure the soft and reliable operation, better economy and high work efficiency. The new steel structure cab, huge space, ample view and mechanical damping suspension seat ensure the driver’s safety operation and comfortable experience.
Articulated frame, small turning radius, and high level through ability. Reinforced high drive axle, bearing capacity, and high reliability.


EngineSCIICB220G2B1Min. Swing radius(The outer edge of the front wheel)(mm)6668
Capacity (m3)3.0The radius of the level(The outer edge of the bucket)(mm)7230
Rated load(kg)5000Max. Breakout force(kN)≥160.0
Max. Tractive force(offered by engine)(kN)≥150.0Max. gradeability(°)30
Tipping load(kN)≥110.0The sum of three items≤11.5s






Overall length(Bucket flat on the ground)(mm)


Bucket width(mm)


Overall height(mm)


Wheel track(mm)


Overall width(The outer edge of the wheel)(mm)


Wheel base(mm)


Max. Dumping height(-450Unloading angle)(mm)


Operating weight(kg)


The Dump Distance(-450Unloading Angle )(mm)


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Q:How do you distinguish a backhand forehand from an excavator?
The forehand is the left hand side rotation, the backhand is the left hand handle up and down rotation. You can adjust to that
Q:How can I choose excavator bucket lip?
There lots of different type of buckets you can choose in different tasks you needed like mud buckets, rock and other earthmoving project. If your looking bucket find Excavator Buckets Direct, you can choose many kinds of buckets at affordable cost. Cheers!
Q:MTG: Halimar Excavator will his ability trigger twice?
If you have an Excavator, it will mill one (assuming you control no other allies). If you play another, both it and the first will trigger. They'll each mill two when they resolve, for a total of four. Playing a third will give you three triggers, each milling three cards. If you have four Excavators and then play Rite of Replication, then the five new Excavators each trigger five times, as do the four ones already in play. So you have nine Excavators, each triggering five times, for a total of 45 triggers. When each resolves, they count nine Allies and mill nine cards, for a total of 405 cards milled.
Q:How do mining companies find mineral deposits?
Digging. je je. Some plants require a strong suplement of minerals for survive, if you see one of that, you are in a place that have that mineral. Of course this apply for iron Nq and some other single minerals, I don´t know about a plant that requires gold. Ho but if you are looking for calcium phosporus or something no mjetalic minerals, then this could be a usefull method You can use a matemnatical model, if you know that in some side are gold and in other side you also have that metal, the you can try to interpolate both sides fr see what do you have in the middle. The geologyst have some other metods, I think that they can identify the mineral oxide in the surface or througout the soil horizont. Also I saw once one of they using a sieve in a river, not for find gold but for identify the mountain composition, but i don´t know about that metods.
Q:What do you mean by excavator?
Excavators are used to dig holes, and network language means "pit"!
Q:How does satellite research impact my life?
Q:How painful is a filling?
it's really not bad at all, it's less painful then a bee sting...
Q:Import Sumitomo A5-210 excavator fault code 0087 what does that mean? Is the engine system abnormal?
Should be the engine fuel pipe is not smooth, is it necessary to change the diesel filter, or diesel pipe is too dirty, the pipe and the diesel filter connector at the end of the pull out, hit with the trachea
Q:What kind of industry does excavator belong to? Ten
The industry and types of work are new and may be less relevant to traditional industries and types of work.
Q:How are the hydraulic pumps of an excavator controlled?
The pumps are not controlled they are either on or off. they just pressurize the accumulator and fluid is steered with valves to the rams.

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