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CL956-2 Series of Wheel loaders adopt international famous brand engine, it has stronger power. The advanced transmission system and hydraulic system make sure this series of machine much more prominent performance. The cab of humanized design has big internal space,widen horizon, equipped with a mechanical suspension damping chair, which safeguard operator’s safety and comfort. High-intensive body structure and work device allow machine adapt to different kinds of adverse working circumstances. CL956-2 series of wheel loaders have good climbing property, flexible and trafficable, much suitable for complex ground working conditions.


Engine6CTA8.3-C215Min. turning radius(Front Wheel Outboard)(mm)6668
Bucket Capacity (m3)3.0Level Through the Radius
(Bucket Outboard)(mm)
Rated Load (kg)5000Maximum Breakout Force(kN)≥160.0
Maximum Tractive Force(KN)≥150.0Maximum Gradeability(°)30
Tipping Load(KN)≥110.0Sum of Three Items Work Device≤11.5s


Vehicle Length(Bucket Lay on the Ground)(mm)8120Bucket Capacity (mm)2988
Vehicle Height (mm)3447Wheel Base(mm)2248
Vehicle Width(Wheel Outboard)(mm)2844Track Width (mm)3350
Maximum Dump Clearance(-450Unload Angle)(mm)3138Operating Weight (kg)16800
The Dump Distance(-450Unloading Angle )(mm)1123

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Q:what equipemnt and temporary works are used in bridge construction?
Equipment: Cranes, Excavators, Cement Mixers, Operatives Materials: Mainly Steel or reinforced concrete plus bridge finishes Temporary Works, Scaffold, Formwork, Falsework, Propping, Hard standings, Possible excavations, Water diversions or traffic diversions depends on type of bridge
Q:How Do I find year model for Komatsu Excavator?
take model and serial number to a dealer or aftermarket parts dealer.maybe you could find it on the internet, but its probably easier to just have a human look up a part.
Q:the nature of subsoil, the width, the depth and the placing of the support system will governed the method of?
Q:Hai I am working into sales with excavator field ,i want start a small skill industrie pls guideme good bussi.
Hello, Sounds good.... Just make a website for your business advertise through online. Good Luck......... with regards, Raom
Q:I need a Mitsubishi Pump for a Cat 307 Excavator. Any ideas where I can buy one?
Dealerships.... They'll have it for sure. Little more pricey, but with something important such as this.. I wouldn't trust OKorder. I doubt you'll find one on there.
Q:Looking for a Mini Excavator?
Just go and find an old backhoe...take the bucket and arm and attach to the front of the truck. then you need a way to power the hydraulic'll need the hoses and control levers off the backhoe as well as the afore-mentioned pump. You can mount the seat behind the contol levers... picture this, if you know what a backhoe is, take off the back half, beef up the trucks front end, mount a big hunk of iron for a bumper on front, and rig up a belt and tensioner to drive the pump, the ways to do it are limited by your imagination, you can go fixed or semi remote(removable), keep in mind your weights, you dont want to have to have a DOT permit every time you move it, and when retracted you will possibly have overhead clearance issues...or you can get a trailer and buy a used backhoe...or he could give you a shovel and put you to digging, I'm betting he likes my last idea best! I hope some of this helps, imagination can make anything possible...COOL.
Q:How to adjust the flow of the main pump of Komatsu excavator?
The regulator has a adjustable bolt, this is a power regulating pump, clockwise is power up, of course, is small counterclockwiseFormula: power = pressure multiplied by the flow in the engine speed will not be under pressure in the pump output flow more (note that the two pump together, at 90 degrees for an adjustment value, can not be adjusted too much, otherwise it will be my car phenomenon)In the middle of the two pumps, there is also a big number of adjusting bolts, this is to adjust the maximum tilt angle of the pump swashplate. Similarly, the greater the swashplate tilt angle, the greater the displacement of the pump. This is clockwise, the angle becomes smaller, and the counterclockwise becomes larger.
Q:VAT from NI to ROI?
Um. I think so. I think this is beyond my comprehension.
Q:What is the width of bucket excavator backhoe bucket capacity 0.01M fand ah?
The price is still very high, about 200000.It was Komatsu who showed off his technique.Let no link width somersault.The excavator I saw was about 400 wide
Q:Which kind of excavator is good?
Disadvantages: high prices, accessories expensive. (Note: because of the domestic market share is very high, deputy plant parts, so it is cheaper): Japanese brands, Hitachi excavator sales is also very big, general can also assemble. (HITACH) has the advantages of mechanical matching, hydraulic system, flexible action, general value, durability, cost, fuel consumption, power, price 3-5 million cheaper than Komatsu. Disadvantages: not durable, more, after two or three years of serious oil spill, mainly high water temperature or hydraulic system, the No. 20 machine for four missing engine, it is to increase the displacement of the lack of strength reduction, not dare to use, the general price of second-hand car.

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