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The whole machine is designed compact and reasonable with beautiful and elegant appearance.
Articulated frame, big steering angle, small radius of turning circle; box-type frame makes machine long working life.
Allocated with new type of steel frame of cab, steeling and damping system, makes machine safe and comfortable with broaden horizon.
Work device hydraulic system adopts CBGJ 3166 working pump, having big output volume, quick lifting speed which greatly enhance productivity.
Adopting hydraulic steering system of load cell, machine can be shifted more swift and convenient with high performance.
The whole machine adopts optimized and modified hydraulic pipeline leakproof structure, makes the whole system more reliably sealed.   
Specially designed enclosed cooling system, reduced engine water temperature, hydraulic system oil temperature efficiently, which increases whole machine’s working life. 


Bucket Capacity  (m3)3.0
Rated Load(kg)5000
Operating Weight (kg)16500
Dumping Height(mm)3050Unloading Angle 45°
Dumping Distance(mm)1148
Wheel Base(mm)2920
Min. Ground Clearance(mm)534
Angle to the Body(°)35
Length (mm)7717

Bucket flat on the ground

Width (mm)2785
Height (mm)3378
Bucket Width (mm)3030
Departure Angle (°)30
Dumping Angle (°)45

Delivery location(mm)

Max. Rim  Pull (KN)≥150
Steering  Angle mm)6178
Grade Ability(°)30
Tipping Load (KN)94
Max. Breakout Force (KN)≥160


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Q:dawoe minie excavator?
Check out the Daewoo website... Happy Christmas
Q:Could Native Americans inhabited much of North America over 15,000 years ago.?
That's what the white men say. We all know that they are never wrong.
Q:explain how to do this math question? PLEASEEE.?
If the sum of their masses is basically 2n + n (the mass of the tractor times two (2n) = mass of the excavator plus the mass of the tractor alone (n), you could do in terms of algebra: 21.9 = 2n + n Combine like terms. 21.9 = 3n To undo the n times 3, divide both sides by three. 21.9 = 3n ___ __ 3 3 n = 7.3 You could also just divide 21.9 by three since it's really just the mass of the tractor three times. 21.9/3 = 7.3 Hope I helped!
Q:What excavators brands do you have in China?
Hello. I just open the excavatorThat is what you call DoosanHa-ha。 I drive 220-7What do you mean?. Certainly not Komatsu, Hitachi, CarterBut the price of a penny, 70, tens of thousands of prices have been very goodAbout 4 years later, there will be a lot of glitches. After all, it's Korea's machineUnlike Japan Komatsu, Hitachi machine naicao, generally 6 years later will go wrongSo you see money, and to do what engineering machineIf the funds are not enough, buy doosan.Buy more expensive if you have more funds!!I hope I can help you!!
Q:Farmers and excavators, where do you find maintenance manuals cheap for your machines?
OKorder is a good answer. you can usually get them also from the company that makes the machine but they are usually very expensive. Depending on what you need it for you may be able to find books you need at a good auto parts store
Q:I am searching for ideas for my sons birthday cake. I been looking at a Edible Excavator will post link and.
There are a lot of cool cakes out there on the internet. You can go to kraft kitchen, and they have recipes and videos to show you how to make kids cakes. The cake you were looking at is a cute cake, but I wonder how many people it serves, maybe try making a train.
Q:Please am loocking for an excavater in Ghana. F?
Then why would you be looking in the section reserved for questions about airplanes? An excavator is a machine that digs holes in the ground.
Q:How much would it cost for me to have a hole dug that is around 40' long by 8' wide by 12' deep?
if the excavator is the right size and the trucks keep on dumping the excavated soil, one day will be enough.Ask a groundworks contractor to give you a price
Q:why won't the excavator dig tunnel 6 in moon map in black ops?
Where the excavator breaches is largely based on luck, but it is more likely that it will breach tunnels you have opened already. I have also found that opening to the power room at round one will cause the excavator to breach at round one sometimes. Hope this helps!
Q:what is the largest machine of the world?
Balderdash. The largest machine is the global communications system, or international telephony to you.

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