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1. The product is full hydraulic, closed type double-drum vibratory road roller. It has high-level configuration and high performance.
2. The stepless speed regulation vibration system with 10 levels of amplitude can make effective compaction on extra-thin or extra-thick layer. The unique dual-articulation crab type travel mechanism can make the front drum and rear drum have a 200mm clearance during the compaction, which makes the compaction more close to the edge.
3. It adopts Cummins supercharged engine, which is powerful, durable and fuel-saving.
4. Hydraulic system: it adopts closed system composed of Sauer-Danfoss viable displacement piston pump, featuring steady performance and high reliability.
5. Operation system: the product adopts full electro-hydraulic control system, which is more convenient and comfortable.  


Operating weightKg12000
Operating speedKm/h0-8.5
Inner sidemm3840
Outer sidemm6000
Excitation forceKN76/46
Rated revsR/min2200
Fuel tank volumeL236
Hydraulic tank volumeL130
Water tank volumeL2*350
Dimension (Length ×Width ×Height)mm5360×1950×3000

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Q:What kind of excavator does Nissan brand have?
The common Komatsu, KOMATSU (Tokyo), Kobelco KOBELCO (Kobe), Hitachi HITACHI (Tokyo), Sumitomo SUMITOMO (Chiba) etc.
Q:What is the new price of a John Deere 450D LC Excavator?
i couldn't find a retailer, and Deere's website doesn't list prices, but I found an auctioneer site. Click on the link below for more information.
Q:Safe substrate for adult leopard gecko?
ZooMed makes a product called 'excavator clay'. at first glance it looks like sand, but when you moisten it you can mold it into any shape you want (i.e. the floor of the tank). you can also make tunnels and hides and such with it because when it dries it holds it's shape. It's natural looking, and there is very little risk of impaction if it is properly moistened before being added to the tank.
Q:how to bake an excavator cake?
Assembled from a pound cake and Twinkies, this no-bake treat will please the crew at a celebration with a truck or vehicle theme, or at our construction party. Ingredients 9 1/2-by 4-inch pound cake 1 1/2 cups yellow frosting 1/2 cup light-brown frosting (white and chocolate mixed together) Chocolate decorators' frosting 4 mini chocolate-covered doughnuts Blue and green MM's candies Red and yellow gumdrops 4 Twix 2 Twinkies 4 (8-inch) wooden skewers, trimmed into two 4K-inch and two 6-inch pieces 4 yellow Twizzlers Rainbow Twists, cut to the same size as the skewers 12 chocolate cookies (we used Oreo cookies) X Instructions Cut a 2 1/2-inch-long section from one end of the cake. Frost the section's cut end and place it on top of the cake for the cab, as shown. Cover the entire cake with yellow frosting, saving about 1/3 cup for the loader and bucket. Spoon the light-brown frosting into a resealable sandwich bag, snip off a corner, and pipe a window onto each side of the cab. Outline the windows with chocolate decorators' frosting, then press the doughnut tires in place. Add MM's and gumdrops for lights and hubcaps. Use Twix to add a smokestack and loader arms. Frost one of the Twinkies yellow, set it on the loader arms, and add chocolate decorators' frosting details. Cut a 2-inch section from the other Twinkie, place it behind the truck for the bucket, and frost it yellow. Add pieces of yellow gumdrop for teeth. Slide the skewers inside the Twizzlers. Press them into the cake and bucket as shown, using dabs of chocolate decorators' frosting to join them. With a rolling pin or food processor, crush the chocolate cookies into dirt and sprinkle it around the cake. Serves 8.
Q:Do you know how to drive an Excavator?
I know how to do everything..
Q:How big is the digging bucket of Komatsu 200 excavator, what is its length, width and depth?
Baidu search Komatsu china"The first page is Komatsu official website, product center, which can look at the specifications of each vehicle configuration
Q:blue white green ally deck help?
Wow. Ok, first things first. Why to you have warp world in there?? YOU CAN'T EVEN CAST IT! Are you looking for a mill win? You won't be able to get it if you have all your cards in the graveyard. You need to put at least three reliquary towers if you want all those cards in your hand. You also need a playset of join the ranks. You might want a playset of the right as well. Cast it on the the excavator and kick it.
Q:Would Excavators insurance cover our damaged well?
His insurance will cover any damage HE CAUSED. It's up to you to find out what the problem is, and prove he caused it. His insurance isn't going to pay to investigate this, they'll pay to defend if you sue him, and the cause of loss is covered under his policy terms. But it sounds like you've got a dead animal in there. Which wouldn't be his fault.
Q:What is a Pneumatic Lego used for?
Robotic arms, cranes, walking machines, machine-tools such as excavators, lifting bridges.
Q:on the lego excavator how do you keep the battery pack secured on the bottom
JB weld putty will permanently bond the pack to the lego base.

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