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RM186 series road roller has outstanding advantages in terms of controllability, reliability, driving performance, compaction effect, serviceability, etc. The product adopts engine of famous brand, featuring lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency.
It can be applicable to the compaction of various base layers and it is the optimal choice for building highways, airports, ports and dams. The perfect match between the advanced hydraulic system and the power system ensure excellent performance of the machine, which effectively improves work efficiency.
It has beautiful appearance; the streamline rear-open hood makes service and maintenance more convenient. The ergonomically designed cab is mounted with large-area glass, which provides wider view and ensures safe operation and high work efficiency. Advanced brake system provides good brake performance under various conditions, which ensures work safety. 


Technical ParametersRM186
Engine modelWeichai WD10G175E23
Engine power/revs(kw/r/min)128/2000
Travel speed (kw/h)0-2.3
Gradeability (%) 25
Operating weight (kg)18000
Distributed weight on vibrating drum (kg)9200
Distributed weight on driving wheel (kg)8800
Turning radius (outer side)(mm)6500
Static line pressure (N/cm)400
Min. ground clearance (mm)450
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm)6150×2330×3070
Vibrating Frequency (Hz)30
Amplitude (mm)1.8/1.2
Excitation force (kN)336/224


Length (MM): 6150
Width (MM): 2330
Height (MM): 3070 

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