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RM206K road roller adopts combined padfoot vibrating drums, which is convenient to dismantle and assemble and saves cost. As the optimal working range is wider, it can maximally meet the requirements for different work conditions. The product can be widely used in paving gravel or soil road layer, refuse landfill and dam construction.
The machine adopts engine of world-famous brand, featuring excellent power, reliable performance, low fuel consumption and environmental care.
The engine hood adopts rear lift streamlined GRP cover, covering the whole hydraulic oil tank, which is beautiful and convenient to open.
The foot brake system adopts pneumatic boosted brake mechanism, which is quick and easy to operate.
The new type high intensity cab features wide view, safety and reliability, low vibration and low noise, which provides a comfortable and safe work environment. 


Technical ParametersRM206K
Engine power/revs(Km/min)

Weichai WD10G175E23

Travel speed(km/h)ⅠGear0~2.3
Gradeability (%)25
Operating weight (kg)20600
Weight distributed on vibratory drum (kg)10500
Weight distributed on driving drum (kg)10100
Turning radius (external)(mm)5900
Static pressure (N/cm)440
Min. ground clearance (mm)450
Dimension (Length ×Width ×Height)(mm)6150×2370×3010
Vibration frequency (Hz)30
Amplitude (mm)1.8/1.2
Excitation force (kN)360/240


Length (MM): 6150
Width (MM): 2370
Height (MM): 3070  

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