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SH500 multifunctional material handling machine is developed on the basis of the excavator combined with international experience, research and development of special grab materials equipment. SH500 mainly works in the shipping dock, material yard, the station of coal, under the condition of dumping loading conditions, such as sand, coal, steel, all kinds of bulk cargo and heap of cargo loading and unloading transportation.


  1. Imported cummins engine with strong power, low fuel consumption and convenient maintenance.

  2.Advanced electric system with overcurrent, overload, leakage protection function.

  3.Imported hydraulic system with double negative flow control pump and double circuit power regulation which can allocate engine power reasonably and improve work efficiency.

  4. Normal open swing, walk brake. Independent oil cooling system with larger cooling area and better heat dissipation effect.

  5.Wider view elevated cab equipped with top protective and former protective guard; Multi-function dashboard is of easy operation and high safety; overload protection device can alarm automaticlly for all kinds of pressure, temperature, oil level alarm when beyond the setting load.

  6.Whole movable arm straight, gooseneck bent arm and multiple grabs and enhanced working device; the computer FEA software was used to optimize the design of working device to realize reasonable high strength structure, large lifting capacity and wide scope of work, and the maximum working range can be up to 14 meters high, 12.8 meters far, maximum weight of 26 tons, about 20 seconds each work cycle.

  7. Large capacity automatic air conditioning system with three-dimensional supply air, fresh air circulation, cfc-free.

  8.The Angle sensor device which can be set according to the different motion range of equipment, in order to prevent damage to the driver's wrong operation.

  9.Simple and quick auxiliary equipment replacement. You can select rotary motor head with 360 °rotating function, especially better for the directional raw material



Operating Weight(T)45
Bucket Capacity(m³) 3.0 (shell bucket)
Engine ModelCUMMINS QSM11
Rated power (kw/r/min)254/1800
Fuel tank capacity (L) 650
Travel speed(km/h) (H/L)4.8/3.0
Swing speed(r/min)7.6
Climbing capacity(%)35
Max. lifting force26
Average grounding pressure(KPa)79.7
Drawbar pulling force368
Hydraulic pump modelK5V200DT
Max. flow 360×2
Work pressure34.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L) 335
O- Max. digging height(mm)10185
P- Max. dumping height(mm)7313
Q- Max. digging depth(mm)6000
R- Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)4985
T- Max. digging reach(mm)10170
V- Min. swing radius(mm)3975
A- Overall length (mm)11700
B- Overall width(mm) 4400
C-Overall height (to top of  boom)3200
D- Overall height (to top of cab)(mm)4490
E- Counterweight ground clearance(mm)1300
F- Min. ground clearance (mm) 535
G- Tail swing radius(mm)3845
J- Track length(mm)5390
K- Track gauge(mm)3800
L-Track width4400
M- Track shoe width(mm)600
N- Turntable width(mm)3045
A1- Ground length(During transportation)(mm)7400
Arm length(mm)5800
Boom length(mm)7500
No. of boom cylinder-bore x stroke 160×110×1500
No. of arm cylinder-bore x stroke 145×100×1495
Lifting parametersSee the following curve


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Q:how much does an excavator make?
The average salary for excavator jobs is $32,000. Average excavator salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. A heavy equipment operator typically makes in the range of $28,000 to $35,000. Cheers.
Q:Can I plant a new tree in the same spot as I removed the old 1?
Yes but considering the old one must have drained the soil out of its nutrients it is recommended that you mix the soil with some compost (not organic matter, I know it's good but first it smells second, you might see new creepy insects coming out of the ground depending on where the organic matter came from) so feed the ground next plant your happy-to-be tree.
Q:A company that buys excavators from an subcontractor knows by experience that certain proportion of the?
P(a) = 0.06 => P(not a) = 1 - P(a) = 0.94 P(b I not a) = 0.94*0.02 = 0.0188 => P(not(b I not a)) = 1 - P(b I not a) = 0.9812 P(c I not(b I not a)) = 0.9812*0.05 = 0.04906 Now the probability that a randomly chosen excavator has atleast 1 of the 3 errors P(a) + P(b I not a) + P(c I not(b I not a)) = 0.06 + 0.0188 + 0.04906 = 0.12786 And the probability that a randomly chosen excavator has no error is 1 - 0.12786 = 0.87214 b) this is obvious: 0.05 since c error is independent.
Q:Physics Help Please!!???!!!?
mass = Force/acceleration Force = 2.25e5 N acceleration = 0.200 m/s² I refuse to believe that U need this calculated as U must have these skills to be in a course in physics
Q:SURVEY: what would excavators find if they dug up your backyard?
Several cats, birds, raccoons, and maybe a possum. My dogs are sometimes a little over playful at times. Fortunately no skunks have gotten inside their fence. Oh, I think I forgot about the rabbits also.
Q:i need help with a physics problem?
Maximum force that can be applied is 2.25×10^5 N. This force makes an acceleration = 0.200 m/s2 So by using F = ma, m can be calculated. m = F/a. Rest for yourself... try it.
Q:Halimar Excavator Question. MTG?
If another Ally (it must be an creature with the type Ally, or something like Clone copying an Ally creature) enters the battlefield, each Halimar would trigger, and each would mill for the number of cards equal to the number of Allies you control. In summary, yes, so long as the creature is an Ally.
Q:Safe substrate for adult leopard gecko?
ZooMed makes a product called 'excavator clay'. at first glance it looks like sand, but when you moisten it you can mold it into any shape you want (i.e. the floor of the tank). you can also make tunnels and hides and such with it because when it dries it holds it's shape. It's natural looking, and there is very little risk of impaction if it is properly moistened before being added to the tank.
Q:How do you drive the forehand and backhand drive of an excavator?
As we all know, the hydraulic excavator operation is accomplished through two handles, two handle before and after, left and right four directions, respectively control the excavator and the moving body part arm, bucket rod, and the rotating bucket. But according to the corresponding way, the operation mode of excavator is divided into two kinds, "left and right spin" and "front and back rotation". Then, I will talk about some differences between them.Two modes of operationThe first kind is the Japanese second-hand import machine and senior veteran driver as the representative, the left hand handle of the front, back, left and right corresponding control is the excavator's right rotation, left rotation, bucket extension and bucket recovery. We used to be referred to as "front and back spin"".The second type is the domestic new machine and the new generation of young drivers as representatives, left hand handle of the front, back, left, right, respectively, corresponding to the control of the excavator's bucket stick, bucket recovery, left rotation and right rotation. We used to be referred to as "left and right spin"".There are people who have called these two modes, "mobile phone" and "mobile phone", but due to the lack of a unified nomenclature, caused the differences on the way, before and after rotation is called mobile phone, the mobile phone is called reverse rotation, but also to rotate around the mobile phone is called, before and after the rotation is called reverse mobile phone. So to avoid confusion, said only this, before and after the rotation and rotation, to note here is "mobile phone" is refers to the rotation, and rotation or rotation before and after the "anti mobile phone", two kinds of the different mode of operation is only the left hand excavator operating handle, right invariant handle mode.
Q:Which brand of excavators is of the best quality?
Joint venture brand Caterpillar: American brand, old brand, independent production. (CAT) advantages: adequate strength, durability, strength, and not bad. Disadvantages: high price, high fuel consumption, short arm, small work range. Especially mine type models, large fuel consumption, after-sales service in general. 20T model: reference price: CAT320DGC 97-100W 320D 110-115W Komatsu: Japanese brand, excavator industry leader, the total cost-effective, independent production. (KOMATSU) advantages: better strength, strong and durable, low fuel consumption, hydraulic pressure is its strong point, the overall coordination is good, the speed is very fast, not easy to bad, good hedge, used car good shot. Disadvantages: high prices, accessories expensive. (Note: because of the domestic market share is very high, deputy plant parts, so it is relatively cheap) 20t models: PC200-8 97-100W PC200-8 hybrid reference price (earth preferred fuel consumption is 30% less than the average car) 110-118W Hitachi: Japanese brands, excavator sales are also very large, generally also can be assembled.

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