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The SC230.8 long reach excavator has 15m arm and boom in total length and 0.4m3 bucket, which is designed on the base of market research and thorough technical argumentation. The structural strength, performance and quality are fully guaranteed in terms of the materials, technologies and design. The boom is internally mounted with buffer plate, which improves load bearing capacity and prolongs the service life of the excavator. It is mainly applicable to the clearing of dammed lake in the watercourse, slope forming, earth and stone foundation and deep excavating operation.


Cummins 6BTA5.9
AC generatorA24V 70
Rated output powerKw/rpm126/2100
Overall piston displacementL5.88
Number of cylinder (bore×stroke)mm6-φ102×120
4 stroke, water cooling, in-line, direct injection, turbocharging
Working Device
Boom lengthmm8025
Arm lengthmm6350
Sprocket wheel
2/each side
Track plate
47/each side
Supporting wheel
8/each side
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic pump
Variable displacement duplex piston pump
Bucket cylinder
Arm cylinder
Boom cylinder
Hydraulic cylinder Cylinder type 
Cylinder bore×piston rod diameter (mm)
Slewing motor
Axial piston (safety valve, parking brake) ×1
Travel motor
Axial piston (brake valve, parking brake) ×2
Control valve  Control method
Hydraulic pilot
Control valve type
Hydraulic pump Pressure settingMPa(kg/cm2)34.3(350)
Hydraulic pump flowL/min226×2

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Q:What is the structure of the excavator?
Thoroughly inspect the surroundings and bottom of the locomotive in accordance with the following sequence: 1, whether there is oil, fuel and coolant leakage. 2, whether there are loose bolts and nuts?. 3 、 is there any broken wire, short circuit and loose joint of the battery in the electrical circuit?. 4, whether there is oil pollution?. 5, if there are rumors accumulation. Daily maintenance notice of daily inspection work is to ensure that the hydraulic excavator can be an important part in maintaining long-term efficient operation, especially for the self-employed, do the usual daily inspection work can reduce maintenance costs. First of all, around two laps to check the appearance of mechanical and mechanical chassis or unusual, and whether there is a rotary bearing oil flows out, and then check the braking device and bolt fastener track, tighten the screw, the change of the change in time, if you need to check the tire wheel excavator is whether there is abnormal, and pressure stability. Excavator bucket teeth to see whether there is greater wear, it is understood that the bucket teeth will greatly increase the wear and tear in the construction process of resistance, will seriously affect the work efficiency and increase the wear and tear of equipment parts. See if there is crack or oil leakage in the bucket and the cylinder. Check battery electrolyte to avoid below level line. The air filter is an important part of preventing dust from entering the excavator. It should be checked and cleaned frequently. Always check the fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, etc. whether to add or not, and choose the oil according to the requirements of the manual, and keep it clean. After starting check 1, whistle and all instruments are in good condition. 2, engine starting state, noise and exhaust color. 3 、 is there any leakage of oil, fuel and coolant?.
Q:What's the best way to remove a 25' x 30', 8 thick concrete slab with wire mesh in it?
Excavator with a hammer on it . In a couple of hours it will be gone . load in a 20 yd container $ 1200 - $ 2000 done .
Q:NEW ORLEANS - Thieves hauled off $100,000 worth of.....?
Unfortunately this is why the city is not being rebuilt as fast as other places. The crime level is entirely too high. I have heard that everywhere that alot of the refugees have gone crime has increased also. That is sad because this was chance for them to change their lives. I understand many of them didn't have anything to begin with but with the out pouring of aid and help from other communities they could have been working on a better life. I spent the summer on a mission trip helping in the beaumont area where the storm did alot of damage also and they did not get nearly the amount of help new orleans did but the people pulled together to use their resources to do as much as they could instead of ronning each other blind.
Q:many smaller excavators used to dig foundations for houses have hydraulic systems that perform the digging ?
hydraulic rams are limited to the distance they can travel.. large cranes you see with cables are moving objects hundreds of feet where a hydraulic ram can not. hydraulic systems are much more dependable and can create a great deal of force in a small set up this is why you see them on most of your smaller construction machines.
Q:Building a Bridge - how and where to buy parts?
Cross-Ties, on a Railroad track makes a good bridge...Place 2-3 Ties at the point that would support the weight of a Truck or tractor....(4 or 6 total) The Bridge has to be secured to the ground, otherwise it will Float Away,..Ah Ha ha(trial and error) If you intend to have children riding horses, and crossing.. A culvert covered with gravel, would make more sense,..Not all Horses will readily cross wooden bridges.. If you know of Iron scrapyard,..They would have big size pipe(Oil-field,Casing, Drive-pipe).. The culvert would last the longest.. 2X6's as deck is not strong enough,..and it's possible a horse could step thru in a defect or rotten stop.. Old Time County bridges were deck with 3x 12, right angle to the sills,..then another set of 3x 12 run catter-corner, right-angle for strength....
Q:How could i make my mtg ally deck better?
Drop black, red and green altogether. While they have some good allies, none show up here. Lose some lands, and fill out your big guys (Ondu Cleric and Join the Ranks) with four-ofs. Look into Kazandu Blademaster and Umara Raptor as well.
Q:Should I put sand in my leopard geckos tank?
I got a gecko on saturday. Ever since then he has been sick every day. He is on sand aswell but before he wasnt. Does this have an impact on him? What should I do to make him stop regurgitating
Q:Why is my excavator heater not working?
The heater core is failing or has failed.
Q:Can I use Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate to make my bearded dragons a home?
the suitable issues you ought to use as substrate are paper towels and reptile carpet. Sand, of any style, poses the probability of impaction. in case you prefer to furnish a sand field on your bearded dragon maximum reccomend worry-unfastened playsand which you will get low priced at domicile Depot etc.
Q:hi guys me and my partner are immigrating to brisbane next month from ireland she is a nurse and got sponsord?
We're still doing okay...heaps of construction going on I doubt that you'll have any difficulty getting work . We have training schemes for apprentices organizations set up to help people secure positions. Age is no barrier ....I know many mature aged apprentices.One of my sons started at your age only this year as a first year electrician !

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