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SC450.8LC high-rise demolition machine adopts originally imported Cummins engine, rated power 252KW/1800rpm, featuring strong power, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance, max gradeability of 35°, applicable to various kinds of complicated work conditions. It adopts specially designed Kawasaki hydraulic system and KYB travel motor, which ensure the reliability and stability of the system. It also adopts advanced EPOS automatic electronic power control system. The materials for the track frame and upper turntable and the manufacturing technologies meet the KES standards, featuring high strength and good performance. The ergonomically designed cab has comfortable work environment, good view and low noise; the full view windscreen and side window ensure good vision in all directions; and the automatic air conditioning system provides a comfortable operating environment.

The product adopts 3-section working device, which is flexible and efficient; and the max. reach is up to 26m, which can meet various demolition requirements.


ModelSC450.8LC High-rise Demolition
Working device
Oerating weightkg


Max. operating heightmm26000
Max. operating radiusmm14500
Total length (transport)mm17200
Total height (transport)mm3300
Max. weight of attachmentkg2000
4 stroke, water cooling, in-line, top-mounted valve, direct injection, turbocharging

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Q:How much is the tuition fee for Lan Xiang excavator?
Total cost: 3360 yuanBulldozer operation class: semester one month, learn the safe operation, maintenance and so on of bulldozer. Total cost: 3460 yuanForklift class: semester a month, learn forklift safety operation, freight transfer maintenance technology. Total cost: 3160 yuanConstruction crane operation class: one semester semester, learn the safe operation method and maintenance technology of tower crane. Total cost: 2860 yuanConstruction budget staff: semester three months, the main learning map, building materials, construction structure, organizational management, budget and other techniques. Total cost: 3980 yuan
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Q:What kind of jobs do mini excavators do?
Small track hoes are used in jobs large and small. In almost any construction job, there are tight places that you can't work around with a large hoe. If you are digging a trench for a single electrical duct, you may only need a 6 wide trench, 3' deep. It would be almost silly to use a big machine for this work. Doing utility work in subdivisions where you have to work around fence lines and structures, a small hoe makes sense. But, you would also be in competition with the ditch witch equipment which come in walk-behind models, which are fun to use by the way. Something to consider - it is very easy for a contractor to rent a small piece of equipment to perform a few tasks that are subsidiary to a large job, rather than take on an additional subcontractor to perform the work, just because he happens to own the small machine required. Some contractors rent, rather than own, most of their trucks and machinery. So with only this one piece of equipment, you may not get many jobs on large construction sites. That leaves small jobs for homeowners or small businesses. I rented a nice little trackhoe that stated a 7' reach, or maximum trench depth. In actuality, that depth can only be achieved directly below the machine, so 4' to 5' was the maximum depth of trench I could actually attain. It had a small dozer blade that I thought would save me renting an actual dozer, but this blade almost seemed like a design after thought and was impractical for most conventional use. I ended up returning the machine and renting a dozer anyway.
Q:Is the power supply voltage of the excavator AC or DC?
Excavator is using DC voltage, the general control part is hydraulic control.
Q:What do you mean by "50" in excavator PC50?
Komatsu's 5 ton pc360 is 36 tons, but not particularly accurate, the actual 35 tons more
Q:how do you use ratchet binders?
Very similar to operating a socket rachet for a bolt. Set the lock, move the handle back and forth.
Q:transporting a 345 excavator?
Well, I know a Deer 270 weighs around 64k LBS. and a 350 comes in at around 77k. The transport length is only a foot longer on the 350 and the width/hight is the same. There should be little difference between the 330 and the 345, I guess not enough that you would have any problems.
Q:Who can tell me about Doosan and Sunward Intelligent excavator which good? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Doosan is Daewoo's predecessor.. is a joint venture.. and sunward is the domestic.. relatively speaking, Doosan is more expensive. But the quality assured. You have to look at cost-effective
Q:Do they make walk-behind excavators?
Walk Behind Mini Excavator
Q:who makes john deer hydraulic cylinders?
If you're looking to replace the cylinders, just take some measurements from the old ones - however, you're not likely to find replacements that are exact enough to work properly. The cylinders might be made by John Deere, or they could come from Hitachi, which made a lot of JD excavator parts. If the cylinders just need resealing and rebushing, take them to a hydraulic shop - they can find the right seals and wipers, and they can hone them or re-chrome the rods if necessary.

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