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The 7t excavator adopts Cummins engine as the standard configuration. In recent years, the sales volume of mini excavator accounts for over 30% of the market share. Lishide has developed excavators applicable to urban road construction, agricultural construction and rural road construction to meet customers’ needs, which makes the products portfolio more complete and improves the market competition of Lishide products. 



Bucket capacity(m3)0.2-0.37
Engine model
Fuel tank capacity(L)130
Travel speed(km/h)5.1/2.7
Slewing speed(r/min)10
Bucket digging force(KN)52.7
Ground pressure(KPa)30
Hydraulic pump model
Max. flow(L/min)154
Work pressure(MPa)27.5
Hydraulic tank volume(L)56

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. 


A- Overall length (mm)6100
B- Overall width (mm)2300
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)2515
D- Overall height (cab top)(mm)2630
E- Ground clearance (counterweight)(mm)760
F- Min. ground clearance (mm)382
G- Tail slewing radius (mm)1755
H- Ground contact length of crawler (mm)2130
J- Crawler length (mm)2757
K- Track gauge (mm)1700
L- Track width (mm)2150
M- Track plate width (mm)450
N- Width of rotary table (mm)2198
Arm length(mm)1650
Boom length (mm)3710


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Q:Why won't my excavator start?
1. Loosen the fittings on the filter to purge air... 2. Lightly ether start engine... 3. Tighten fittings when leaking diesel fuel...
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Q:Dragon excavator 150 price
Disadvantages: large fuel consumption, short arm, resulting in some work can not be a molding, waste of time.
Q:I want to know all list of construction jobs and construction field ?
There are tons. Excavators, formwork guys, rebar and concrete workers. Fabricators designers Steel erectors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, painters.
Q:Excavator theory
The excavator is driven by the engine work in pump operation, the pump is divided into pump and pump, and then by the operation of the hydraulic excavator driver rod of the hydraulic oil distribution to the pilot valve and main control valve, such as the hydraulic oil distribution to the main control valve, hydraulic oil delivered by the main control valve to the arm; small arms; dig bucket cylinder, and then drive the arm; small arms; digging bucket. If the hydraulic oil is allocated to the pilot valve, the hydraulic oil drives the motor through the pilot valve to make the excavator rotate and drive.
Q:How does the excavator cross the ground cable?
Slowly as before to walk down the wire frame in excavator digging machine below can go over to the other side in the same ibid.
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The controlled way in which these buildings collapsed is a tribute to the architects who, though not expecting such a disaster, nevertheless built the buildings so that they would collapse straight down, and not fall over onto other buildings, which would have multiplied the casualties.
Q:What are the brands of excavators?
Komatsu, Doosan, Nagano, 31, Hitachi, Kaiyuan, rhino, diamond, Juli etc.
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