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SC60.8 excavator adopts brand-new design concept in the power performance, operationability, reliability, and serviceability, etc. It adopts the world-famous Yanmar engine, featuring low noise and low fuel consumption. The working devices adopt 3-pump confluence technology, which has 20% higher work efficiency compared with domestic products of the same configuration. 



Weight (T)5.85
Bucket capacity (m3)0.22
Engine modelYANMAR 4TNV94L-SSN
Power (kw/r/min)35.5/2200
Travel speed (km/h)4.2/2.2
Slewing speed (r/min)9.5
Gradeability (%)70
Bucket digging force (KN)38.5
Ground pressure (KPa)33.5
Max. flow (L/min)110+35.6+9.9
Fuel tank capacity (L)100
Hydraulic tank volume (L)80
O- Max. digging height (mm)5750
P- Max. dumping height (mm)3980
Q- Max. digging depth (mm)3860
R- Max. vertical digging depth (mm)3040
V- Min. slewing radius (mm)2380

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. 


A- Overall length (mm)5960
B- Overall width (mm)1960
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)1995
D- Overall height (cab top) (mm)2690
Boom length (mm)3000
Arm length (mm)1630


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Q:work activity at construction site?
A construction site is an area of many operation . from start a construction project may many people involved : Engineering ,Designers, Architects ,Excavators ,pavers, metal workers ,carpenters ,Plumbers ,Electricians, Floorers ,door and window installers ,Appliance installers, IT and Cable installers, Painters ,Inspectors ,landscapers, fence makers and................ Most visitor and daily or in each operation visitor are the project managers ,which they should supervising the all operation step by step to get inspection pass for other level of operation .It's one of the most major operation that a lot of people are involve with.
Q:how much does an excavator make?
The average salary for excavator jobs is $32,000. Average excavator salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. A heavy equipment operator typically makes in the range of $28,000 to $35,000. Cheers.
Q:Is it worth converting a basement storage to a bedroom?
It probably won't return your investment unless you do the work that youself and are willing to trade on sweat-equity. I just installed an egress window through about 7 inches of concrete wall - messy job, and with the cutting tool rental and excavator rental, I spent about $4,500 to do the job. Drainage is always an issue, as is the retaining wall material. I also installed a flush egress ladder system that blended in with the retaining wall. One other consideration - while you'll increase legal square footage because of the egress... a buyer would logically want a bath in that space. Now you have really 'upped' the cost because of more electrical and plumbing. You might be better off just installing the egress window, and stubbing out plumbing for a bath. Build the interior walls, run wiring without sheetrock to define the bath and bedroom. This will show the buyer the potential, it will increase the legal square footage, but you won't be hit with the big expense of finishing the rooms. You can probably do this for 1/3 of he cost of a finished room. You may already have a finished bath in the space... if that's the case, just install the egress window and run electrical. Good luck!
Q:Why was Ariel Castro's house demolished instead of just saved for someone else to buy or rent it?
The house history has to be disclosed to the buyer and I doubt that there would be any buyers.
Q:looking for the switch to change from cat controls to john deere controls on a cat 315 excavator?
cat dealer suppose to have diagram to switch hoses?!
Q:What is involved in building my own home?
This depends upon government regulations. Most places will not allow you to build your own house; you know, keep the status quo. They claim it is for the good of the people; you know, building codes and all that baloney. My builder used used lumber in my house; the cement floor in the basement was cracked before I moved in, etc., etc., etc. So, IF, I mean IF you would be allowed to build your own house (depending upon the costs in your region) $30,000 to $40,000 is all. (It could be built for far less if, for instance, you live in the woods of Oregon, California, Montana, Arkansas, where ever, and you fell the trees and built a log cabin; or, in those places with abundant rocks of usable size, use used rocks, etc.) Half to two thirds of the cost is for labor. Fees, permits, etc., take up hundreds to thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.
Q:what are the pros of open-pit mining?
Open-pit mining (as opposed to underground mining) has several advantages:- 1) Low cost of recovery - large trucks can enter the mine, get filled up with rock from a large excavator and drive away to the processing plant. 2) No need to leave stability pillars, necessary to hold up underground mine workings but which may contain valuable ore that is effectively lost to the mining company. 3) Ease of beneficiation - surface mines are usually composed of materials (oxides in the case of metalliferous mines) that are easier to handle and easier to treat in order to recover their marketable product as a result of being so close to surface. 4) Safer environment - so much less problem of rock falls, hanging wall collapse resulting in a lower injury rate than in underground mine.
Q:i need help with a physics problem?
F-Weight (load)=mass (load)X0.2 2.25x105-9.8mass (load)=0.2mass (load)=====> mass (load)= 236.25/10=23.625kg, that weighs 231.525newtons.
Q:What are Trades that don't require manual labor?
If by manual labor you mean actually having to DO something physically, then there is no such trade. All jobs have some level of manual labor connected to them. If you want an easy job, then being in retail sales is pretty much a laborless job. All you do is pretty much stand there and convince customers to buy the products you are pushing.
Q:Excavators are hard at work at freezing sites?
Two reasons. One, the hydraulic oil gets thicker when it's cold, and it would help to warm up the excavator for at least 20 - 30 minutes before starting to work. And two, frozen ground is harder to dig in. If warming up the excavator doesn't help, you may want to check if the fluid in it is too thick. To do this, look at what the can says that you have been putting in it, and then look to see if there is a sticker somewhere on the machine to see what the manufacturer recommends.

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