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Power System
With 133 power and strength, international  famous brand engine, reliability, dynamic property, fuel economy and emission  performance all take the lead, which makes it work in high attitude area and  satisfies Euro2 emission standard.
Hydraulic System
Adopting  world advanced negative flow control system, work flow quantity adjusts  automatically according to operation requirement, which accomplishes  proportional control of executive device, besides it matches with engine power,  which promotes engine power’s efficiency.
Adopting  new control valve, provided with swing arm and bucket rod maintaining system,  improves machine’s use and operating safety, enhances the regeneration of arm,  bucket rod potential energy movement. In one aspect, it can save energy,in the other  aspect, it can keep stable movement, increase preferential function of swing  arm, which can promote the hoisting speed of swing arm. Quick speed and high  efficiency.
Rotary system integrates brake, cushion  valve with anti-reverse valve, owning advanced performance and reliable  quality.
Reliable Structural Component
Well-designed  revolving platform, truck frame, work device, with finite element analysis  guarantee good mechanical property. Adopting high strength board, bucket of  easy abrasion part adopts wear-resistant material makes sure the machine can be  used in hostile environment.
Chassis  was enlarged, broadened with high stability, the main part of arm and bucket  rod was strengthened,  front or roar  swing arm adopts steel casting, which make the machine persistent, durable and  reliable.
Cab  glass is Green F preventing the sun burning drivers, equipped with safety belt,  broad visual angle, good visual reducing performance, good sound insulation and  seal effect, also equipped with high-power  luxury and comfortable automatic air  conditioner, which can remit work tiredness. Besides ROPS and FOPS cabs can be  elected.
Multifunction  colour liquid crystal was equipped, which is more beautiful, harmonized, and  the backlight is much softer; also increases multilingual prompt, with clearer  character, more information, convenient operation. Adopting advanced GPS,  constantly send information of the machine, in order to get a knowledge of the  work condition of excavator. 


Weight (T)23.6
Bucket capacity (m3)1.2
Engine modelCUMMINS B5.9-C/ ISUZU 6BG1TRP
Power (kw/r/min)133/2000  /    125/2100
Travel speed (km/h)5.2/3.5
Slewing speed (r/min)11.1
Gradeability (%)70
Bucket digging force (KN)159
Ground pressure (KPa)48.6
Max. flow (L/min)226*2
Fuel tank capacity (L)350
Hydraulic tank volume (L)246
O- Max. digging height (mm)9310
P- Max. dumping height (mm)6440
Q- Max. digging depth (mm)6875
R- Max. vertical digging depth (mm)5860
V- Min. slewing radius (mm)3975


A- Overall length (mm)9740
B- Overall width (mm)2980
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)3190
D- Overall height (cab top) (mm)3120
Boom length (mm)5850
Arm length (mm)3050

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Q:I'm looking for a Volvo part but I can't find it, does anyone have one or where should I look?
at pickapart in chillawack
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You'll have to pay the loans because they used your house as collateral. Pay or lose the house. You can sue the other owner when he gets out of prison.
Q:I need directions on changing motor oil on Caterpillar 320cl excavator?
at the back of the machine on the swing structurebelow the engine there should be a a hole in the metal or you can remove a peice of the metal but it should be at the back of the machine not far from the counter weight but if you look there is a hole or something you mite have to remove but they have a way of getting back there to do that if you still cant find it call you local cat dealer and they will beable to tell you were it is
Q:excavator safety not working?
not going to look up your particular model but some have a safety interlock handle on both control towers, if so make sure there both down, if that's not the case then you have a faulty micro switch at the interlock handle, a faulty interlock solenoid, or a problem with the wiring, if its new enough to have a ECM then that could be another issue, in any case I'd suggest a mechanic.
Q:Who cleans up Clifford the Big Red Dog's poo?
Emily Elizabeth puts it in paper bags, climbs on Clifford's back, and they go all over town lighting bags of doggie-doo on fire on the citizens' doorsteps.
Q:What can i do to keep the neighbors dogs from digging under the fence! They don't care!?
Some dogs are natural diggers. I had one and all I could do is put a brick where he last dug under the fence. I eventually had the whole fence lined with bricks. Another solution is to squirt the dog with water when he digs. Most dogs hate the surprise of being squirted. After several times of being squirted he will stop. This works at most dog habits.
Q:What should we pay attention to when purchasing excavators?
First is to consider the aftermarket and performance of these two factors. The machine does not always fail. Once it happens, we should consider how to repair it and recover the loss in time. If you buy Doosan, this situation will be solved. What I used is Doosan excavator. The excavator of this brand is cheap and easy for everyone to accept. Placed in its after-sale is also very secure, there are 374 offices, at any time for our service. To help us repair and maintain the machine, there is also worth mentioning that, from the purchase to the equipment work 20000 hours, there are 15 free inspection, so that problems are detected in a timely manner, and timely solution to protect the interests of our users
Q:Which school has the strongest excavator technique in China?
The Shandong Lanxiang Vocational School of course!
Q:Help with MTG Black/Blue Ally mill deck?
you opt for multiple equipment consistent with deck... upload a selection of of stall taking part in cards- killspells (doomblade, homicide, and so on) and a Chalice of life/death may well be a outstanding theory, what in conjunction which comprise your lifelink already happening. Vampire Nighthawk is an amazong card btw. i've got a blue-black mill deck and four of him in it ahaha. inspite of the undeniable fact that by using way of fending off blue, you do understand you're giving up some constructive mill playing taking part in cards... mind sculpt being one among them! And Curse of the Bloody Tomb! And Stern Mentor! yet ah. nicely. stable stable fortune ahaha :P
Q:How much is the tuition fee for Sichuan excavator?
How long will it take me to learn? There are many students who want to study the excavator. I will ask this question. It depends on how to learn,If you only learn it, you can learn it in about a month, but if you have to do some maintenance, it will take longer. The Baoding tiger school is a professional course set up in this way.Theory course study content: tap the day-to-day maintenance, mining procedures and attention items, excavators of all types of brand machines, dashboard cognition, simple engine and hydraulic principle.Theory course: study all the courses for 75 days, increase the daily maintenance of the loader, regular maintenance, principle and so on. And what students should pay attention to in their work.Hebei: School of excavator hook machine which is good, choose Baoding tiger vibration mechanical engineering school, famous old school, strong teachers, teaching, theory and PracticeAfter graduation, the school guarantees the assignment, and can not find a job to refund all the tuition fees2, excavator basic class enhanced class, school system 45 days3, excavator intermediate class, school system 75 days

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