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SC220.8 excavator ,Isuzu Engine. It adopts new cab with noise insulation seals. It adopts new seat, new armrest and safety lock, and the harness adopts waterproof plug-in unit, which improves the comfortableness and reliability and improves the operation environment. The new CPU has artificial intelligence and automatic diagnosis function, which can avoid long-time engine running and reduce fuel consumption. The boom joint adopts whole casting steel structure which improves the overall strength and strengthens the working devices. And the tension device is also improved.                              


Weight (T)21.5
Bucket capacity (m3)1.0
Engine modelISUZU 6BG1TRP / CUMMINS B5.9-C
Power (kw/r/min)120/2150  /  133/2000
Travel speed (km/h)5.2/3.5
Slewing speed (r/min)11.1
Gradeability (%)70
Bucket digging force (KN)159
Ground pressure (KPa)48.6
Max. flow (L/min)226*2
Fuel tank capacity (L)350
Hydraulic tank volume (L)246


A- Overall length (mm)9740
B- Overall width (mm)2980
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)3190
D- Overall height (cab top) (mm)3120
Boom length (mm)5850
Arm length (mm)3050

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