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The machine adopts imported Cummins engine, featuring the largest horsepower 110PS among products of the same level. The hydraulic pump and valves all adopt products of first-class brand in the world, featuring stable and reliable performance, boom confluence, arm regeneration, slewing priority, and straight travel. It is internally installed with buffering safety valve, balance valve and parking brake valve, which features smooth brake and prevents from hydraulic shock. It also adopts double-speed travel motor which can be switched automatically/manually. It is mounted with special coal unloading bucket with HD camera at the bucket, the cab driver can monitor the work inside the cab, which improves work efficiency and the economic profits.


ModelSC130.8 Coal Unloader
Weight (T)13
Engine modelCUMMINS 4BTAA3.9
Fuel tank volume(L)247
Travel speed(km/h)5.3/3.1
Slewing speed(km/h) (r/min)12.5
Ground pressure(KPa)38
Hydraulic pumpK3V63DT
Max. displacement (L/min)128*2
Working pressure(MPa)34.3
Hydraulic oil tank(L)130
Arm length(mm)3000
Boom length(mm)6100
Coal unloader width(mm)810
Slewing radius(mm)1280

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