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Generic topologies

Topology of VSI drive

Topology of CSI drive

Six-step drive waveforms

Topology of direct matrix converter

AC drives can be classified according to the following generic topologies:

  • Voltage-source inverter (VSI) drive topologies (see image): In a VSI drive, the DC output of the diode-bridge converter stores energy in the capacitor bus to supply stiff voltage input to the inverter. The vast majority of drives are VSI type with PWM voltage output.

  • Current-source inverter (CSI) drive topologies (see image): In a CSI drive, the DC output of the SCR-bridge converter stores energy in series-reactor connection to supply stiff current input to the inverter. CSI drives can be operated with either PWM or six-step waveform output.

  • Six-step inverter drive topologies (see image): Now largely obsolete, six-step drives can be either VSI or CSI type and are also referred to as variable-voltage inverter drives, pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM) drives, square-wave drives or D.C. chopper inverter drives. In a six-step drive, the DC output of the SCR-bridge converter is smoothed via capacitor bus and series-reactor connection to supply via Darlington Pair or IGBT inverter quasi-sinusoidal, six-step voltage or current input to an induction motor.

  • Load commutated inverter (LCI) drive topologies: In an LCI drive (a special CSI case), the DC output of the SCR-bridge converter stores energy via DC link inductor circuit to supply stiff quasi-sinusoidal six-step current output of a second SCR-bridge's inverter and an over-excited synchronous machine.

  • Cycloconverter or matrix converter (MC) topologies (see image): Cycloconverters and MCs are AC-AC converters that have no intermediate DC link for energy storage. A cycloconverter operates as a three-phase current source via three anti-parallel-connected SCR-bridges in six-pulse configuration, each cycloconverter phase acting selectively to convert fixed line frequency AC voltage to an alternating voltage at a variable load frequency. MC drives are IGBT-based.

  • Doubly fed slip recovery system topologies: A doubly fed slip recovery system feeds rectified slip power to a smoothing reactor to supply power to the AC supply network via an inverter, the speed of the motor being controlled by adjusting the DC current.

Control platforms

See also: Dqo transformation and Alpha–beta transformation

Most drives use one or more of the following control platforms:

Load torque and power characteristics

Variable-frequency drives are also categorized by the following load torque and power characteristics:

  • Variable torque, such as in centrifugal fan, pump, and blower applications

  • Constant torque, such as in conveyor and positive-displacement pump applications

  • Constant power, such as in machine tool and traction applications.

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Q:How do I get rid of ghosts in my house?
It could be due to high EMF readings. This is the energy a person or an electrical appliance gives off. Sometimes, when these frequency's are to high they can effect your health by feeling sick, disorientated or as if you have seen things that are not actually there. If you feel uncomfortable around that part of your house or become particularly ill then it could be the EMF, if so you should contact an electrician. On the other hand, if you experience non of these occurrences then you should probably contact a spiritualist and see what they have to say. Keep in mind many only care about the money and not your well-being.
Q:100 vac to 240 VAC 50-60 Hz 15 watts How can i calculate power consumption?
You have the number, 15 watts. but that is a maximum, the actual power will be less than that. If you need the actual power, you cannot calculate it, you have to measure it. .
Q:Impala trunk electrical equipment?
On Star receiver/ broadcaster GPS tracking for crash assistance.
Q:what is principle of lightning arresters?
A lightning arrester is to protect equipment from getting damaged from a lightening charge. Electricity will go to the nearest ground and the best ground or negative side - which is the ground you are standing on. The positive side + is in the sky, the higher you go the higher the charge ( in the millions of volts ). Air is the best insulator for high voltage so you don't get electrocuted when standing under a high voltage power line, or in a airplane. The + and the - are trying to equalize so the negative side runs along the ground looking for the positive electrons, and the positive electrons are looking for the negative, like a magnet so when they get close enough, the negative charge (amps) goes up to the positive charge burning the air and making a path so the positive charge can get to the earth. If you ever watch lighting-stroke you will see a light flash go up before the positive charge comes to the earth. Lightning arresters protect your computer, TV, and all the electrical equipment you have. When hair stands up on the back of your neck, get out of there.
Q:What are some imports and exports of Slovakia?
Exports: vehicles 25.9%, machinery and electrical equipment 21.3%, base metals 14.6%, chemicals and minerals 10.1%, plastics 5.4% (2004) Imports: machinery and transport equipment 41.1%, intermediate manufactured goods 19.3%, fuels 12.3%, chemicals 9.8%, miscellaneous manufactured goods 10.2% (2003)
Q:do i need a 2 pin or 3 pin plug in canada?
Its a 3 pin plug herenot to worryjust get your stuffyou can buy a converter herealso electricity is 110V. so be mindful of that as well.cheers
Q:Can we use land line phone to control houshold electrical equipments. Is the techonology available?
The answer is a qualified yes. You can connect your lights and appliances to X10-based switches and dimmers, and use the X10 Telephone Responder to control them remotely by phone. This will not allow you to turn on a microwave, because microwaves require their buttons to be pushed. But you could control lights, appliances and HVAC remotely with the right X10 receivers connected. See the links below for some phone-based controllers.
Q:How long would it take for the world to recover from a series of EMP nuclear attacks?
EMP's that you are referring to are simply 'Nukes' detonated in the upper atmosphere. We do have modern EMP devices that are effective against point targets at very short range. Electronic equipment is the most sensitive to this effect. Its effect on our power grid is another question, because the range and duration of EMP1's,EMP2's, and EMP3's are different; although they are all part of a single blast. It would be many times more effective to drop the nukes on the targets of greatest strategic value. I would bet that EMP's will go the way of the Hydrogen bomb; theyre just not practicle. Restoration after such an event would be surprsingly quick because the structure of our power supply system would still be in tact.
Q:school video help on electrical safety?
1. Don't overload receptacles with too many plugs. 2. Don't cut up extension cords to make them work on equipment they shouldn't. (for example - Don't cut a standard extension cord plug end off, and splice it with a printer power cord, if the plug end of the printer is still good, but the wire is bad. - The cable you splice may not be rated high enough to handle the amperage of the printer) 3. Make sure electrical items aren't in areas they can get wet - A leaky roof, dripping onto a light fixture. 4. Don't run power cords across the path of forklifts, or other vehicles unless they are rated to be able to withstand that kind of traffic. 5. Make sure a qualified electrician does electrical installations - Things can get wired incorrectly and short out, spark, or catch fire if wired wrong. 6. Always use wire nuts, and/or electrical (rubber) tape when applicable when connecting wires together - this prevents loose connections, and prevents arcing or sparks from the live wires touching metal objects or each other. 7. When digging in the ground more than 12 deep, make sure you call the electric and gas companies first - Usually electrical and gas lines (water lines sometimes too) are about 18 below the surface. If you cut or break these, you can potentially be killed if you come in contact with the electrical lines, because the voltage outside of your home or building is considerably higher than the voltage wired indoors. Hope these help!
Q:CPU fan problem?
Because new electrical equipment can go bad, they have warranties. Have it replaced! When you reinstall it, do it with Arctic Silver 2 (or higher) heat compound. It will drop the CPU temp by 10C compared to white silicon compound.

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