LED Trailer Lamp high performance good warning effect

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100% waterproof LED TRAILER LAMP
It consists of high performance LED with good warning effect,working electric current is very low, only 10% of common trailer lamp, and induction speed is faster.Its structure is compact. It can be installed easily and used in any weather. Features: Use LED technology and strong signal, Customer can ask for changing installaion way and different certified ways(GB/E-Mark/DOT). Very low working electric current, shock proof, compact constructure, Light weight.Technical Parameter: Rated Voltage:12、24V. Working voltage:12、24V





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Q:How often does the computer run a system check on a 1998 Ford Ranger?
as soon as you start it and while your driving it . it checks it all the time
Q:1999 Nissan maxima check engine light on.?
On Board Diagnostic 2 or OBD2 systems in cars 1996 and newer turn on the check engine light. Almost never does a engine light come on for no reason. Anytime the car detects something that may cause more emissions you get a light. Go to auto parts store that will read the code and get back to us at answers and we'll help. Good Luck
Q:How to open the car headlamp cover
It is not open, most manufacturers design fully enclosed, a small part of the luxury car lights have a large electric lights open automatically open, but the general car get away, the only way to break open ..........
Q:A 2000 year model is serviced by two auto technicians. The abs warning light has been activated for the anti l?
abs system is the ani locking brakes. and if the tech's that worked on it did any wheel work to it and unplugged it it will go on.. my suggestion is to take it back to the person that worked on it and tell them that it wasn't on when you brought it is and make them fix it on their dime..
Q:What is wrong with my brakes? Is it the ABS?
Could be the wheel sensor or the ABS module. Look at the rotors to be sure the ABS ring is clean. Clean the wheel sensor too while you are there. Dirty ring and sensor will cause havoc with the ABS. good luck.
Q:Harley Running Lights?
Your charging system will have no problems at all running a few extra lights that are designed for motorcycles, especially leds, they are very low current draw lights....but remember those Auto Zone lights are designed for cars, and no one here can tell you what their current draw is, they are also cheap, low quality lights and you get what you pay for. You have a Harley, a high end bike, why butcher it up with cheap crap when there are HUNDREDS of quality options out there designed specifically for what you are wanting....DO IT PROPERLY, do it right the first time and you won't have to do it again and again and again. There are plenty of companies making bolt-on light bars for the front and you can get a Badlands module that will turn your rear turn signals into running and brake lights and led conversion kits for the stock bulbs.
Q:Problem with my monitor (Auto Adjust in Progress) Help please?
Often this is the GPU manufacturer's silly utility, check your Toolbar for a utility, or: Right Click Desktop- Properties- Settings (tab)- Advanced (bottom button)- Options (tab) [maybe, depending on manufacturer] Poke around this may be the problem, or Somewhere in your monitor's firmware menu (this should be fun) there should be an 'Auto Setting' and in the same Menu it usually lets you use your preset.
Q:How much does the car bulb k mean
How much K, refers to the color temperature, that is the light is the color of the light bulb, the higher the color temperature, such as 4300K or more, the more light the light bulb brightness is the main indicator of luminous flux, in addition to taking into account the light
Q:how would we be able to change our transportation system? could we possibly go to a model like walt disney?
That's strictly a toy, I'm afraid, however attractive. Auto-steering cars will come eventually but for safety reasons, not so much for economy or congestion ones. 100 dead a day on American roads. A twin towers casualty list each and every month. But for transportation improvement, the attack will have to come on several fronts: More people working from home: internet/ VR More people working closer to where they live / living closer to where they work. Residential areas patchworked with business and industrial ones. Cleaner and more efficient transport: rapid transit light rail systems as well as cars getting 50+ miles to the gallon. (I've got one in mind, when my old car packs up. over 50 mpg out of town, 40 in town, and it's not a diesel or a hybrid.)
Q:I have a 2000 ford mustang v6 & the service engine light came on what could it be? says its not overheating ?
The service engine soon light usually indicates a problem in your emissions control system. The best thing to do is to go by Auto Zone and ask someone to pull the code. They will usually do this for free. Once you have the fault code/s you will have some idea of where to start. As someone else has already suggested, you can ask again when you have the code, and we can try to help you further.

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