LED Trailer Lamp high performance good warning effect

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100% waterproof LED TRAILER LAMP
It consists of high performance LED with good warning effect,working electric current is very low, only 10% of common trailer lamp, and induction speed is faster.Its structure is compact. It can be installed easily and used in any weather. Features: Use LED technology and strong signal, Customer can ask for changing installaion way and different certified ways(GB/E-Mark/DOT). Very low working electric current, shock proof, compact constructure, Light weight.Technical Parameter: Rated Voltage:12、24V. Working voltage:12、24V





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Q:Engine light is on in 2002 Jetta. What might be causing this?
some cars are built to have the light go on after a certain amount of time just so you take it into the shop. Usually you just need to hit a reset button (in the engine) and it goes off.
Q:My car is weird, my car had a misfire and now the check engine light stays on, why?
Sounds exactly like my camaro, it ended up being a blown head gasket, not fun. That would explain the antifreeze missing. The misfire could be because of that but hopefully not. It could be a bad fuel injector. Tkae it to a shop and ask them to run a diagnostic, they'll be able to diagnose it and clear the memory, then you'll be back to running new. But one question for you, has your car been overheating? If it has you could have a blown head gasket, What car you have?
Q:Mac Book camera light is on without me turning on iChat or Photo Booth. Is someone watching me?
From Finder Help To turn off iSight, close the active application window. The green indicator light turns off, showing that the camera is off and video has stopped. Look in System Preferences Accounts your account Login Items to see if an of the apps that use iSight is on the list. Anything listed will auto-start when logged into an account.
Q:check engine light wont go off?
Hey I agree with robert h usually there's up to three 02 sensors. 1 or 2 up stream (ahead) of the converter called pre-cat 02 sensors and 1 usually after or post cat 02 sensor.They did the same thing to me on my dodge and it was actually the post-cat 02 not the pre-cat 02 that they told me.And unplugging the light is not going to work. OBDII stores DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes) which turn on MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) check engine,etc., in the computer.If you disconnect the neg. battery terminal and turn the key to start and hold it(neg. still disconnected) for 5-6 seconds it might clear it, but if you go for emissions test shortly after it will show a tamper error in the system.Automatic failure.Basically not enough start up cycles/miles for the system to re-learn.See if they were using a code/reader or a scanner at autozone.If they use a scanner it should give 02 readings.I believe Milli amps the pre-cat 02's voltage jumps around alot .200/.900 were the post cat seem to be alot slower and not much fluctuation in voltage stay more on the high side.900/.700 I'd lean toward a post cat 02.(u didn't say which one u changed) See if they pull another code(It's free).good luck
Q:What does the car bulb H7 mean?
H7 (for the fog lights), H4 (as far as the light of the light bulb), H7 (mostly for the light bulb, but also used to do high beam, the light bulb, Such as AUDI A6).
Q:PHYSICS A 1700 kg automobile is at rest at a traffic signal. At the instant the light turns green, the automob?
Slipping transmission or a slipping grab i had my grasp slip majorly reacently cos me bout a grand to get it performed, thats with me purchasing and providing the clutch kit myself too
Q:2006 Nissan Sentra SE around 48,000 miles Service Engine Soon Light?
Like the other guy said, you should be able to take it to your neariest auto parts store and they will check the code for you, and remove it. Or you can disconnect the battery for a few min. that might do it. But then you'll never know if something is really wrong.
Q:Why would all electric systems flicker in my car?
Check okorder.com/ If it's affecting gauges and other non-lighting stuff, it's not likely to be the headlight switch.
Q:Philips has a car light called blue brick light effect is good ah.
I am using the Philips silver warrior feeling good light but no feeling but the opposite of the car gave me the lights
Q:hoe do i turn off my service light on my renualt twingo?
Well if it's a 1995 or newer,there's a plug under the dash that you can go to any auto zone or place like it and their analyzer can shut the lights off but if there's a problem,they will come back on fairly quick.I bought a analyzer for $69.I have used it 100's of times!! ps.SOMETIMES,disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes or so will reset the system.Good Luck. Try the battery disconnect.But if theirs A PROBLEM WITH THE AIR BAG SYSTEM,It wont go off.But I think the battery diss. is best right now.But it sounds like there's a problem with the airbag system.

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