Led Power Bank for Philips dlp8000, Ultra Thin Mobile Power Bank

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Battery: Li-polymer Color: Blue/White/Silver/Pink/Black

Product Description:

Product Description

 1. Product Specifications 


Product Namepower bank for philips dlp8000
Material  Aluminium alloy
More Capacity Available 6000/7000/8000/12000mah
Battery TypeA grade Polymer Battery
InputDC 5V 1A
OutputDC 5V 1A/5V 2A
ColorGold,silver,black,blue,red  etc.
LogoOEM/ODM is welcome
Size153*76*10 mm
Net Weight235g
Charging time5-7 hours
Cycle Life≥ 500 times
ApprovalCE, ROHS, SGS
Suit forall mobile phone/ MP3/MP4 Player /digital cameral and so on
Protection over-current, over-charging, over-discharging
Warranty1 year


Trade Terms


MOQ100 pcs
PackagePaper Box or Any Customize Style
Shipping TermsFOB Shenzhen
Shipping ViaFEDEX, UPS, DHL, EMS ,TNT or by sea
Payment TermsT/T in advance, Western Union,Paypal


 2. Product show

Full capacity Ultra slim oem logo 8000mah power bank for philips dlp8000 with LED flashlightFull capacity Ultra slim oem logo 8000mah power bank for philips dlp8000 with LED flashlightFull capacity Ultra slim oem logo 8000mah power bank for philips dlp8000 with LED flashlightFull capacity Ultra slim oem logo 8000mah power bank for philips dlp8000 with LED flashlight



Packaging & Shipping

1 X Power bank
1 X Micro USB charging cable
1 X English manual


OEM package is welcome

 Full capacity Ultra slim oem logo 8000mah power bank for philips dlp8000 with LED flashlight


Delivery time:3-5 working days for normal order.

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