LED Bluetooth Controller RGB Controller RGBW Controller

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Input voltage: DC5V~24V Output: 4 circuit Net weight: 50g
Output current: <4A/ch Output power: 5V:<80W 12V:<192W, 24V:<384W Connection mode: Common anode

Product Description:

Product Description

RGB/RGBW Bluetooth controller is a universal mobile control RGB/RGBW controller, using the bluetooth 4.0 technology and the most advanced PWM (pulse-width modulation) control technology. It can control all 5 line 4 circuit (anode) full-color LED lighting products, such as LED modules, LED light bar, LED light box, etc. It has the advantages of convenient connection and use simple, and memory storage, with light synchronous display. Through the mobile phone to control the mode selection, brightness adjustment, speed regulation, and other functions. According to the customer actual demand it can realize the colors jump, the gradient changes, such as dynamic light stroboscopic effect.

Connection description

LED Bluetooth Controller RGB Controller RGBW Controller

Directions for use

LED Bluetooth Controller RGB Controller RGBW Controller

●Mobile phone App interface functions

The main interface - Static color adjustment

LED Bluetooth Controller RGB Controller RGBW Controller

Application of schematic diagram


 Picture of real products

LED Bluetooth Controller RGB Controller RGBW Controller

LED Bluetooth Controller RGB Controller RGBW Controller


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Q:What is the use of the front dimmers for resistance and what sexual load
The dimming principle: The thyristor is extremely exposed to the power generation circuit, and the thyristor is connected to the load. From the ac phase 0, the thyristor closes, the input voltage is chopper, and the load is only available when the thyristor is controlled. In this way, the load voltage waveform is changed by adjusting the leading Angle of each half wave of alternating current, thus changing the effective value of the load current to realize the purpose of adjusting the light. In traditional applications, the cutting phase dimmer and the incandescent light bulb have a good match. Because the incandescent lamp is a resistive load, the heat and inertia of the incandescents can mask the distortion of the voltage waveform that is caused by the process by using electricity to heat the filament to incandescence. LED lighting is now widely used in the use of cutting-edge dimmers to be compatible with existing lines and equipment.
Q:What is the difference between an LED drive and a PWM dimmer?
MOJAY (MOJAY) M8920 of the agency supports 2.4 G modules, 0-10v, adjustable resistors and infrared sensors, and has the following advantages The power source design is simple, easy to implement 0-10v, PWM adjustable resistance smart light mode PWM dimming is 1%
Q:Can a 300W dimmer switch be used in the electric fan
If the output is communicated, it can be used on the electric fan, and it can also be used for the speed adjustment, which can be used to heat up the heat, and the incandescent light resistance load
Q:Ask for help with DALI dimming system
As long as the distribution address of two lights should be the same
Q:Why can leds not be used for dimming circuits and electronic switches
Because your desk lamp is not equipped with dimmer, and the lamps and lanterns are just general lamps and lanterns rather than applicable LED light lamps and lanterns, cannot be adjusted to light.
Q:Can light bulbs be used in the home electric fan to adjust the wind size of the fan?
Will not reduce the life of fan, more won't burn out the electric fan, mainly dimmers power should be enough, if the dimmer power not enough could seize the dimmers, dimmers is 60 w power, for example, should be used in less than 60 w fan
Q:What is the work of the stage with magnetic saturation dimmers?
The second type of computer lamp is achieved by adjusting the light brake (shader) in front of the bulb. But either way, the DMX512 signal is controlled by the lighting console.
Q:What's the reason the LED lights are flashing 0-10v
The main reason for the flash is the frequency, which has nothing to do with anything else You can't tune the light directly in a normal transformer The best light for leds is PWM, which is actually tuned It's not realistic for leds to be completely unblinking, but the average frequency is at least 100 hz You use a transformer to adjust, the provision of standard frequency 50 hz or mains, 50 hz is there must be a stroboscopic, but some lamp tape may not be too obvious, some are obvious. So, if you want to take the LED lamp dimming, suggest to buy a special dimmer, the price may be higher, to hundreds of yuan, if you have a light load is not very big, buy a bigger manufacturer of wireless dimmer, remote control, estimates that more than 200. Suggest using special voltage regulator to adjust, is the most important factors influencing service life of the LED current, the LED lights must provide constant current source, no matter how to adjust all must ensure that the current constant.
Q:Can the power be put together to adjust the light
Dimmer: the purpose of the dimmer is to adjust the brightness of the light. By reducing or increasing the RMS voltage, the output of light produced by the light of the average power of light is produced. Although variable voltage devices can be used for various purposes, this regulation is intended to control lighting.
Q:Color-changing bedroom lamp with no pole dimming led light
Less brand adopts stepless dimmer mode at present, are generally by subsection that move light, such as: philips, panasonic, op, and so on, the advantage of stepless dimming can be adjusted to the brightness of the favorite,

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