• L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook System 1
  • L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook System 2
  • L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook System 3
  • L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook System 4
L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook

L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook

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L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook

L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook

Suitable Situation

Single beam gantry with hook is available for general service, such as loading, unloading, lifting and transferring work in outdoor storage or railways.

L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook

L Type 5~50/10T Model Single Beam Crane with Hook

Ordering Notice

It consists of four main parts, namely, crane span structure, trolley traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, electrical equipment and etc. The crane span structure adopts to box-type single beam welding structure, crane traveling mechanism, which separately adopts  to drive. All the mechanism are handled in cabin. Either cable or slide wire can be chose as conduction mode of crane when it is ordered. Max. and min. Value of environment temperature, power source of working condition shall be written in the order specification table.

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