KXT (SZ) Cement Bulk Dosing and Control System

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Product Description:

Portland KXT (SZ) cement bulk dosing and control system, for the first time to realize cement bulk and weigh integration in China. Powder business measurement technology is outshine domestic others.

1、            Product introduction

Since 1996, Portland carry out coriolis powder material measurement technology and related products production. With this company for cement production process, measuring principle, equipment design, automatic control method and other related professional comprehensive advantages, a batch of long engaged in cement production technology research of experts to pursuit technical progress, through efforts, we achieve success in the test method and signal processing scheme of key area of technology, successfully developed a new generation of large flow powder material measurement system - bulk cement measurement system that can be used in commercial measurement, realized the cement bulk and measurement integration, accuracy of measuring achieve plus or minus 0.5%.

The cement bulk metering system, can be used in bulk vehicle filling and loading quantity measurement, change the tradition that loading and measurement that is measured by the electronic platform scale is respective. The system also can be applied to cement bulk ship loading and quantity measurement.

2Product features

    “Cement bulk metering system" make bulk cement become simple and science, to solve the problem that there are many traditional ways,the efficiency is low, the human interference factors and so on.

"Cement bulk metering system" is a complete data processing and management system, including bulk process control, unit bulk quantity monitoring and display, bulk dynamic accumulative total, support data upload, etc.

"Cement bulk metering system" is not only used in one car is filled, but also used in finishing bulk process according to the requirements of the load.

"Cement bulk metering system" measures powder material flow by coriolis mechanics principle, and its accuracy is better than the plus or minus 0.5%. The measurement is accuracy, process is simple, layout is compact, convenient in maintenance, Accuracy of measuring, bulk and measurement rate, system reliability and other technical indexes is better than similar products.

"Cement bulk metering system" is also applied to railway, port, wharf, mining, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, power, light industry etc powder and granular materials bulk measurement link, measuring ability ~ 800 m3 / h.


     3, system function and technical features

——Realization of bulk cement continuous, uniformity and stability of feeding;

——To fill one car as the goal, accurate measurement for bulk cement loading quantity;

—— To quantitative loading as the goal, according to the setting loading quantity to quantitative accuracy control bulk cement loading.

—— To achieve the lower and upper limit alarm, data can be storage longly after power off, support data upload and instant printing function.

Measuring accuracy: ≤± 0.5%

—— Applicable material: moisture<3%, particle size 5mm

——Weighing range: 0250t/h

——Use environment: temperature - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity 95% or less

4service condition

since July 2010 ,"Cement bulk metering system" has saled  24 sets, the repercussions are good. The GUANDDONG QINGYUAN GUANGYING Cement co., LTD. has chosen 6 sets of KXT (SZ) - 250 cement bulk metering system, used in good condition.

KXT (SZ) Cement Bulk Dosing and Control System


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