Jonyang Brand Wheeled Excavator JYL619E for Earth Moving

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1 unit
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100 unit/month

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:




Moving Type:

Crawler Excavator

Operating Weight:


Bucket capacity:

0.8 m3

Maximum Digging Height:

9585 mm

Maximum Digging Depth:

5735 mm

Machine Weight:

21000 kg

Max Digging Radius:

9445 mm

Rated Speed:

28 km/h



After-sales Service Provided:

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Operation weight:




Max. digging height:

9585 mm

Max.traction force:

120 kN

Max.arm crowd force:

90 kN

Standard bucket:

0.8 m3


Yellow or customized


American Original 6BTA5.9-C152 Cummins Engine, Toshiba Hydraulic pumps and rotary.


Hammer and cab protection net, American Original 6BTA5.9-C152Cummins Engine, Toshiba Hydraulic pumps and rotary.

Product introduction:

New generation of wheel type JYL619 excavator is designed for quick turn around operation in the town areas. All the Key Components are from renounced international manufacturers. With the combination of the latest advanced hydraulic technology, electrical system and structural engineering, it provides for the most reliable and efficient performance.

Main characteristic:

1,Engine,hydraulic pump,valve,swivel pump and drive motor are from world renounced international manufacturers.
, Dual Hydraulic pump system cum with reverse flow control for efficient and economical usage of the engine output.
, Latest technology in electrical control system for both operation and preventive action ;
, Reliable independent hydraulic Steer and drive system
, Special preferential hydraulic system for arms and rotation operations ;
, Ergonomically design air-conditioned and wide vision
cabin for comfort of the operator.
, Suitable for road construction,City dwellings construction ,Pipe laying and road repair projects.




Reference value


Operating Weight



Bucket Capacity

Standard Bucket Capacity



Range of Bucket Capacity




Diesel Engine Manufacturer



Engine Model



Engine Power

129/2200 KW/r/min

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Flow Rate



Hydraulic Pressure



Traelling Parameter

Travelling Speed



Grade Climbing Capacity



Slewing Speed



Digging Force

Stick Digging Force



Bucket Digging Force



The specifications are subject to change without notice


A:Overall Length


B:Overall Width


C:Overall Height of Boom


D:Overall Height of Cab


E:Engine Cover Height


F:Counterweight Clearance


G:Ground Clearance


H:Upperstructure Width


I:Rear-End Length/Swing Radius




K:Overall Width of Blade


L:Overall Height of Blade


M:Front Overhang


N:Overall Width With Outrigger Extended


O:Rear Overhang


Operating scope:

Stick Length


A:Maximum Cutting Height


B:Maximum Dumping Height


C:Maximum Digging Depth


D:Maximum Reach


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Q:How much does a new backhoe cost?
A small used one can start at $ 15,000 and up...
Q:31, 75 excavators
31, 75 excavators belong to crawler hydraulic excavators• high flow of main pump and faster movement• automatic high and low speed switching and automatic idle system with high efficiency and energy savingDesign of incremental counterweight and center of gravity forward, the stability of the whole vehicle is highGood coordination of complex movements and excellent floor performancehigh efficiencyDedicated imported engines, powerfulIn the same tonnage machine, the digging power is the strongestPower optimization control to improve operation efficiencyPrecise rotation controlAutomatic conversion between high and low speedAdvanced hydraulic system, stable and reliableFaster job speedLarge capacity bucketA new type of reinforced earth shovelRadius of gyration of super small machineHigh economyHigh efficiency and low fuel consumptiondynamic controlAutomatic idle systemMultiple work modesLower maintenance costsThree stage air filtrationLarge color display screenSpacious and comfortable operating environment
Q:How long does it take for ground to stop settling in new construction?
Although the ground never finishes settling most settling will occur in the first 4 years. I suggest you fill in with dirt now and then again next season. Planting will help bind the dirt and can be started after this first fill.
Q:OSHA Standard?
You'll have to do this data mining yourself, as the rest of us do. OSHA has a website - I believe you can search by categories related to the above equipment, and links are provided to the pertinent sections of the CFR, the FAR or any other governing code. Another approach is to find manufacturers to see to which ANSI standards they comply. This list is a good starting point, as current manufacturers of this type of equipment must be in compliance for US sales.
Q:Cod zombies moon helppppppp xD?
Gravity and Air will return to the Bio Dome once power is on. The only way to get rid of gravity is to allow the excavator to breach the Bio Dome. Once this happens, a PES will be required from then on out in the Bio Dome. Same if the excavator breaches tunnel 6 and 11. Once an excavator has breached any of these three areas. The only way to raise that excavator is to hack its terminal in the Receiving Area.
Q:Which country makes the excavator the best?
Our supply chain is recognized as a world class: in the industry, we have the lowest sales channels, the total cost and the best asset utilization. Our business model and stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, bring growth to achieve global scale matrix: our business model is recognized as the benchmark level comparison of big companies, because it is also the use of carefully selected general process, technology and core competitiveness while preserving autonomy and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of business units, we see global growth in the future the market is inevitable, but not a choice. Our staff is exceptional and dedicated: our scope is global, with a wide range of business and talent, and a secure workplace. It's that simple. Our efforts today create a better world for tomorrow: we are committed to making progress possible. Our financial performance has consistently brought substantial rewards to shareholders: we are moving forward by looking for solid growth, improved productivity and innovation through technology and manufacturing. Achieving the 2020 Vision will enable Caterpillar to become a great company for work and investment, and a global leader who truly respects and makes global development possible. Ultimately, for all of Caterpillar's team, the world will be better tomorrow because of our efforts today. [edit]Caterpillar company is the world's largest earthmoving and construction machinery manufacturers in Chinese Caterpillar, major supplier of gas turbine is the world with diesel and natural gas engines and industrial. In Greater China, Caterpillar has provided products and technologies for sustained economic growth and development in the region.
Q:Can you help me estimate excavation costs?
You will have to get a local excavator or soil engineer to help with this. The soil conditions in your area will be a big factor in determining how much soil will need to be removed. The cohesiveness of the soil will determine the angle of repose. Good luck with the project.
Q:Can you use excavator soil for a Sandfish?
No, that excavator stuff is great for animals that love to dig burrows, but sandfish are one of the few reptile species that really SHOULD be kept on loose sand (most desert species should not). They've evolved to live in sand dune environments, and swim through the sand (hence their name). So, use clean, dry play sand--you can get it from local hardware stores, it's made for children's sand boxes. The substrate should be 6 inches deep. Use a good UVB basking light, with a 100F basking spot. Cool side should be 80F during the day.
Q:How much are the first pilot pressure and the two pilot pressure of the excavator?!
The two pilot pressure is usually 10% of the pilot pressure, and the two pilot pressure is controlled by the handle button. A pilot pressure is required with the normal operation of the system is generally about 35kg, two pilot pressure used in special conditions, such as the bucket bucket must use to dig out from the stone soil and the mining stress exceeds the system overflow pressure 345KG system set in a mining buried in the earth stone, then open the two pilot system, the sum of the overflow pressure at that time as one and two times the pilot pressure is 380kg, the working pressure increased to complete this action.
Q:how do you breed western fence lizards?
That is hard indeed. i had a pair for 2 years and they never ever mated. Substrate: Try to use the excavator burrowing clay. This is fairly easy to keep clean and if given proper care you should only need to clean it every 6 months. Another on is reptibark or a mixture of dirt and sand 4:1 (without fertlizer). Lighting: You should use a 5.0 UVB light. Like Repti-Sun 5.0. Try to keep the theme rainforest-ish. Don't use heat rocks because it will burn their stomachs. If using a ten gallon cage I recommend using a 25 watt spotlight as it is very weak and won't burn your lizards while still giving them the heat they need. Branches and hides can be placed in the tank. They will climb branches and these are good for basking. They will need the basking side to be of about 90 degrees and a cool side of 75-80 degrees. Other: Misting the cage once a day will keep them at a good humidity. Also give them a water dish that is deep enough for them to soak in. For feeding you can offer them mealworms, crickets, roaches, waxworms. They do not eat any vegetable matter. Clean the cage every 2 weeks.

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