Jonyang Brand Crawler Excavator JY625E for Earth Moving

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100 unit/month

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Guizhou China (Mainland)

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Crawler Excavator

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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Key Features:
1.The is the latest generation of hydraulic crawler excavator. With all key components selected from renowned international manufacturers combined with state of the art hydraulic electrical system and structural engineering, it provides the most efficient and reliable performance.
2.Dual hydraulic pump system with reverse flow control to maximize engine output power.
3.High efficiency and health monitoring through advanced electrical systems
4.High controllability and performance through smart, responsive integrated hydraulic control system with priority functions.
5.Ergonomically design air conditioned and wide vision cabin for comfort of the operator;
6.Suitable for hydro-electric project, mining, road construction,city dwellings construction,pipe laying and road repair projects.

I.Cummins Engine with Tier II Emission
Charge air cooling system, Turbo-charge engine, Low noise, emission and fuel consumption

The characteristics of hydraulic system
Original import hydraulic system 
-- Hydraulic main pump,
-- Main valve group, 
-- Swivel system, 
-- Drive motor,
--  Pilot operating valve
Advanced technology, reliable quality 
The characteristics of hydraulic system: 
low cost to provide efficient performance.

Adjustable operator seat for best operating position and comfort for operator.       
Air-conditioner, LCD Monitor, Fast Failure Diagnosis

Ease of Maintenance

The model is novel, beautiful and generous

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Q:hi,does anyone know how to find excavator driving jobs in canada,i am a qualified operator of 15yrs?
As of yesterday, the list of people trying to get into Canada was over 900,000, and these are just the ones who can offer something to our economy........I wouldn't hold your breath hoping to land a job here. Good luck.
Q:is there a wheel loader / excavator job vacaancy in guam?
This is not the right forum for your question.Google for it and you will find several sites.
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Q:How painful is a filling?
it's really not bad at all, it's less painful then a bee sting...
Q:construction equipment?
Q:i need help with a physics problem?
First draw the free body diagram of forces acting on the load. Force by excavator (upwards)= 2.25 x 105 N Weight due to gravity (downwards) = Mg (M = mass of load) As it accelerates upwards therefore net force is in upwards direction applying newton's second law of motion 2.25 x 105 - M * g = M * a ( a=0.2m/s^2) hence M = 2.25 x 105 / ( g+ a) Plug in the correct units of g and a to find the value of M.
Q:About Excavator bucket teeth?
Cat is prefect. Esco teeth,hensley teeth ,AS teeth and mtg are also good. AS teeth, mtg teeth have OEM service for many brands. Price of the AS teeth is reasonable, productivity of the mtg teeth is smaller, and its delivery time is longer.
Q:how do i get rid of the massif blade on moon - black ops?
Once again you have not made yourself clear. I believe you are on about the excavator? To de-activate the excavator you have to hack the small computer placed around in spawn. If the computer/controller is flashing green its indicating that it needs to be disabled. Be careful though. When holding the hacker you will not be able to breath in open zones with no oxygen. I have died on quite a few attempts of this. I hope I helped. P.s, if you are going to ask any more of these questions please give more detail and try and be a little more descriptive :S

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