Jonyang Brand Crawler Excavator JY621E for Earth Moving

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)

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Crawler Excavator

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Specifications stop service 
2.competitive price 
3.comprehensive after -sale services and spare parts

Jonyang JY621E Crawler Excavator


Jonyang JY621E   Crawler Excavator 
1.Long service life 
2.High efficiency ,low fuel consumption 
3.Convenient main

Main Characteristics


1Engine, hydraulic pump, valve, swivel pump and drive motor are from world renounced international manufacturers.
2Dual hydraulic pump system cum with reverse flow control for efficient and economical usage of the engine
3Latest technology in our electrical system for both operational control and preventive action
4Special preferential hydraulic system for arms and rotation operations
5Ergonomically design air-conditioned and wide vision cabin for comfort of the operators;
6Suitable for hydro-electric project, mining, road construction, city dwellings construction, pipe laying and road repairing projects






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Diesel Engine Manufacturer


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Hydraulic System


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Hydraulic Pressure



Travelling Speed



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Slewing Speed



Stick Digging Force



Bucket Digging Force



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Q:How to remove / destroy 2 feet high brick fence?
cheapest would be to rent a backhoe and dig it out. Easiest would be to hire someone to do it. Cheaper yet, you could to what my father did and hire an underage relative (moi) give him 50 bucks a sledgehammer and a shovel and say.... 'get rid of it'
Q:How do you distinguish a backhand forehand from an excavator?
This is adjustable, I used to drive the forehand car, and now open this Volvo is backhand, I'm not accustomed to tune into a forehand,The left hand handle of the anti mobile phone is rotated up and down, and the positive mobile phone is rotated about the left and the right,
Q:How do you go about reporting someone that is stealing from a company, 275 gallons of gas... jjj?
Find a concrete and solid evidence to nail the culprit (ie. photo or hidden video camera, credible witnesses, etc.). Send all the collected evidence to the concerned authorities in the company for appropriate action. As much as possible, be anonymous and avoid exposing yourself in danger.
Q:Komatsu PC series excavators -5, -6, -7, -8. Which year did they begin production?
This is the case at homeProduction began in November, -5:1995-6:1997 began in January-7:2002 began in September-8:2007 began in SeptemberabroadMay, -5:88November, -6:1992April, -7:2001September, -8:05
Q:In Dentistry what is the tool that is shaped like a hook used for scraping teeth?
The tools look similar but a scaler is thicker on the ends and has sharper edges to clean (scale) the teeth. Hope this answers your questions!!
Q:What does the excavator pay attention to?
Six, pipelinesEach city has a complex underground pipe network, excavator working in urban areas need to pay special attention to mining, underground pipelines, ruptured or Waduan pipeline is very dangerous, but most did not see drawings of the underground pipe network, do not know the location and depth of pipeline, which requires the driver to pay special attention to in the work. Because the pipeline is mostly the excavator landfill, so we can also according to the experience of the pipeline position to do some estimation and judgment, is the general pipeline and road parallel to or in the roadbed or green belt, and a manhole cover, manhole cover will indicate the name of the pipeline, to a manhole cover line is pipeline. Usually a road is buried under a variety of pipelines, the deeper is the rain and sewage, mostly cement pipes used before, and now use bellows. Then some shallow is tap water and gas pipe, the tap water is very thick cast iron pipe, gas pipe is the appearance of a protective layer, and now the use of pe. A bit more shallow is power and communications, usually in the exterior protected by a PVC tube, with wires or cables. Including water, electricity and gas are very dangerous, if you Waduan defense military fiber optic cable is very serious consequences, excavation operations in urban areas must pay special attention to.
Q:How about Kobelco 75 excavator
SK75 model is also good Isuzu engine (from Japan), the size of the arm, upper and lower frame (domestic manufacturers), machine production in Chengdu, Hangzhou in two placeA 75-8, price 550 thousand, the last 530 thousand to buy 5000 oil card to send, I am optimistic about his low fuel consumption 500 hours to 5000 hours for maintenance, hydraulic oil, other brands 250 maintenance is really two hundred and fifty, 2000 hours for hydraulic oil, change one yearRelatively large, the engine power is relatively small, 55 horsepower. Komatsu 70 is 0.37 party, 66 horsepower.
Q:Is it true that as a miner you can get a lawyer for free in North Carolina?
No, that only works if your occupation is excavator or tunneler.
Q:What would be the cheapest/fastest way to flip a flat piece of steel weighing 25kip that is 12.5ftX9ftX0.5ft?
Q:How to sale excavator parts well online?
Is this a job offer? If it is,state what's for the salesman because there are ways and places where this things can go like a piece of cake.Nobody will tell a soccer mom relaxing at home by her computer the trick he uses to bring bread on his table for free.

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