Jonyang Brand Crawler Excavator JY6085 for Earth Moving

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OKorder is offering high quality Jonyang JY6085 Crawler Excavators at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of excavators and other advanced and efficient construction equipment. We annually supply construction equipment to European, North American and Asian markets. 


Our Jonyang JY6085 Crawler Excavators are ideal for:

  • Hydro-electric projects

  • Mining

  • Road construction

  • Building construction

  • Pipe laying

  • Road repair


Not only are OKorder's Jonyang JY6085 Crawler Excavators of the highest quality and reliability, we are able to quickly ship orders within 20 days of receiving a deposit or original L/C.


Main features of our Jonyang JY6085 Crawler Excavator

  • Latest generation hydraulic crawler excavator equipped with state of the art hydraulic and electrical system and engineering

  • Dual hydraulic pump system with reverse flow control to maximize engine output

  • Advanced engine health monitoring system

  • Precise integrated hydraulic control system.

  • Ergonomic design, air conditioning, LCD monitor and rapid failure diagnosis for the comfort of the operator

  • Turbo-charged Cummins engine with Tier II emissions rating

  • Charged air cooling system (low noise, emissions and fuel consumption)

  • Imported hydraulic system





Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from

A: All products offered are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.

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Q:What's the best way to remove a 25' x 30', 8 thick concrete slab with wire mesh in it?
Nothing beats the power of heavy equipment for a job this size. Bite the bullet and get at least a large bobcat,or better a front end loader or loader/backhoe on the job. It will be cheaper in the long run as well as faster and far easier, plus a lot and safer for you. I'm a building contractor, I know what I'm talking about.
Q:How long does it take for ground to stop settling in new construction?
Although the ground never finishes settling most settling will occur in the first 4 years. I suggest you fill in with dirt now and then again next season. Planting will help bind the dirt and can be started after this first fill.
Q:Pros and cons of how to adapt to the direction of the excavator ah?
Two modes of operationThe first kind is the Japanese second-hand import machine and senior veteran driver as the representative, the left hand handle of the front, back, left and right corresponding control is the excavator's right rotation, left rotation, bucket extension and bucket recovery. We used to be referred to as "front and back spin"".The second type is the domestic new machine and the new generation of young drivers as representatives, left hand handle of the front, back, left, right, respectively, corresponding to the control of the excavator's bucket stick, bucket recovery, left rotation and right rotation. The habit is referred to as "left and right spin"".There are people who have called these two modes, "mobile phone" and "mobile phone", but due to the lack of a unified nomenclature, caused the differences on the way, before and after rotation is called mobile phone, the mobile phone is called reverse rotation, but also to rotate around the mobile phone is called, before and after the rotation is called reverse mobile phone. So to avoid confusion, said only this, before and after the rotation and rotation, to note here is "mobile phone" is refers to the rotation, and rotation or rotation before and after the "anti mobile phone", two kinds of the different mode of operation is only the left hand excavator operating handle, right invariant handle mode.
Q:What is the best Hydraulic Excavator (backhoe) in the world?
That is an impossible question to answer. It would depend too much on where you were, what you were doing and how heavily you weighted each of the criteria. But then that's true for just about any what's the best... type of question. There may be a best choice for one person in one particular situation but it is very rare that there is a clear best choice for all situations.
Q:How did the Pharoes of acient Egypt use tattoos to represent thier royalty?
Q:Looking for a Mini Excavator?
Just go and find an old backhoe...take the bucket and arm and attach to the front of the truck. then you need a way to power the hydraulic'll need the hoses and control levers off the backhoe as well as the afore-mentioned pump. You can mount the seat behind the contol levers... picture this, if you know what a backhoe is, take off the back half, beef up the trucks front end, mount a big hunk of iron for a bumper on front, and rig up a belt and tensioner to drive the pump, the ways to do it are limited by your imagination, you can go fixed or semi remote(removable), keep in mind your weights, you dont want to have to have a DOT permit every time you move it, and when retracted you will possibly have overhead clearance issues...or you can get a trailer and buy a used backhoe...or he could give you a shovel and put you to digging, I'm betting he likes my last idea best! I hope some of this helps, imagination can make anything possible...COOL.
Q:Are earth excavators permitted to carrying or lifting materials like pipes or drums in construction indystry?
Typically no. It's a matter of safety. The object being carried can spill out of the bucket and injure someone. For heavy loads you use a forklift and the objects should be securely held on a pallet. For odd shaped objects a sling may be used but it must be inspected for nicks and tears prior to every use.
Q:Can bucket wheel excavators replace dragline excavators?
Had you asked if they could replace face shovels, then I would have said that in certain circumstances (not many) then 'yes' However a replacement for draglines, a most definite 'no'. Bucket Wheel Excavators are mainly used to take material from a plane which is usually on the same level as the machine, as is a face shovel. That means the 'buckets' are 'biting' bottom to top and loading the material above the machine where a conveyor takes it to a single dispersal point. A dragline takes material from below the plane on which the machine is standing, and places the same material almost anywhere that is appropriate, or even into a waiting dump truck. If a B.W.E. is used to remove the same material, even though it is still removing material 'bottom to top', the material is now 'conveyed' under the machine, meaning that the machine (if it existed) would have to be rather high. To sum up, I would say that a B.W.E. is great for what it does, but ------ for maneuverability, flexibility and even transportability a dragline takes a LOT of beating
Q:Finding probability in these questions?
1. x, for the number of excavators malfunctioning, takes on the values 0,1,2,3,4,5 p = .0594 q = 1 - p = .9406 2.. P(x=2) = 5C2* p^2 * q^3 = .02936 3. P(x<3) = P(0)+P(1)+P(2) = .73625+ .23248+ .02936 = .99809 4.Think of a reason where the malfunction of one causes problems for the others.
Q:What is this antique surgical instrument?
I believe second one is a circular saw used to cut the skull bone. It had teeth around the outside and would be connected to a power source to spin fast.

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