Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

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Product Description:

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:11KW 15KW 18KW


Type:Lifting Platform

Application:Construction Usage


Sling Type:Wire Rope

Power Source:Electric


Certification:ISO9001: 2000




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Wooden Case





Production Capacity:20000

Product Description

Appearance design: beautiful modelling concise;Brake wear hidden inside lead;Plug in type electromagnetic wire;Double rings seat design. 

Internal performance: joint construction lifter actual working condition, internal reflect similar domestic leading level of the motor performance.

Embodied in: rated voltage 85% when can full load starting;Rated load 125% when relaxed starting and stable operation;Can be moderately happy to meet the demand of the brake adjustment;Frictionless operation of the brake disc structure to get higher running stability, low noise and high the whole life. 

Reliability: the friction brake disc 12 months, the average life expectancy of armature and fixed brake disc life expectancy for 30 months, brake trouble-free working times, 200000 times on average, trouble-free working time is an average of 18 months;Motor can be selected embedded type thermal protection device, ensure reliable motor thermal overload protection.Interchangeability and maintainability: motor and DC brake

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

Jinnuo Construction Hoist Motor

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Q:How to solve the screw lead wobble of the linear stepping motor with through shaft?
The connecting rod of the stepping motor must be fixed with an external guide rail. In the course of installing the guide rail, it must be noted that the center of the hole on the slider and the center of the motor must be kept well
Q:How do you give in? The speed of the motor is changed to 3 seconds
2, stepper motor is to change the electrical pulse signal to angular displacement or linear displacement of the open-loop control element stepper motor. In the case of non overloaded, the motor speed and stop position depends only on the pulse frequency and pulse number, regardless of load changes, when the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives stepper motor to set the direction of rotation of a fixed angle, called "step angle",
Q:What is the maximum speed that a stepper motor can achieve?
For example, if you rotate it 15 degrees, it will only turn 15 degrees. Then you can stop and wait for the next instruction, and when your next instruction comes, you can, or you can't.
Q:42 stepper motors can drive multiple objects?
Although the stepper motor has been widely used, but stepper motors can not be like ordinary DC motors, AC motors in the regular use. It must be composed of double ring pulse signal, power drive circuit and so on, and the control system can be used. Therefore, it is not easy to make good use of stepping motor. It involves many specialized knowledge, such as mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer.
Q:What are the different applications of two-phase and five phase hybrid stepping motors?
Problem solution:Generally speaking, two-phase motors have large stepping angle and high speed characteristics, but there is a low speed vibration zone. But the five phase motor has a small step angle and a low speed running smoothly. Therefore, higher requirements on the accuracy of the motor running in, and mainly in the low speed (typically below 600 rpm) occasions should be used in five phase motor
Q:What are the main features of stepping motors?
Step motor temperature is too high will make the first magneticdemagnetization motor, resulting in loss of torque down even further, so the highest temperature of motor appearance allows should depend on the different demagnetization of magnetic materials motor; generally speaking, the magneticdemagnetization points are above 130 degrees Celsius, some even up to more than 200 degrees Celsius therefore, the stepper motor surface temperature of 80-90 degrees Celsius isnormal.
Q:How to determine the pulse number of stepping motor
Stepper motor is an induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuit, the DC power supply variable components, multi-phase timing control current this current stepper motor power supply, stepper motor can work normally, the power supply for the stepper motor driver is divided into the multi phase sequence controller.Although the stepper motor has been widely used, but stepper motors can not be like ordinary DC motors, AC motors in the regular use. It must be composed of double ring pulse signal, power drive circuit and so on, and the control system can be used. Therefore, it is not easy to make good use of stepping motor. It involves many specialized knowledge, such as mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer. Stepping motor, as an actuator, is one of the key products of mechatronics. It is widely used in various automatic control systems. With the development of micro electronics and computer technology, the requirement of stepping motor is increasing day by day, and it is applied in every national economic field.
Q:What is the slowest speed of the stepper motor?
In theory, any stepper motor can be achieved, the key depends on your specific requirements, what to do, how much torque is required, these are not outsiders can be determined. You can find stepper motors on the Internet and choose the right model.
Q:Stepper motor is controlled by what, the inverter can not control it, say detailed points
No current loop control, motor control is simple, but the effect is poor, generally in the appliance or less demanding applications; if the small probability step performance requirements are relatively high, can use special chip to control, generally use the mixed attenuation method to realize the current closed-loop control, but the working voltage and current are compared low, 42 main driving small motor
Q:How to select and calculate the stepping motor?
Stepper motor power to choose, we should estimate the load starting frequency of inertia and the mechanical load requirements of the machine, the inertia of stepper motor and frequency matched with a certain margin, the most high frequency can meet the need of fast moving machine.Selecting stepper motors requires the following calculations:(1) calculate the gear reduction ratio; according to the required pulse equivalent, the gear reduction ratio is calculated as follows i:I= (phi.S) / (360. sigma) (1-1) formula, stepping stepping motor angle (o/ pulse), S - screw pitch (mm), Delta - (mm/ pulse)(2) calculate the inertia of the worktable, the screw rod and the gear converted to the motor shaft Jt.In Jt=J1+ (1/i2) [(J2+Js) +W/g (S/2 PI) 2] (1-2), the Jt- is converted to the inertia of the motor shaft (Kg.cm.s2)J1, J2 - gear inertia (Kg.cm.s2), Js - wire inertia (Kg.cm.s2), W- table weight (N), S-, screw pitch (CM)(3) calculate the total torque of motor output MM=Ma+Mf+Mt (1-3)Ma= (Jm+Jt).N/T * 1.02 * 10 - 2 (1-4)Type Ma motor starting acceleration torque (N.m), Jm, Jt-, motor self inertia and load inertia (Kg.cm.s2), n- motor speed required (r/min)

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