Jetion Bifacial Mono Perc 550w Dual Glass China Modules High Power solar panel

Jetion Holdings Limited
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China main port
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500000 pc/month
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Product Description:

Structural characteristics

Component size2279x1134x35mm
Weight33 kg
BatteryMono 182 mm (2 x78pcs)
GlassCoated, 3.2mm toughened glass, low iron
FrameAnodized aluminium alloy
Junction boxIP68
Output wire4.0mm², wire length: 1200mm for positive and negative poles
ConnectorMC4 compatible
Mechanical loadFront maximum: 5400Pa;Back maximum: 2400Pa

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Q:Rated in kilowatts, what is the maximum output of one 8 by 0 solar panel? Assume this solar panel is located at the equator for maximum sunlight.
The amount of power and how long a solar panel last depends on the quality of the components and how the solar panel is built. Why have a small vision of solar energy, like charging a battery. There are resourses that can show you how to build quality long lasting panels that could save you up to 75% on your home power bill. Start adding that up. Yea, it is a whole lot of money
Q:I want to be more self sufficient and get solar panels for electricity in a small house any tips will help. i need to know how many watts is enough and ect.
That's okorder , they have been extremely helpful from the initial planning process to the installation and upkeep. Use their Solar Panels Online Solar Sizer to determine how much solar you will require. A lot of it depends on your usage and size of home, but also where in the US you live. Best of luck.
Q:ok im going off grid and will have my fridge and stove running on propane but im trying to figure out that at night i want to be able to run my 32 inch lcd tv a internet modem a playstation 3 and 2 laptops and a light or 2 and maybe a floor fan through solar power and i would like to be able run my tv and stuff up to 8 hours in to the night and so i just want to know how many batterys and solar panels i need or how many watts system do i need im running all this on one outlet now at home so i know its under 20 amps and i think i use about 000 watts an hour im not sure so thats why im asking i really need help with this i hope i dont need a $5,000 system thats crazy im only wanting to spend like a $000 please dont explain math figures or a bunch of complicated garbage to me i just want a straight answer on what i need to do to be able to do this thank you!
There okorder / Why pay thousands of dollars for solar energy ($27,000 average cost) when you can build your own solar panel system for just a fraction of the retail cost. You can build a single solar panel or you can build an entire array of panels to power your whole house. Some people are saving 50% on their power bill, some people are reducing their bill to nothing. But what’s most impressive is that just by following these instructions some are even making the power company pay them!
Q:How much per sq inch do they cost? Will i have to worry about them blowing off during hurricane season? If the sun isnt out for a week will my power go out? Will I have to check them every week and check which ones arent working and replace them? Is there anyway for them to be damaged by acid rain or any type of erosion like hail? When do I have to replace them? How do I dispose of old ones (like recycling)? What is smarter and more economical having few big panels or many small ones? I know I have alot of questions but I want a good detailed answer.
They don't sell them by the square inch. It costs about $0 per watt of generating capacity. Unless you are connected to the grid you will need a battery bank to storage power for rainy days. As for the effects of weather ... you can probably make a cover out of plywood... but if your house blows away the solar panel goes with it. Before you buy one make sure your insurance covers it.
Q:Due to erratic power cuts in my area I want to make up by using a 30watt solar panel. My decoder is 30watt but my TV is 70W. I need something small. I don't have problem with sound. Just picture.
Do what we do when power is cut (although we have very reliable power - we loose as much as 2 hours a year), is go Amish. That is go without powered technology. Now, for you, you need more than a solar panel (and likely more than 30W, but that is a start) - you need a battery or set of batteries to store the collected power. 20Ah might do. You need an inverter to power things. For that, likely a 300W will do. For a TV, go shopping, and look at the labels on the back of the TVs. I just bought a 24 TV rated at 40W. If you get a 9 LED TV, it may be likely you can run that directly from battery, for many have separate DC brick supplies. With those, you can make a cable to power it directly from a 2V or so battery, if the supply can make 2 to 5V. Depending on your provider, you may be able to get a mini-decoder which uses a separate brick or wall supply, which means the decoder likely can be directly battery powered. Such a decoder may draw less than 20W.
Q:I want to install solar panels in my roof and most installers don't recommend any particular brand. Do you have experience with any particular brand that has worked for you or anybody you know? Does the brand of the panel make a difference?
I didn't research this. I do know that you must install them on the side or area of the roof that receives the most Sun all day. You can get information at stores like Lowes or HomeDepot.
Q:I'm going to this camp and the instructors asked us to be prepared tomorrow to build a sun tracker for a solar panel. Does any one have any ideas, tips, or advice?
tbls0 has a good idea for the tracker, but let's take this one step farther. A clock motor large enough to move a solar panel, unless it is a very small one is going to be large, and expensive. Use the timer motor, as suggested, but attach a slotted disk to it, with a light source on one side, and a detector on the other side. As each slot comes up and allows light to pass through, this creates a one shot pulse which is used to cause a stepper motor to move position to keep the panel aimed at the sun. At the end of the panel travel for the end of the day, a switch could be set to close, bypassing the step control to put the motor into full constant speed reverse, this causing the panel to swing back to the morning position. The whole affair gets it's start up call by means of a light detector, similar to those used to turn lights off at sun up. The control would, of course be set to turn the system on to track the sun during the day. While some digital control is going to be needed, the system would not need a computer to run it.
Q:Ok so i'm writing this research paper on why solar panels are the best way to quot;go greenquot;. I need at least 5-7 reasons why they are good. and a common counterargument that i could defend. I've already come up with incentives and efficiency but i need a few more Please help its very important and worth half my grade
Actually, solar energy IS a good one. It's something we all need to think about, especially when coal and oil become harder to get. Good luck with your paper!
Q:Can I add reflectors or mirrors around the solar panels to increase the power they generate?
You could (an example of concentrating sunlight is called cloud gain, where the edge of a cloud will intensify sunlight as it passes between the sun and your panels), but that will make your panels run hotter and will probably reduce their life. It's better from a system design standpoint to simply get another panel or two. DK
Q:I am planning to run a couple of dc motors on solar current. I have a couple of 450mA 4V, 200mA .5V, 00mA 9V solar panels with me. I need to run a pair of .5A 9V motors. Suggest me a circuit along with other equipments I might require. For your info, I am trying to build a solar powered drone / UAV
I don't think it is enough solar power. Your motor requires .5A x 9V = 3.5 watts. The solar cells are .450A x 4V x 2ea. = 3.6 watts, .2A x .5V = .3 watts, .A x 9V = .9 watts total solar = 4.8 watts. The problem with connecting the cells in series to get the right voltage, like the two 4V cells in series with the .5 volt cell (total 9.5 volts) is that the .5 volt cell limits the maximum current to only 0.2A. If you paralleled that with the 9V cell, you would get 9 volts at 0.2 + 0. = 0.3A, too low to operate the motor at its design current and voltage. The best you could do is put the two 4V cells in series, and in parallel with the 9V cell (a blocking diode might be a good idea, but probably not required for such a small array). That way you get 8 volts at 0.55 amps.

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