induction heating machine for round bar billet

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Product Description:

 induction heating machine


Features of induction heating machine 

  • No combustible gases

  • Heating rapidly reduce oxide skin on billet

  • Improve the working environment

  • Uniform heating temperature increases die life

  • Continuously working, 24 hours non-stop

  • Be Started up 100% at any load

  • IGBT inversion technology &LC series circuit design achieve energy saving up to 15%-30% compared with SCR technology

  • Easy to operate and maintain

Industry Application 

  • Induction Heating in Metal and Foundry Forging

  • Billet Total/full heating and localized/partial heating

            Such as hardware-tool, Bolt, nut, flate plate etc.

Our services

Before sales

Our professional technical recommend the suitable induction heating equipment ,and can also customise special machine as customer’s requirement and special parts.


Sales following

During machine production, watching the machine quality and testing machine.and take pictures or make video for customer checking.


After Sales

Machine have one year quality warranty ,0ne year free replacement spare parts ( 1 set of spare parts free for your stock, in case it need replacement).

Supply pictures or video help customer to install machine.


Provide long-terms technical support.

induction heating machine for round bar billet

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