HSCG High Speed Automatic Bag Making Machine

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Product Description:

HSCG-450X2 Super High Speed Bag Making Machine

NO:  HSCG-450X2

Name:      HSCG-450X2 Super High Speed Bag Making Machine

The newly designed ultra high speed vest bag making machine for the production of specially designed T-shirt bags, dual-channel ultra-high-speed production (there is no printed or printed), easy to operate, the yield of mind.

The machine uses a special servo motor and drive control technology.

1 discharge tension AC variable frequency automatic control.

2 sealing knife rotating stable, easy to clean.

3 whole bag is folded or unfolded settings.

4 more automatic alarm, automatic shutdown design.

5 machine can produce up to speed 300 / min.

High Speed Bag Making Machine

NO:  2014712163624

Name:      HSG-450X2 Fully Automatic High Speed Bag Making Machine

1. HSG-450X2 This machine adopts double servo motors, synchronous dual-channel operation, high speed and smooth.

2. The use of high temperature electronic tape head section 0.008mm thickness heat sealable film, including market bags, shopping bags. Sealed tight, firm and smooth.

3. The electric eye tracking color bag color, accurate, when label is lost alarm will automatically shut down.

4. The use of special import PLC computer control system, simple to operate, saving manpower and resources.



HSA-450X2/400X2 Fully automatic bag making machine

NO:  2014712164342

Name:      HSA-450X2/400X2 Fully automatic bag making machine from High Sea

1. HSA-450x2 / 400x2 This machine has two models, customers do not fit the needs of the bag.

2 This machine uses a stepper motor as feeding motor (optional servo motor).

3 fully automated production vest pocket, easy to understand operation.

4 blocking material can be automatically shut down, pending the completion of commissioning can be re-enabled, easy and convenient.


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Q:Is there anyone who knows what groups of users of packaging machinery are in general?
If automated packaging, it depends on the factory situation, should not be from the user groups to start. If a small class of cosmetics do, then he will not say to buy a more than ten thousand or hundreds of thousands of automated equipment to pack ah. Automatic packing machine is certainly need a certain amount, a certain basis will be needed, or buy a mechanical automation a month the amount of packaging takes less than one hour, then buy this station automation machinery to do what? So, according to the automatic device, we can not start from the user groups, should be considered from the size of the factory.
Q:Such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly. In addition, also includes the measurement or the package seal etc.
Mechanical sales are nothing more than two points: first, equipment aging, need to update; two, equipment efficiency is low, need to improve. You don't know anything about the customer. Come up and sell the product. If you are a customer, I don't think you have the patience to listen
Q:The role of packaging equipment in packaging equipment
Some products, such as food and drug packaging, according to the health law is not allowed to use manual packaging, because it will pollute the products and packaging machinery to avoid direct contact with the staff of food and medicine, to ensure the quality of health.(8) it can promote the development of related industriesPackaging machinery is a comprehensive science which is related to many subjects, materials, process and equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, automatic control and other related disciplines, requires the simultaneous and coordinated development, any discipline problems will affect the overall performance of packaging machinery. Therefore, the development of packaging machinery will effectively promote the progress of related disciplines. In addition, in order to meet the needs of high-speed packaging machinery packaging, the relevant front and rear processes are bound to adapt, and also promote the simultaneous development of related processes.
Q:Adjustment of flat knife for packing machine
. This is the importance of after-sales service. Qingdao Xun packaging machine models, can meet the needs of all levels.
Q:What are the packing machines?
Heat shrink packaging machine, mask packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine, food packaging machine, I suggest you can go to see
Q:Food packaging process is not standardized, there is no responsibility?
You can send me a picture of your product and the process, so that I can answer your question exactly. More than 70% of the candies on the market are now automatically packed.
Q:The difference between wrapping and bagging is illustrated by the packing method,
Wrapping of objects of different shapes according to their appearance.
Q:Vacuum packing machine for cooked food: can whole chicken, whole goose and whole duck be packed?
Well, yesBut the vacuum packaging machines used for different product sizes are different
Q:What is the name of the paper used in packing machine parts and yellow?
Vapor phase rust proof paper is coated with vapor phase corrosion inhibitor on the base of antirust base paper (surface like kraft paper, but with chloride ion and sulfate ion limit requirement)
Q:What machine does the packing carton machine have?
Do the carton machinery: corrugated production line / single machine, printing machine, polishing machine, laminating machine, mounting machine, die-cutting machine, book paste machine for package machinery: automatic sealing machine, automatic strapping machine

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