Hot Selling Children Wooden Single Bed with Night Stands WB03

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Product Description:


1.Model No: WB03

2.Environment friendly E1 grade MDF 

3..Eco-firendly UV priting ink 

4..Original & space-saving design

Packing info: 

 Knocked down packaging: 1,The best carton quality , strong enough. 2,Strong corner protector and foam are used for the package to ensure it is strong enough for the long way transportation. 3,Knocked down packing is convenient for shipping and save the freight fee.

Features and advantages: 

1. Panel: E2 environmental-friendly MDF with melamine finishing, waterproof, antifade, easy yo maintain.
2. Materials: delicate handles, ball sides, UV printing pattern, using German HOMAG banding machine, strong packing protection.
3. Space saving, comfort and modern design, good quality, excellent craftmanship, reasonable price
4. All products through ISO9001 and SGS certificate.
5. Quality control system.

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Q:Feather Bed, Trying to find one??
Feather beds sound better than they really are. The best of feathers will not stand up to being compressed for 6 to 8 hours. They are going to collapse and be flat or lumpy. To put it simply, you are really just chasing a dream of what you think a feather bed should be. I have slept on such beds when I was a kid and they are not really much by modern standards.
Q:Do I have bed bugs???
Some people are not allergic to bed bug bites and therefore cannot tell when they've been bitten. But it sounds like maybe you have carpet beetles instead of bed bugs. Carpet beetles don't bite, and are much easier to kill, so I hope that's what you have :)
Q:bug that looks like bed bug?
Since bed bugs go through different stages in their life, the appearance can vary a bit, check this site to learn more about bed bugs appearance, Signs of Bed Bugs , Bed Bug Bites – Treatment of Bites and Bed Bug Bites
Q:How do you resolve the head toward the west?
1, the house is north-south direction, of course, the bed should be East-West direction;2 feet, head west, East, night head and face the sun, morning glow, mood is not good?3, Chinese earth, is the East West High low, the macro perspective this is backed by mountains, facing the sea, is the best to;4, the earth rotates from west to East, east to sleep with the rotation of the earth and to the same day, the body upright, blood need to transport more nutrients to the head, head to the west before the real scientific truth; (a Feng Shui rotation of the earth is from the east to the West, ignorant!)5, after the death of the north head is placed in the south direction, there are a few things placed?6, the bed head toward the West sleeps, the foot does not face west, the noodles don't face west, the shoes that take off also don't face west, how to have the meaning of going to the west? If your bedroom has windows that are south, East, or North, consider the front of the bed facing the West
Q:Crate/dog bed ?
I have both. My dogs bed is in there crates. It provides a soft spot for them to lay. My golden loves her crate and frequently goes there too get away from everything. (LOL) Including my Pit Bull. My Pit knows that is her space and does not enter into her Bedroom instead my Pit goes into her own bedroom which is side by side and set up with a dog bed.
Q:Question about platform beds?
a matching bedroom set for $1300? what is in the set? bed, night stand? $1300 is cheap for a bed room whats it made of ? if your looking for quanity then i guess thats a good price. just keep in mind you get what you pay for. but you should purchase from a reputable co. they typically have the better customer sevice should anything become a problem, find out about the manufacturers warranty, a good way to save money is find out about close-out furniture, factory drops, discontinued lines and usually get real good deals on those if theres a clearance area, dont pay the price on the tag, take a calculator with you, usually they'll take 10-20% off the tagged price any type of dropped ,closeout furniture sitting on a stores floor means its taking up space for something that people will buy. wheel and deal they really do want to get rid of it . mark-up on furniture is huge!
Q:Problem with son bed wetting?
Take him to a doctor to find out why he wets the bed, he may have an underdeveloped bladder. Explain to him that a lot of people wear something extra to bed to protect themselves and the bedding and bed. Buy a hospital type of bed pad to put under him at night. Make sure he doesn't drink after 6 pm and make sure he always goes to the bathroom before going to bed. ***** Keep checking on him during the night.... find out about what time he wets the bed, then you may be able to prevent it if you wake him and take him to the bathroom.
Q:different kinds of tanning beds?!?
Different beds have different bulbs/mirrors/facials in them. The ''normal beds'' most likely have regular bulbs with more UVB(this is the burning ray) they do not tan you deeply and your tan will fade more quickly than with the higher beds. The tropical beds most likely have more UVA rays which go deeper into the skin and your tan will last longer assuming that you keep your skin moisturized. All salons are different and offer different brands of bulbs, ask them what the ratio is of UVA/UVBA in the different beds, what kind of bulbs they use/how often they change them. Its good to be an informed tanner. ** moisturize your skin before AND after you go tanning. Your tan will get darker/last longer this way.
Q:How to eliminate the noise in bed?
To eliminate the friction between wooden plate fundamentally, can eliminate the sound of wooden bed.
Q:What is the difference between a panel bed and a slat bed?
You could, but honestly it will take away from the slatted bed base. You should get the mattress from Ikea if you are going to buy a base anyway. Generally regular queen size boxspring mattresses are too high. It will look silly, if you are looking to save money, you might as well just put the mattress on the floor and forget about the slatted bed base.

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