Hot sell latest design wooden doors designs white color wooden interior doors

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Hot sell latest design wooden doors designs white color modern interior doors product description:

Our latest design interior doors are produced base on environment friendly,modern.Use in house and hotel rooms.The simple and fresh latest design give you a health,elegant feeling.

1.Door Features

Door frame: Very strong aluminium profile frame with wood panel inserted.elegant lastest design.width can be adjusted by shrink or enlarge wood panel to fit different wall thickness.
Door skins:   9mm thickness plywood or MDF panel,etc.there are a lot of attractive wooden door skins design for your choice.such as Plain,with aluminium strips,or with glass inserted.
finished:strong crocking resistance finished,it is not any problem even use a key scratch.other choice:HPL,solid wood with lacquer finished,UV panel,leather,PVC,or laminated with thin Aluminum panel,thin Stainess steel panel.
Door colors:white Wood grain colors,or solid colors.
Door core:wood,or wood strips with Aluminum honeycomb.this is a good materials special use for making wooden interior doors.soundproof.
Door edge:   3mm thickness aluminum alloy edge.very durable.
Accessories:A wooden interior door attach one high quality standard lock,two handles,three hinges,sealing strips,etc.or as per your other special requirement.
Size:900mm*2100mm*45mm,size will do according to your requirment.

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Q:Door lock needed but Metal door?
You can get a simple slide bolt and mount it on the jam only. When you slide it over it will stop the door from opening. BUT just like a double cylinder dead bolt with no key available your kids can't get out in the case of a fire. Good Luck
Q:Titanium magnesium alloy door how to count
This question is very vague. Titanium magnesium alloy door itself is calculated, the market is generally long X high = area X single price single door / double door mantle calculated by the meter. If it is installed First to determine the standard door or in accordance with the requirements of the door size, the door frame but also to reduce the area occupied by the door, if it is on the sliding door, should also be considered overlapping ...
Q:Aluminum doors and windows processing equipment
Look at what you want and the size of the equipment. Small scale, three can be: cutting saw, face milling machine, group angle machine. Large-scale, there must be seven: cutting saw, end milling, group angle machine, angle saw, keyhole, to the press, aluminum doors and windows bending machine.
Q:Old aluminum doors and windows how to remove
If you want to demolition of the re-change, you can directly find the balcony so that they demolition, they are more professional will not damage the wall, If you want to get their own, then the first is the first glass removed, and then take the window frame demolition border
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You asked a question on the UK Yahoo! site and in British prisons, the cells have solid metal doors with a small window covered on the outside by a metal flap. So there's some decent privacy but officers can still look in. This is largely done by the night staff who patrol several times during the night and look in to make sure you're still there. (Hint on this one - a common method of bullying is to turn your cell light on from the outside, knowing that you can't turn it off from the inside when it's been turned on from the outside, so you've got to sleep with the light on all night. If this happens to you, put a note under the door asking the night staff to turn it off, and next time they come round, they'll do that.) American prisons and jails can vary - some will be like that, others have just the metal bars.
Q:Bathroom 1.44 square meters of titanium magnesium alloy door price is how much?
Store prices in more than 300 per square meter, the price of the manufacturers in more than 200 sets! Electrophoresis or drawing! Brushed the effect of a good point, the price will be high
Q:Titanium-magnesium alloy door and aluminum-magnesium alloy door which is better?
Oh, the titanium-magnesium alloy and aluminum-magnesium alloy is a business gimmick, the essence is the same, can become a titanium-magnesium alloy, the proposed selection of brushed profiles of the door or electrophoresis, the two kinds of aluminum is the best Hope to adopt
Q:How should the aluminum alloy doors and windows project manager work?
Project manager individual should be a compound talent, as the architect of the textbooks written, the project manager is between the technical staff and management staff, but emphasis on the management of the job, the individual quality requirements are higher. A good project manager can take every project in place, and it's easy. But the poor project manager is often the project to do a mess, and the entire project department with nothing. I think the project manager of this career is an art, there is no restrictions on the rules, you can give the greatest freedom, you can follow your own ideas to work hard. Is not that a good job? As long as you like to challenge their own people will always fall in love with this career.
Q:How do you remove concrete splatter off a metal door?
You can try a diluted muratic solution 50/50 it has to be rinsed well,use gloves ,cover the floor with plastic,eye protection, adequate ventilation. Brush it on sparingly it should remove thin deposits instantly,rinse with water on a rag several times if a hose cant be used. Best way remove door and do it outside. Water based paint may come off its a hard problem.

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