Hot Dipped Glvanised Wire with Customised Zink Coating and Tensile Strength

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Product Description:

1.Hot Dipped Glvanised Wire with Customised Zink Coating and Tensile Strength Description

Galvanized Iron Wire has the characteristics of thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating, etc. 

Galvanized Iron Wire mainly used in construction, express way fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving. Galvanized iron wire according to manufacturing technique, it includes hot-dipped galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized iron wire. Mainly telecommunication equipment and materials, medical equipment and device, weaving of wire mesh, steel rope, and filtration mesh, high-pressure pipe, construction, arts and crafts.

2.Main Features of Hot Dipped Glvanised Wire with Customised Zink Coating and Tensile Strength Wire 

• Use widely

• Corrosion- resistant

• Durable 

• Practical use

• Beauty Surface

• Versatile


3. Hot Dipped Glvanised Wire with Customised Zink Coating and Tensile Strength Images

Hot Dipped Glvanised Wire with Customised Zink Coating and Tensile Strength

4. Hot Dipped Glvanised Wire with Customised Zink Coating and Tensile Strength Specification



We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 


How about your products

One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of wires and wire meshis a large-scale professional Hot Dipped Glvanised Wire with Customised Zink Coating and Tensile Strengthin China. Annually more than 10000 tons wires and wire mesh are exported to markets all over the world. Different kinds of wires and mesh are available according to customer’s requirements. 


What is your Technical Information of Galvanized Wire?

1).Material: super carbon steel

2).Processing by drawing, hot-dip zinc-plating

3).Standard wire gauge from 8# to 24#

4).Thick zinc-coating layer

5).Super in corrosion resistance

6).Firm coating layer

7).Custom size available


How long can we receive the product after payment?

In the purchase of Galvanized Iron Wire within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served


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Q:Ball things on wires?
I believe they are usually on the top most wire and are designed to alert aircraft of danger. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Q:Is there a way to connect a 3-wire thermostat in a 2-wire house?
T-stat wires are usually left loose in the wall, no staples, so you can easily replace it by pulling a new wire through with the old one. First try to get an idea of where the wire goes. Get an estimate of total length and go to home depot and purchase 18-3 t-stat wire. They sell it in 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, 500 feet, or by the foot. Compare prices and get enough to make a continuous run. Older 2 wire Tstats used a mercury or spring switch to simply connect the two wires together (24v + and sl return). Your new Tstat needs a common because it is being powered by the same feed that activates the unit. (So you have 24+ 24- and sl return) When you attach your new wire to your old wire be sure to actually strip the outer coating of about 4 inches or so and fold the wires around each other to get a good strong bond, and then tape it tight to keep it as small diameter as possible.
Q:Pilot wire Protection?
Pilot wire protection can be used anytime anywhere. The question is not where it is used but why, and is it required. Pilot wire protection provides better discrimination of fault location, than, say, an impedance or distance relay. If the zones are too close, pilot wire may be the only feasible solution. .
Q:220 dryer hook up and wiring diagram?
Q:electrical connection from box to home- 3 pole four wire- What is fourth wire?
If it is coming from the box at the street into your circuit breaker panel, I'll take a guess. Earth ground (Usually connected to a copper water pipe or a metal pole driven deep into the ground) Neutral (0V) +120 V (Most household circuits) +220 V (Dryers, stoves, possibly air conditioners and other devices needing lots of power. These have special plugs.) Unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure you know what you are doing (and it sounds from your question like you may not be) DO NOT mess around with mains wiring in your house and especially wiring coming into your house, since that isn't even on a surge protector to keep you even remotely safe. If you mess around with this stuff without knowing what you are doing, you could wind up DEAD or in the hospital VERY easily. I can't stress enough how dangerous electricity in large quantities is.
Q:can you sure me a diagram how to wire a sensor and light up?
Most sensors have three wires coming out of it. 1. The black wire on the sensor goes to the hot incoming power (usually black) wire. 2. The white wire on the sensor goes to the white common wire along with the white common wire of your light. 3. The red wire on the sensor goes to the other side of the light connection (usually black wire). If you connect all of this during the day, it will turn on for a moment when you first power it up, then the sensor will detect the daytime light, then turn back off and wait for darkness to turn back on. To cap: Line side power (input power) goes to black and white; Load side power goes to red and white.
Q:My rabbit is chewing wires?
well you could but I would not guarantee it working. Wires are just a bunny magnet. Bunnies often actually like spicy, bitter tastes. I had one that liked bitter apple. Really best is out of reach out of danger. You could keep bunny out of that room or cover the wires. Furniture the bunny cannot fit behind, large diameter aquarium tubing, for multiple wires all going to the same place even sump pump hose. For my computer desk I installed a baby gate.
Q:Car radio installation???? Remote wire ?
You can connect the remote wire to the radio accessory power wire. This should be yellow in a 95 Grand Prix. Your amplifier will turn on and off with the key switch.
Q:What / Where are spark plugs and wires?
You have it right - it's the wires that go from the distributor cap to the spark plugs and to the coil.
Q:physics - wired and wireless communications?
This is more of an engineering question than a physics question... Wired communications offer direct communication links over cables. Each channel has a high bandwidth, and because there are relatively few limitations on the number of cables you can place in parallel, A practically infinite number of channels is possible under the right conditions. Wireless communications work by producing electromagnetic waves encoding signals that can be picked up at the receiving end. The number of available frequencies in the EM spectrum is quite limited, and due to the presence of comparatively large amounts of noise in the environment, there are huge tradeoffs between signal bandwidth, signal power, and the number of available channels. Cellular communications exploit short range communications and wired networks to provide more channels at the expense of requiring more towers with tighter spacing. Overall, wireless communications are much noisier (they experience a lot of signal loss), and they require much more power than their wired counterparts. They are also much more vulnerable to security issues.

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