Horizontal/Vertical Centrifugal Firefighting Pump

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Product Description:


1. Simplicity of design 
2. High efficiency 
3. Robust and reliable Performance 
4. Energy saving 
5. Low noise level

Our Mission:


It is our mission — the basis of our existence — to successfully develop, produce and sell high-quality pumps and pumping systems world-wide, contributing to a better quality of life and a healthy environment.


Brief Introduction:


XBD series vertical multistage department, fire pump suction and tube type, single centrifugal pump, the following product adopts modern excellent hydraulic model through computer optimization design and into. The product structure compact, reasonable, beautiful modelling, its reliability and efficiency indexes have greatly raised, in strict compliance with the latest national standards GB6245-1998 "fire pump performance requirements and testing method" regulation.




1. Low noise running smoothly Low noise bearing, has the hydraulic characteristics of the precise hydraulic parts design, each section of the outer water filling shielding not only reduces the noise and running very smooth flow.

2. Simple and easy installation and assembly Pump diameter and the same import and export in the same line, can be the same as the valve installed directly in the line with; Application shell coupling, pump and motor of the connection is not only simple and make the transfer efficiency were improved.

3. No operation jammed phenomenon Application of copper alloy water bearing and stainless steel pump shaft, each minute gap between place to avoid the corrosion bite dead phenomena, this for fire protection system is very important.

4. No leakage.




XBD series pump for sending 130 °C below not solid granual or chemical and physical properties similar to the liquid water, and light corrosive liquid with. This machine is mainly used for industrial and civil building fixed fire control system (fire hydrant extinguishing system, automatic sprinkler system and water spray fire-extinguishing systems, etc.) of water.


Working conditons:


Flow 1-100 L/s

Pressure 0.3-2.5 MPa

Temperature below 80 °C

Medium water and similar liquid of water

From the motor to see clockwise

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Q:Water pump for trough, size? type?
Some people put goldfish in their troughs; I don't know if this is a great life for the goldfish but it would be easier.
Q:Need help with 95 bmw water pump removal!?
You need a viscous cooling fan spanner (32mm) and something to hold the water pump still. The cooling fan has a left hand thread by the way and will need a sharp blow with a rubber mallet to shift it. BMW have special tools for this job which are 11 5 030 and 11 5 040. Viscous cooling fan spanners are available in shops and I dare say you can find or make something to brace the water pump bolts. A large screwdriver or breaker bar have been known to work. Whichever method you use watch your knuckles!
Q:My water pump circuit breaker keeps tripping?
Sounds like an electrical short in the control switch (where, you indicated, it was smoking) that is tripping the circuit breaker. It could be something as simple as an insect nest inside the switch housing causing a short, or a broken terminal connector. De-energize the circuit and repair the short or replace the switch.
Q:what am I doing wrong with my water pump install?
Let's assume that it only can go in one way. They sold you the wrong water pump.
this is just a rought est. but Parts: water pump $129, Hoses $45 Each, Coolant 2 gal $30, hose clamps $ 5. Labor: water pump 1.2 hours @$89 per labor hour = $106, Hoses .4 hours x 2 hoses = .8 @$89 = $71.20 plus a possible cooling system flush $69. So your looking at around $500 bucks.........that is probably a little high Good luck!
Q:Car water pump question?
Yes But not both sides Apply small dabs a couple of inches apart on the face of the water pump than carefully spread it out try not to get any inside the pump then place the gasket on line up holes the sealer will hold it in place
Q:how to tell if my water pump is shot?
2001 Nissan Altima Water Pump
Q:High temperature water pump to boost pressure?
Well, you have to have a mixer valve if your temps are over 140F If I understand you correctly, you could put your mixer valve on the gravity fed hot water and then the output of the mixer valve goes to the inlet of a pump that can handle 140F. Then you don't need a mixer on the hot water tank in the house. And finding a pump that can handle that temp will be a lot easier. Also, storing high temp water is very inefficient. The higher the delta Temp is from the water to the ambient surroundings, then the lower the efficiency. You could save just as much energy in the water by increasing your water tank size and lowering your temp. For instance a 100 gallons of water close to boiling has the same stored energy as 150 gallons of 140F water. And you don't need a mixer at that point and you don't need a special pump either. I'm assuming you are using storage on the roof with a thermosyphon? Can you add more water storage next to that one?
Q:How can I pump the motor insulation?
The cable head in the distribution box should be relieved. What's more, the motor insulation is not the pump insulation. Usually, just shake it in the middle of the water and the ground.
Q:Why is my new water pump clicking and losing water pressure?
Its either faulty, or was installed wrong.

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