Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C7.5 With Low Price

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Ferro manganese

1. Mainly used as alloy additives and deoxidizer in steelmaking.

2. Used as alloy agent ,widely applied to be widely applied to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and
heat-resistant steel and abrasion-resistant steel.

3. It also has the performance that it can desulfurize and decrease the harmfulness of sulfur. So when we make steel and cast iron, we always need certain account of manganese.


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Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C7.5 With Low Price

Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C7.5 With Low Price


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Q:Carbide drills and high-speed steel drills, which are suitable for processing stainless steel 10?
If it's cylindrical carbide, it's better to be on the drill bit or as a guide
Q:Fuzhou where to buy steel tungsten carbide
I'm not sure what it's like.I have been sold as white steel in bridge flower market on Saturday morning before, I used to do with the knife.
Q:What's the difference between high speed tool steel and carbide cutter?
For Aluminum Alloy in general, very low hardness, ordinary tool steel can be effectively processed. But more wear-resistant hard alloy, the size change in process tool is very small, which resulted in NC machining, all using carbide tools.On the other hand, the tendency of cemented carbide to adhere to aluminum material is lower than that of tool steel, which can effectively improve the surface finishBut hard alloy is more brittle, attention should be paid during use
Q:Carbide welding method 50
Light of copper is not enough, but also a deoxidizing agent, is the most commonly used colophong powder. In addition, there must be a certain level of operation, because I have seen a lot of welding ordinary turning tools, in the work of the alloy head always fall.
Q:What are the grinding carbide wheels?
Diamond grinding wheel, carborundum wheel and so on.Diamond grinding wheel is a diamond abrasive were used as raw materials, metal powder, resin powder, ceramic and metal plating as binder, made of the central circular hole is called consolidation abrasive diamond wheel (alloy wheel). Only welded blades use carborundum wheels, and generally fine grinding blades use diamond grinding wheels. The best tool is mounted on a tool grinder with a high speed. The tool is polished and has a good finish.
Q:YW1 what do you mean by "YW" in carbide cutter head?
You can go to Zhuzhou tungsten alloy online to see them, there seems to explain in detail
Q:Can YG813 carbide cutters be used for cutting stainless steel intermittently? How much is the cutting speed?
YG813Good wear resistance, high flexural strength and adhesive resistance. Suitable for processing high temperature alloy, stainless steel, high manganese steel and other materials.
Q:Buy whole cold carbide drills
I know Zhuzhou Hua tungsten seems to have what you need. I suggest you go to see their company
Q:What are the cemented carbides?
General tungsten cobalt alloy is mainly applicable to: carbide cutting tools, molds and mineral products. Carbide cutting toolTungsten, titanium and cobalt carbideThe main components are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide (TiC) and cobalt. The grade by "YT" ("hard ti" Pinyin prefix) and the average content of titanium carbide.
Q:Method for assembling hard alloy cold heading die
Technological requirements for hole processing of cemented carbide die:1, carbide mold hole processing, selection, processing methods: according to the requirements of the drawings, select the electrical processing methods.2, select electrode material: according to the processing requirements, determine the processing methods and processing equipment to determine the electrode material.3. Design electrode: Design electrode according to clearance, shape and effective length of blade.4, processing electrode: generally use shaping grinding or square planer processing.5 、 clamping electrode.6, be processed carbide mold preparation.7. Calibration electrode.8 、 carbide mould clamping and positioning.9. Adjust the upper and lower positions of the spindle head.10, processing preparation.11, boot processing.12, regulation switching and intermediate inspection.13, carbide mold inspection: carbide mold after processing, should be carefully checked according to drawings, whether it meets the requirements of the drawings

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