High Quality Hot rolled Bearing Steel Bar

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China main port
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TT or LC
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20 m.t.
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500 m.t./month
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Product Description:


OKorder is offering Hot rolled Bearing Special Steel Bar at great prices with worldwide shipping. Our supplier is a world-class manufacturer of steel, with our products utilized the world over. OKorder annually supplies products to European, North American and Asian markets. We provide quotations within 24 hours of receiving an inquiry and guarantee competitive prices.


Product Applications:



Our products have been used in all kinds of areas, such as aviation, aerospace, navigation, nuclear, energy, chemical industry, electronic information, petrochemical, automotive, instrument and meter, Communication ,transportation, and medical instruments, etc. Bearing ring,steel rolling mill ,machinery, 100Cr6 bearing steel ball is widely used in high-speed and low-noise bearing, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, bags, electronics.



Product Advantages:


OKorder's Hot rolled Bearing Special Steel Bar are durable, strong, and resist corrosion.



Main Product Features:


·         Premium quality

·         Prompt delivery & seaworthy packing (30 days after receiving deposit)

·         Corrosion resistance

·         Can be recycled and reused

·         Mill test certification

·         Professional Service

·         Competitive pricing


Product Specifications:

1. Dimensional sizes: Thickness: 14~100mm.Length:3000~5800mm,Diameter :14-500mm

2.Chemical composition:







Equal or less than








3. Grade: SAE51200/ GCr15 / 100cr6

4. Heat Treatment:

Soft annealing: heat to 680-720°C, cool slowly.

Hardness after annealing: Max. 241 HB

Hardening: 820 - 850 °C

Normalizing temperature: 840-880°C

Tempering: 540-680°C

5. Surface requirements: Black, grinding, bright, polish

6. Characters:

1) Comprehensive properties

2) Good performance in cutting and processing after spheroids annealing

3) High hardness and homogenization after quenching and tempering

4) High abrasive resistance and fatigue resistance

7. Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight

Usage & Applications of Bearing Steel

Our products have been used in all kinds of areas, such as aviation, aerospace, navigation, nuclear, energy, chemical industry, electronic information, petrochemical, automotive, instrument and meter, Communication ,transportation, and medical instruments, etc. Bearing ring,steel rolling mill ,machinery, 100Cr6 bearing steel ball is widely used in high-speed and low-noise bearing, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, bags, electronics.

Packaging & Delivery of Bearing Steel

Mark: Heat No. will be cold stamped and Steel grade, diameter (mm), length (mm), and the manufacturer LOGO and weight (kg) is painted.

Standard seaworthy packing or as customer required

Delivery time: Within 30 days after order is confirmed.

steel bearing

bearing steel



Q1: Why buy Materials & Equipment from OKorder.com?

A1: All products offered byOKorder.com are carefully selected from China's most reliable manufacturing enterprises. Through its ISO certifications, OKorder.com adheres to the highest standards and a commitment to supply chain safety and customer satisfaction.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.

Q3: How soon can we receive the product after purchase?

A3: Within three days of placing an order, we will begin production. The specific shipping date is dependent upon international and government factors, but is typically 7 to 10 workdays.

Special steel is used in the medical industry for a variety of applications such as surgical instruments, implants, and medical devices. The properties of special steel, including its strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility, make it ideal for these purposes. It ensures the safety and effectiveness of medical procedures, allowing for precise and durable tools and implants that are essential for patient care.
Special steel is used in a wide range of industries and applications due to its exceptional properties. Some of the main applications of special steel include manufacturing of tools and machinery, construction of buildings and infrastructure, automotive and aerospace industries, energy and power generation, and medical equipment. Its high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and durability make it an ideal choice for these demanding applications.
Boron steel, also known as boron-alloyed steel, possesses several unique properties. It is exceptionally strong and has a high tensile strength, making it ideal for applications that require high-strength materials. Boron steel also exhibits good hardenability, meaning it can be hardened by heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering. Additionally, it has excellent wear resistance and is often used in the manufacturing of cutting tools and wear-resistant components. Moreover, boron steel offers good weldability and formability, allowing it to be easily shaped and joined. Overall, the properties of boron steel make it a valuable material in various industries, including automotive, construction, and tool manufacturing.
Special steel contributes to reducing product defects by offering enhanced properties such as increased strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. These properties ensure that the steel components used in various products, especially in critical applications, are less prone to wear, breakage, or malfunction. By using special steel, manufacturers can create more reliable and high-quality products, which ultimately leads to a reduction in defects and improves overall product performance.
Some of the different heat treatment processes used in special steel include annealing, normalizing, tempering, quenching, and case hardening.
The hardness range of special steel typically varies between 20 and 70 HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale).
There are several types of precipitation-hardening steel, including 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, 13-8 PH, and 17-7 PH. These steels are known for their high strength and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for various applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.
There are several heat treatment processes used for special steel, including annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, and precipitation hardening. These processes are designed to enhance the strength, hardness, toughness, and ductility of the steel, depending on the specific requirements of the application.
Special steel is widely used in the chemical industry due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties. It is used to manufacture various equipment and components like storage tanks, pipes, valves, and reactors that come in contact with corrosive chemicals. Additionally, special steel's high strength and temperature resistance make it suitable for applications requiring robust and durable materials in chemical processing plants.
Special steel contributes to reducing product weight through its unique properties such as high strength, durability, and lightweight composition. By using special steel in the manufacturing process, designers can optimize the strength-to-weight ratio of the product, allowing for thinner and lighter components without compromising on performance or safety. This reduction in weight not only enhances the efficiency and performance of the product but also reduces material and transportation costs, making it a valuable solution in various industries.

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