High power LED lamp Series Model of GU10AP-4X1W

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300 watt
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48000 watt/month

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Product Description:

Model Number
Base TypeGU10
Input Voltage(V)AC 100-240V
Lamp Body MaterialAP housing
CertificationCE, RoHS

Cool White6000-7000K4300
Natural White4000-4500K4285
Warm White2900-3500K4280

High power LED Lamp  Advantage: 
It is characterized of long life, high luminous efficiency, pure light color, stability, safety, no radiation, 
low power consumption, shock resistance and other advantages.
High power LED Lamp Application:
1) Replace incandescent, fluorescent, HID and other traditional light sources.
2) Suitable for indoor lighting, such as shop's display cabinets, hotel, and office building decos, home decoration

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Q:The relationship between high power LED band and color
Whether high-power or patch or direct line, other LED packaging products, the band is regular:For example, the red band between 620-640nm, the greater the value, the more red, the smaller the value, the more significant carmoisine.Yellow band between 580-595nm, the greater the value, the more red, the smaller the value, the more green.The green band is between 500-540nm, and the larger the value, the more green yellow, and the smaller the value, the more pronounced Turquoise blue.The blue band is between 440-470nm, and the bigger the value, the more green it is. The smaller the value, the more purple it becomes.
Q:What is the junction temperature of high power LED?
In the calculation of heat dissipation of general power devices (such as power IC), as long as the junction temperature is less than the maximum allowable junction temperature (usually 125 degrees Celsius). But in the heat dissipation design of high-power LED, its junction temperature TJ requirement is much lower than 125 centigrade.
Q:What are the research purposes and significance of high-power LED lamps?
Small power LED energy-saving lamp rated current is 20mA, rated current higher than 20mA can basically be counted as high-power. The general power are: 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, 3W, 5W, 8W, 10W, and so on. The main luminance unit is LM (Liu Ming), and the unit of luminance in small power is generally mcd. These two units cannot be converted.
Q:20W integrated high-power LED how to heat
Use semiconductor cooling chips to heat (e.g. power and space limitations).
Q:How to judge the quality of high power LED patch LED?
The normal forward resistance shall be less than 30K ohm, and the reverse resistance shall be greater than 1M ohm. If the positive and negative resistances are zero, the internal breakdown is short circuited. If the positive and negative resistances are infinite, the internal circuit is proved to be open.
Q:The working principle of high power LED
The basic working principle of LED is an electro-optical conversion process, when a forward bias is applied to both ends of PN junction, due to the reduction of PN junction barrier, P region
Q:What's the reason for the darkening of LED power phosphors?
It may be related to mixing powder, glue and phosphor, as well as current and temperature. Can only provide you with the direction of analysis. First determine whether the phosphor and glue are problems, and then determine whether the heat is a problem.
Q:How to judge the positive and negative poles of high power LED
Look at components, the general plastic package inside the electrode size is different, connected to the larger area of the electrode is negative foot; also, the positive pin will generally be more than the negative electrode
Q:Why not drive LED high power COB lamp?
The relationship between high power LED band and color
Q:What is a high power LED?
As a lighting source, high-power LED has the advantages of small size, small power consumption, small heating, long life, fast response, safety, low voltage, good weatherability, good directivity and so on. The outer cover can be made of PC tube, with high temperature resistance up to 135 degrees, low temperature -45 degrees.

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