High grade hot rolled H-section steel(Q235)

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I-steel beam (also known as English name I Beam), is the section shape of strip steel i-beam.I-steel divides ordinary I-beam and light I-beam, H type steel three. Is the type of groove shaped steel section shape.


I-steel beam (also known as English name I Beam), is an H-shaped steel section. I-steeldivides ordinary I-beam and light I-beam, H type steel three. The I-shaped steel is widely used in various building structures, bridges, vehicles, bracket, machinery etc..


The reason of ordinary I-beam wing root and light I-beam to the edge of the progressively thinner, has a certain angle, the ordinary I-beam and light I-beam model is the Arabia digitalwith the waist high cm number to represent, web, flange thickness and width of flange to the different specifications to waist high (H) x width (leg b) * waist thickness (d) without number representation, such as "general 160 x 88 x 6", namely said waist high of 160 mm 88 mm in width, legs, waist thickness of 6 mm is ordinary i-beam. / "light 160 x 81 x 5", namely said waistheight 160 mm, width of 81 mm legs, light I-beam waist thickness is 5 mm. Ordinary I-beamspecifications are available models said, type representation of waist high cm, such asgeneral 16#. Waist high same I-steel, if there are several different wide legs and waist thick,need to add a B C to be the difference in the types of the right, such as general 32#a, 32#b,32#c etc.. Hot rolled ordinary I-beam specifications for 10-63#. Hot rolled ordinary I-beamspecifications of both sides of supply and demand supply for 12-55# protocol.

Ordinary steel

The basic difference

I-beam are divided into ordinary I-beam, light I-beam and H type steel three.

Ordinary I-beam, light I-beam flanges on the web is variable cross section of thick, outer thin;H type steel: HW HM HN HEA HEB flange HEM I-beam is uniform

Ordinary I-beam, light I-beam has formed the national standard, the common 10# I-beamequivalent to the international I100 (such as the 10# channel also equivalent to channel(U100) for countries to implement different standards, resulting in subtle differences in their specifications)

H sections are also called the wide flange steel, HW HM HN derived from the European standard, HEB is the German standard I-beam, where HW, HN I-steel has been widely used in our country and production. HEA HEB HEM seen in many German design will, in the domestic market is also very difficult to buy. In the domestic steel structure engineering, if less, you can use the other specifications of steel plate welding assembled. And a large quantity of words,usually consider the use of mechanical properties and equivalent HW, HN type steel instead of.

HW I-beam is mainly used for reinforced concrete frame column steel column, also known asreinforced steel column; in the steel structure is mainly used for the column

HM type steel height and width of flange is roughly 1.33~~1.75 used for steel frame columnsin frame structure under dynamic load is used for the main frame beam in steel structure; for example: equipment platform

HN type steel height and flange width ratio is greater than or equal to 2; mainly used for beam

Use ordinary I-beam equivalent to HN steel;

The I-shaped steel whether ordinary or light, because the section size are relatively high,narrow, so the moment of inertia of the cross-section of two spindle difference, therefore, can only be used directly in the web plane bending component or its component lattice stress components. The axial compression member or in the perpendicular to the web plane and curved components are not used, thus in their application range is limited.

The H steel is efficient and economic cutting surface profile (there are other cold-formed steel, steel etc.), owing to the section shape is reasonable, they can make the steel higher effectiveness, improve the bearing capacity. Different from the ordinary I-shaped flange type H steel was widened, and the internal and external surface is usually parallel, which can facilitate the connection with high strength bolts and other components. Its size to form a series of reasonable, model complete, easy to use design.

The scope of application

Ordinary I-beam, light I-beam, because the section size are relatively high, narrow, so themoment of inertia of the cross-section of two main sleeve difference, thus in their applicationrange is limited. The I-steel should be based on the requirements of design drawings for choice.

The size design

H steel is efficient and economic cutting surface of steel (there are other cold-formed steel,steel etc.), owing to the section shape is reasonable, they can make the steel higher effectiveness, improve load ability. Different from the ordinary I-beam is flange type H steelwas widened, and the inner and the outer surface is usually parallel, which can facilitate theconnection with high strength bolts and other components. The composition of a reasonablesize, model complete, easy to use design.

In structure design, selection of I-beam should be based on its mechanical properties,chemical properties, weldability, structure size and the reasonable choice of the I-beam touse.

Welding process

Flange type H steel are of equal thickness, a rolling section, there are composite section is composed of 3 blocks of plate welding composition. Ordinary I-beam are rolling section,because of the production process is poor, the flange edge 1:10 slope. H type steel rolling is different from ordinary I-beam with only one set of horizontal roll, because of its wide flangeand no inclination (or slope is very small), so it will be a group of vertical roll at the same timerolling, therefore, the rolling technology and equipment than the conventional mill complex.The maximum rolling H steel of domestic production can be the height of 800mm, more thanonly welding composite section.


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Q:How can I spray the fluorocarbon paint on the bottom of I-beam?
First of all, to deal with the base material, grinding, sandblasting, removal of oil, rust and dust, the surface should be clean, exposing the metal luster of steel.
Q:How many kilograms per kilo is I-beam 16?
I-beam is also called steel girder (English name Universal Beam). It is a strip of steel with an I-shaped section. I-beam is made of ordinary I-beam and light i-beam. It is a section steel whose shape is trough.
Q:What's the theoretical weight per metric ton of 30# I-beam?
Commonly used hot rolled I-beam specifications are 28# and 32#, 30# is relatively new specifications.
Q:Shape steel bending machine to make 18 I-beam, how to calculate the radian?
First, determine the construction drawings of arch arch, hole radius, know high body width, the radius can be determined.
Q:Where is the difference between I-beam and H?!
In the case of the same amount of steel, H steel can do more rigidity and stability than I-beam, and its resistance to bending and bending is better than that of I-beam
Q:What does "I-beam 125A" mean?
I-beam, also called steel girder, is a long strip steel with cross section.
Q:Does the surrounding rock of tunnel V first load I-beam or first lead bolt?
In the technical guidelines for the construction of railway tunnels, article 12.3.1 stipulates that: the initial support shall be applied in time after excavation so as to control the deformation of surrounding rock and prevent collapse.The I-beam steel frame belongs to the initial support range, so the I-beam support should be built first.
Q:What is the theoretical weight per metric ton of 30# I-beam?
Commonly used hot rolled I-beam specifications are 28# and 32#, 30# is relatively new specifications.
Q:What does the model of I-beam mean?
Hot-rolled I-beamHot rolled I-beam, also called steel girder, is a narrow strip of hot-rolled steel strip with a tapered cross section and a tapered inner leg. It is widely used in various construction structures, bridges, vehicles, supports and machinery
Q:Installation of two tons of electric hoist, span 6 meters, the need for large models of I-beam?
1, 18# I-beam, plus a channel.2, I-beam is also called steel girder (English name Universal Beam). It is a strip steel with cross section. I-beam is made of ordinary I-beam and light i-beam. It is a section steel with an I-shaped section.

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