High Cri 5630 SMD LED (Ra95)

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General Introduction

High Cri 5630 SMD LED (Ra95)



  -High CRI (Ra > 95, R9 > 90) to illuminate objects' true colors

  -Full emission spectrum close to sunlight

  -Half-power emission angle: 120°

  -Internal structure: Aluminum base covered by silver

  -Warm white and normal white available

  -RoHS compliant

  - 5.6mm*3.0mm surface-mount 



   Accent lighting products:

  1. Photography lights

  2. Museum and art gallery lighting

  3. High-end shopping center

  4. Exhibition or visitor center

  5. Food display in supermarket

  6. Hospitality or bar light

  7. Hospital lighting

  8. General indoor lighting


Electronic Products:  

  1. Display

  2. Back-light unit

  3. Medical equipment lighting


Optoelectronic Parameters (Ta=25°C)










Luminous flux







HP Angle*







Color Temp

Normal White







Warm White







Forward voltage







Reverse current







Color Rendering









Half-power emission angle is calculated asθ1/2, where 2θ1/2 = θ1/2 + θ1/2


Our Service 

    With the continued development of LED technology and the expansion of LED applications, users are no longer only pursuing LED light efficiency and brightness. Instead, high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and tight binning (exact color temperature) are becoming two of the most important considerations for lighting designers, especially for those looking for accent lighting in order to show objects’ colorful appearance or create a certain atmosphere. 




1. R & D capabilities. We have our own LED packaging and LED phosphor research & production centers, by which we are able to develop our industry-leading technology to strictly control the light quality.


2. High color rendering. In addition to the CRI value (R1-R8 average), we focus on each R value. This is the only way that CRI be truly meaningful to evaluate the LED’s color rendering ability. Particularly, R9 (red) and R12 (blue) are difficult to improve, but meanwhile, indispensable in showing skin tones, foods, fabrics, etc.


3. Light efficiency. Most LEDs with claimed CRI 95 in the market have relative low luminous efficiency than normal LED.  We are using the best LED chip and phosphors to keep our light efficiency competitive given CRI 95.


4. Excellent team. We have passionate members with expertise knowledge.



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1. 3-10 business days for Sample Orders; 7-40 business days for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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Q:What does patch LED light mean?
The screen is divided into standard lamp and patch type, the light emitting diode lamp is inserted into the circuit board, and the patch is a patch welded on the circuit board. Two light sources are not the same. If only light, not so clear.
Q:SMD LED lamp working voltage?
18 volts driven high 3030LED lamp (six core series, and 2 core, 3 core series and Design), driving power of up to 1W,1W high voltage 3030 LED (3 volts, 6 volts, 9 volts, 18 volts optional)
Q:Is the forward voltage drop of the patch LED too large or too small?
Pressure drop does not mean good or bad, the greater the pressure drop, the better to choose the right for you
Q:Led lamp and Led what is the difference between the two patch! Ask for detailed explanations of the differences!
Patches do some high-end things, large luminous area, from afar to see more clearly, 5-10 meters with patches better!
Q:SMD LED specification
SMD LED specification:(1) metal stent type: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and so on.(2) metal support (commonly known as small butterfly) type: 2mm, 3mm and so on.(3) TOP LED (white shell) type: 1208 (30*20), 1311 (35*28), 1312 (35*32), 2220 (55*50) and so on(4) side light LED:0905 (22*12), 1105 (28*12) 1605 (40*14) and so on.
Q:LED package and LED SMD LED lamp, what is the difference? Will the release agent be used in that part?
Mold release agent is a functional substance between the mold and the finished product. The release agent is chemically resistant and is not soluble in contact with the chemical constituents of different resins (especially styrene and amines). Release agent also has heat and stress properties, not easy to decompose or wear; release agent bonded to the mold, and not transferred to the processed parts, without prejudice to painting or other two processing operations. Because of the rapid development of injection molding, extrusion, calendering, molding and laminating, the dosage of mould release agent is greatly improved.
Q:What are the storage requirements of SMT patch LED (LED)?
Moisture-proof packing- anti SMD LED in the transport and storage of moisture absorption, SMD LED shall be placed in sealed moisture-proof bag, inside put damp proof agent for protection, and placed the humidity humidity SMD display card packaging bag.
Q:How many voltages and how many W drivers are used in series and parallel connection with 20 1W patches LED?
In series, the voltage is 20 times the rated voltage, in parallel, the voltage is rated voltage, but in tandem, a LED is broken, it is not bright, so it is recommended not to use it.
Q:Welding method and notice of SMT LED
The peak reflow temperature: 260 degrees or below this temperature. (surface temperature) 2 temperature over 210 DEG C required time: 30 seconds or less than this time. 3 reflow times: no more than two times. 4 after reflow, LED needs to be cooled to room temperature before contact with colloid.
Q:Which is good for LED patch and LED bulb?
The LED patch is the same as the LED bulbLED (light emitting diode) patch (package)The LED patch (SMD) is made of FPC circuit board, LED and high quality silica gel sleeve. Waterproof performance, using low voltage DC power supply is safe and convenient, light colors, bright colors; outdoor use can be anti UV aging, yellowing, high temperature resistance and other advantages, the products are widely used in building lights, decorative lighting, advertising and entertainment quasi decorative lighting lighting field.LED bulbWith the LED patch or LED plug-in LED (light emitting diode), series or parallel, driving power supply, making a combined shell lampshade capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, which can be directly converted into electricity to light.

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