high copy type famous brand hydac filter

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0060 R*BN3HC

0500 R*BN3HC

1700 R*BN3HC

0060 D*BN3HC

0280 D*BN3HC

0060 R*W/HC

0500 R*W/HC

1700 R*W/HC

0060 D*BH3HC

0280 D*BH3HC

0060 R*BN/HC

0500 R*BN/HC

1700 R*BN/HC

0060 D*W/HC

0280 D*W/HC

0060 R*P/HC

0500 R*P/HC

1700 R*P/HC

0060 D*V

0280 D*V

0060 R*W

0500 R*W

1700 R*W

0060 D*W

0280 D*W

0110 R*BN3HC

0660 R*BN3HC

2600 R*BN3HC

0110 D*BN3HC

0330 D*BN3HC

0110 R*W/HC

0660 R*W/HC

2600 R*W/HC

0110 D*BH3HC

0330 D*BH3HC

0110 R*BN/HC

0660 R*BN/HC

2600 R*BN/HC

0110 D*W/HC

0330 D*W/HC

0110 R*P/HC

0660 R*P/HC

2600 R*P/HC

0110 D*V

0330 D*V

0110 R*W

0660 R*W

2600 R*W

0110 D*W

0330 D*W

0160 R*BN3HC

0850 R*BN3HC

0140 D*BN3HC

0500 D*BN3HC

0160 R*W/HC

0850 R*W/HC

0140 D*BN3HC

0500 D*BN3HC

0160 R*BN/HC

0850 R*BN/HC

0140 D*W/HC

0500 D*W/HC

0160 R*P/HC

0850 R*P/HC

0140 D*V

0500 D*V

0160 R*W

0850 R*W

0140 D*W

0500 D*W

0240 R*BN3HC

0950 R*BN3HC

0160 D*BN3HC

0660 D*BN3HC

0240 R*W/HC

0950 R*W/HC

0160 D*BN3HC

0660 D*BN3HC

0240 R*BN/HC

0950 R*BN/HC

0160 D*W/HC

0660 D*W/HC

0240 R*P/HC

0950 R*P/HC

0160 D*V

0660 D*V

0240 R*W

0950 R*W

0160 D*W

0660 D*W

My company take part in every metallurgy ,petrifaction , chemical industry major

industry import hydraulic set thatmating filter element (HYDAC, PALL .etc foreign

famous brand ) localizationworking for many years . The filter medium of filter

element use import filter materialor inland famous brand filter material , major

equipment process . and the performanceindex achieve foreign same type filter

element level , it haveinterchangeability completely (if your model incomplete ,

we can in line withuser requirement  go to spot proceedmapping ).

We can supply all models hydac filter , high copy type and replacement type .

If have any inquiries ,pls contact at anytime .

Hope we can have a chance to cooperate .

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Q:Mazda oil filter
Oil change note three elements, among them some details of note, detailed as follows: first, when the car driving to change the oil in general case, if using synthetic oil, basically can change every 10 thousand kilometers of oil, and some can even take up to 20 thousand km
Q:Auto oil filter is how to choose, and now so many models, how to do the maintenance of the correct choice?
a part of the model, to determine if the models to see what kind of filter, we must first understand the engine type
Q:How often does the car oil filter change?
The air filter change is very simple, first with a screwdriver loose coupling, then loosen the air filter shell on the ring spring clip, counterclockwise will empty filter cover to a point of view, can remove the cover, if you feel the way valve chamber cover ventilation tube can be pulled out
Q:How does the van change the oil filter?
after the car is raised, place an oil drum under the engine. Unscrew the oil screw (if necessary, remove the engine guard)
Q:Filter history
Before 80s, domestic engines used mostly interchangeable oil filters. The filter of the structure is that the filter core and other parts, such as springs, sealing rings, etc. are put into a metal shell, and the shell, the filter element and the like are connected and fixed with a metal seat through a pull rod
Q:Where is the Passat's oil filter?
The 1.8T filter is in the back position of the left headlight. It's a big, thick machine filter. Except for the 1.8T, the rest is on the right rear side of the engine, and you'll find an elongated machine filter!
Q:The problem of oil filter. In the last car warranty, the car master from the machine filter out two washers, do not know how the last maintenance up, this time
the replacement of this phenomenon should be fine as long as there is no kind of what you said. Another driver is not the best try your heart factors
Q:How to replace the car oil filter?
in order to facilitate the replacement of oil, will be parked in a lift station, turn off the engine and pull the handbrake
Q:Why does the diesel engine have more oil filters than the gasoline engine?
maintenance and the greasy grinding due to the fall in the inside of the paper or fur cleaning products)
Q:What is a shunt oil filter?
so even if the filter clogging does not affect lubrication.

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