HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining Construction

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Product Description:

HDPE Geomembrane Introduction

HDPE Geomembrane is a kind of waterproof material with basic raw material of high molecular polymer. Its material is HDPE.

HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining Construction

HDPE Geomembrane Specification

1)Material: HDPE


HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining Construction

]]Product Package:

1. PE film inside, and Woven bag outside.

2. Packaged in container.

HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining ConstructionProduct Application:

Landfill lining
Landfills capping
Water reservoirs
Irrigation canals

HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining Construction

HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining Construction

HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining Construction

HDPE Geomembrane for Pond-lining Construction

Product Advantage

1.Some raw materials are produced by ourselves, or imported from overboard, so we could control the cost and quality to competitive in the market.

2.  We have research team and laboratory, so we could research new products by ourselves and produce according client’s request.

3. There are more than fifty produce lines, so we could guarantee the delivery time.  

4. We supply our products to many national projects in many countries, so our quality is stable and reliable.

5.  If you have problem during your project when using our product, we could arrange our engineer to help.


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  A: Provide custom made service with customer's drawing; We make sure to provide you with the best solutions for your individual case. Whether standard items or non-standard items.

- Q: What can we supply?

  A: We provide high levels of communication from start to finish. 

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  A: Yes, we could arrange samples for free.

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Q:Does Electrothermal membrane emit heating radiation?
Floor heating contains radiation, but it is very low. Electric heating cable is a wire, whose frequency is the same as its power frequency. The electromagnetic field generated by the electromagnetic field is far lower than the electromagnetic field generated by the electrical work, having little effect on human I suggest majority of users to install double guide heating cables when installing floor heating system, radiation of double guide heating cable is almost zero. 1. Floor heating is short name of radiant floor heating, which uses whole floor as radiator, and heat the ground evenly through the layer of floor radiation heat medium, uniform heating throughout the ground, and to heat through ground heat storage and upward heat radiation from bottom up . 2. Water heating is the water heated to a certain temperature, and conveyed to water pipe cooling networkunder the heat pipes, thus realizing the heating through heating the floor. 3 low temperature ground heat media form a temperature gradient that gradually decline in the room, so as to give people a sense of comfort . Ground radiant heating conforms to the "warm foot top cold" fitness theory put forward by Chinese doctors. It is the most comfortable way of heating, and also a symbol of modern quality life. 4. It is devided into two kinds, water heating and electric heating, and divided into wet and warm heating system in terms of paving structure. Dry type ground heating does not require pisolite backfill (belongs to an ultra-thin type); It can also be divided into type floor heating and floor tile type floor heating; and into ordinary warm and far infrared heating in terms of function.
Q:Does the mobile phone stick the tempered film or ordinary film?
The tempered film 1: Because the bezel of NOTE3 protrudes the phone screen a little bit, the use of the film can just level off the bezel, it feels good. Here I suggest that you buy a 0.3mm film, it is not the thinner the better, because the bezel of our phone is not flat like the other mobile phone frame, so they hope the thiner film. Sticking the thicker film on the note3 film can protect the screen and 0.3mm film levels off the bezel. Second is mentioned above. Because the hardness of tempered film is relatively high and thickness is not thin like the ordinary plastic film. As long as it does not fall down strongly, the glass film should can protect the screen. After all, the thickness has a sense of reliability. Thirdly: A lot of people do not put the phone in the bag, but only in the pocket. You always trouble that you always accidentally pressed to the HOME key to accidentally open your phone and consume the power when your phone puts into the pocket. After you posted the toughened glass film, the film height is slightly higher than the home key, so it does not appear to mistakenly touching the Home key. Although it is higher, I personally didn't feel inconvenient in operation. Pressing the HOME key is easy. And it never appeared to mistakenly open the phone. Fourth: The hardness of glass film is higher than the plastic film, so it never appear all of the scratches on the screen.
Q:How to get rid of protective film of the security door?
The protective film of installed security door must be torn off within a month, otherwise it is difficult to tear. If the film has remained over a month, you can find a place where the film has already cocked and coat some essential balm where the film meets the door, then peel it a little, and coat the essential balm and peel. After several times, it will be easier to peel, so be patient!
Q:How to stick the stick membrane of mobile phone?
To fully clean up the surface of the screen, and wash hands your hand with clean water( to remove the electrostatic), and tear the the (marked 1 face), one end of the stick screen mobile phone along the first edge alignment film, then slowly down film. Finally, tear to B membrane surface (a standard surface)!
Q:What is the diatomite craft?
Diatomite is a kind of siliceous rocks, mainly distributed in China, the United States, Denmark, France, Romania and other countries. It is a kind of biogenic siliceous sedimentary rocks, mainly composed of the remains of ancient diatom. Its main chemical composition is SiO2, written as SiO2 · nH2O, and the mineral compositions are opal and its variants.
Q:What is the water proof method of electric heating film?
On average: 1 Using electric heating film to control temperature is convenient, flexible, need no human monitering . 2 electrothermal film heating can avoid economic losses resulted from frozen greenhouse seeding due to sudden decrease of outdoor temperature. Temperature can be freely adjusted by using electrothermal film heating to achieve temperature rise and decrease. 3 Using electrothermal film heating , plant will grow strong root and can directly be transfered to outdoor plants.
Q:What is the difference between the primer and the basilemma?
Differences between the two are as follows. Basilemma is a kind of professional material of high alkali resistance, humidity resistance and mildew resistance for surface treatment of wall. It can effectively prevent the humidity and alkaline substances of cardinal plane of construction from exosmosis which can keep the wall from the damage of getting damp, mildew and nigrescence and so on. The so-called "primer" is a kind of coating which can be directly painted on the surface of the substance as solid foundation of finishing coat. It is required to firmly attach itself to the surface of substance to increase the adhesion of upper layer and the decorative effect of finishing coat.
Q:What is electrothermal film floor?
Low temperature radiant electrothermal film heating system provides heat in the form of far infrared heat with electricity as energy, and pure resistance as heating element. It is made up of polyester film, conductive silver paste, conductive carbon paste and metal carrier.
Q:What is the DIY method of sticking the film?
1, use a small sticker to stick the old film, do not use fingernails to dig in order to prevent scratching the screen. 2, use a wiping cloth to wipe the screen in one direction, and clean up the fingerprint and the edge of old film. 3, use the electrostatic stickers to paste the screen in a large area, and remove the small dust or floating hair on the screen. 4, film carefully lift a corner of the protective film of a new film, align at the screen, uncover slowly and paste along the side. 5, There will be some bubbles after finish sticking the film, use the wiping cloth to evenly wipe the bubbles with forces until the bubbles are squeezed out; if there is the bubbles due to the dust, and continue to use the stickers to gently lift where there will be dust, use electrostatic stickers to suck the dust, and then the film is pasted, and the bubbles are squeezed out. 6, the above steps are completed, the other side of sticker of the film is peeled off, you should be careful not to uncover the mobile phone film. To be completed, use the mirror wet tissue to wipe the screen, the whole process is completed.
Q:What is a geomembrane used for?
Anti seepage, isolation, waterproof,

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